Tough times


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Hello hope all is well. Currently dealing with immense stress and problems. Trying to see when things will get better. Feel as if since 2012 things have been spiraling towards disdain and painful experiences. Do know that I'm currently in Sade Sati and Saturn Return. Family, financial, academic, career and health problems have been tormenting me for years now, as crazy as that sounds. Your insights as to when things will improve will be appreciated. Birth details are located below.

Vishakhapatnam, India


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According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
You are passing through Mahadasha of Moon from 25-11-2012, and Moon is being lord of expenses in the house of past karmas with Saturn. So, around this period you may be facing issues with studies, internal happiness, emotional issues, and achievements of Goals etc.
First of all, your execution of planning needs some improvements. No, casual approach will help you. Current period may give inclination towards unknown activities or at times loneliness too.
You must use your inner strength, competitiveness, and energy. Which will help you to come out of such disturbances.
Moon Mahadasha will be running till 25-11-2022.
Hello i would like to ask some info from you!!!
1. Do your family or father or you have any inclination towards x-rays or photographic or dark items as career field?
2. In 2012 -2013 do you happen have some dieses or accident when travelling and because of that you gain something? Or any new initiative in science?
3. At 2015 did you mother travelled to some religious place and if she is working at tgat time she happen to travell for work?
4. Did you happen to met a girl with so religious and had affair and broke off?
5. I think you watch 2-3 specific movies 10-15 times over n over?
6. Did you had and affir and you lost some money due tto it??
7. Because of your mother or work you have 1 fail marriage? And loss?
8. You need to sacrifies for your spouse’ family if you want to get fame!!!!

Once i get feed back i will let you know more thing!!!
God bless!!!!

James Williams

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Your last 2 1/2 years of Sade Sati should be better than the previous 5 years, so things should gradually improve once Saturn enters Capricorn at the end of next January...stay focused and diligent in all areas...


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Hello thank you for your replies.

As far as the answers to the questions, they are below.

1) My family members do not have an inclination for dark objects.
2)In 2012-2013 I started my educational program for psychology.
3) No the traveling took place in 2018.
4) I have not had an affair in a really long time.
5) That is so true, I have an inclination to watch same movies over and over again.
6) Have not had an affair in a really long time.
7)Have not had any affairs leading to marriage or marriage itself.
8) May I know why these questions were asked?

Thank you for your replies once again. Does Jupiter transit into Sagittarius help in November with the 1-7 axis on moon sign with birth Jupiter placed in Gemini? Also how does my navamsa look for possible impact moving forward?
Thank you for your responce..
These questions will set the horrorscope to dwell depp like which section of ur life be prominent or lets say i have some questions after thay where i failed that i will know



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I see that current transit of planets (gochara) giving you hard times.

1. 12hl moon in 5h: you may incur expenses due to elder people in family, elder siblings, also by children.
expenses on religious matters/ temples possible.

2. moon & saturn together not favorable: however it will make u justice lover, hard working and honest.
yet, peace and satisfaction will be low.
alcohol, smoking habits possible.
relationship with mother may be affected, and marriage/ progeny matters will be in trouble.

3. now, because moon is like that, its dasa will yield similar results.
moon dasa is from 2012 to 2022 nov.

4. why do u say u r running sade sati now? i don't think so.

5. current transit (gochara) of shani in gemini sign (oct 2017 - jan 2020):
-- marriage life and business matters will be affected. be serious to aviod separations.
-- patience is must. and also, hardwork.

6. rahu transit in gemini (mar 2019 - sep 2020):
not favourable :
-- financial problems possible, loss of wealth too. be cautious
-- repeating fights possible in married
-- partner's health may be affected
-- relation with coworkers may be affected
-- you may show interest in a person of other religion/ caste

7. transit ketu in 1h (mar 2019 - sep 2020):
not favorable:
-- mental tension, confusion possible
- health issue possible
-- expenses may increase
-- don't apply for loans this time
-- married life goes in misunderstanding.
-- reputation in society reduces

8. transit guru in scorpio (till oct 2019):
- you may spend on spiritual matters.
- you can leave ur family and live separately during this period
- your business may give tough time

9. transit guru in dhanus (nov 4 2019 - 1 year)
- more spiritual interests increase. otherwise, mental tensions will exist.