Tragedy in Mexico


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It seems to me that the horoscopes of the children murdered, if khown, whould give the ones interested in it the reasons, the whys and the hows of it. Normally you look for it in the eight ad twelfth houses, its rulers and aspects to them. Lookalso to the ruler of the seventh, the 'known ennemies?.


Hallo aquarius 19690204,

with consternation I have read that very heartbreaking story and I feel very sorry for the death of the two children.
I have studied the natal charts of all persons ilvolved in that drama and tried to find out more information via internet. But I have to assert that all information available are kept in spanish language only. Unluckely I do not speak any spanish and therefore I'm depending on you and therefore I want to ask you to be kind enough to let us have all further details information. Meanwhile there has been a face to face meeting between Erika and Diego. I would appreciate very much, if you would find some time to let us know the latest state of affairs.

Many thanks for your help

Friendly Sandra
My friends and I, including an actual colleague of Gonzos' in not only his astrology but his math, biology and of course, lottery work. He is also a musician and a recently trained in the basics Uranian Astrologer. We are going to prove out these murders on Facebook using Uranian Astrology. We hypothesize that if Uranian Astrology or ANY astrology is real then all of those murders would have to be discernable by a team of astrologers and that the work would not only meet critical standards and review but agreement. Two murdered children by knife should demonstrate as just that in a Uranian chart. The father, astrologer should show loss of children, mourning, beginning of a sad time as well as the surviving daughter. .
Our friend and former colleague of Gonzos is just as exited to bring this about online and demonstrate the proof. Gonzo once told me "Uranian Astrology is an egg in the nest of humanity yet to hatch..."...
We are all excited to be able to prove just that...
We hope you will follow us and join us next week.... I run the Uranian Astrology School and offer free classes, demonstrations etc... What I don't do is type of lengthy dissertations online since I do live charts and prove or disprove astrological assertions.

This is our next live show... we talked about it on our last few shows though.