Total Eclipse in Aries on March 29

Arian Maverick

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Well, the total eclipse of the Sun in Aries is in less than two days! My astro friends, especially my fellow Arians--are you prepared? 8)

To quote Eric Francis, "This eclipse is an Aries Point event, within a few degrees of the first degree of your sign; and that means B-I-G."

Bring It On! :twisted:

Arian Maverick


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The Solar Eclispe is at 8 Aries 35'. Where is that in your chart? It'll happen in my 1st house conjunct natal Jupiter there.

It'll be interesting to watch and see who (if anyone) suddenly leaves (dies and/or disappears) the planet due to this eclispe.


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I am a little worried...The last eclipse in Aries/Libra for me was in April 05. and it was the exact night I had a dream come true, then shattered within an hour of it...
But I'm sure more than simply that had to do with it.
Still...This one is at 8 degrees Aries, and my mothers natal Moon is exactly that, in the 5th of the first born child...

Moon rules her 9th house, so hopefully it won't involve my sister or me, more her religion or travel.
It *does* conjuncts my natal & parcile progressed Dark Moon 3rd...Geez that's the house of siblings!
Hope sister gets good out of it instead of bad.
Watching it closely..since the last Aries/Libra one was so life shaking.:(


This lovely lunation is in my 10th house, opposing natal Mars @ the 7th degree of Libra, trining my natal Sun & Uranus at 7 and 10 degrees of Sagittarius, respectively, and a wide conjunction to my midheaven in the final degree of Pisces.

I can feel the shifting undercurrents at my work, undoubtedly!


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Well, this is all happening just barely in my 1st house, less than a degree away from the cusp of my 2nd. Conjuncting my natal Pallas, trining my natal Mars in Leo in the 6th, squaring my Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Vesta stellium in the 11th, and ugh, squaring my Sun and Chiron (almost to the exact minute, just 8 mins off) in the 5th. I'm not exactly sure what this all entails, but I'm guessing a lot will be affected! :?


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Shimmy26 said:
Well, this is all happening just barely in my 1st house, less than a degree away from the cusp of my 2nd. Conjuncting my natal Pallas, trining my natal Mars in Leo in the 6th, squaring my Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Vesta stellium in the 11th, and ugh, squaring my Sun and Chiron (almost to the exact minute, just 8 mins off) in the 5th. I'm not exactly sure what this all entails, but I'm guessing a lot will be affected! :?

Lunations are not noticed unless they are bang on conjunct or opposite a natal planet. I wouldnt give a wide orb either maybe 3 degrees max.

And it probably needs to be a personal planet although some may notice if its a social or outer planet effected by the Lunation.

The effect of the lunation should be a bit like nodes to that planet I imagine - ie linking to others or something.


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This eclipse will be in the 12th house for me roughly opposing my pluto and conjuncting my natal vesta and the glyph that consists of a moon sitting on a cross (what is it?!). Ooooh what skeletons will come out of my closet?!


Laura Elizabeth

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This eclipse is in my 10th house, 5 degrees shy of my Mercury. I'm not sure what it means for me - I don't think it's my career ending and I have no public "face", so, I'm not sure what it will entail.

I just realized the North Node is apart of this eclipse - it's at 4 Aries, which is trine transiting Saturn. Also, Chiron is nearly exactly sextile this eclipse, at 8 Aquarius.

Last Thursday Dad had a stroke in his eye (yeah, I had never heard of that either). His natal Mercury is 8 Aries, so I'm a tad concerned. Also, Chiron is just past conjunct his natal Venus of 7 Aquarius, transiting Pluto is all over his natal Mars... and other stuff. I'll be glad to see this eclipse pass and hope nothing happens.


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My Moon is at 4 Aries, Mars at 2 Aries and Ceres at 7 Aries in the 2nd house. I have a Grand Trine already with Saturn at 7 Sag and Uranus at 6Leo37. I have the North Node conjuncting moon right now and Chiron conjuncting Chiron so not sure what to expect.


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Hi all,

This eclipse will be the first New Moon of the astrological year. I see the first New Moon after an equinox of solstice as the solidification of the onset of that seasons energies, and the full eradication of the energies f the last season. So this eclipse is a significant one, and it may tell us a lot about events in the world in this next astrological year.

I have this eclipse occuring in my first house. Natally I have a sextile between Venus right on the Descendant in Virgo and Jupiter right on the 8th cusp in Scorpio. On this eclipse, my natal Venus/Jupiter sextile will focus a Yod formation upon this eclipse.

I was worried about this eclipse in my first house, as it is sure to effect me in a most personal way. I have recently suffered Mercury retrograde, combust, detriment and fall transitting my 1st, and believe me I suffered. I was worried because I felt that this was a precursor, a taste of things to come when the eclipse comes in my 1st.

I am wondering how the eclipse energies might manifest in my life, given that my natal Venus/Jupiter sextile focusing a yod formation upon it?

I hope I am to undergo a personal transformation, if this is the case my natal Venus/Jupiter are the native tools which I will use to effect this transformation, yet I puzzle over what this may mean.

Getting outside my own ego, another interesting thing about this eclipse is where it will land in national charts.

In the 1801 chart for the UK, this eclipse lands right upon the DC! Now what might this herald for Britain? I prefer the 1927 chart for the UK, I won't get into it here, but I see the 1927 chart as the chart of Britain as Britain sees itself. The 1801 chart, which is also the mundane data for the current design of the UK's flag, is the chart of the UK as it is seen internationally. (see the mundane astrology board where UK charts are discussed).

I have a bad feeling about the Eclipse being in such a close conjunction with the Descendant of the 1801 chart for the UK. Eclipses have long been associated with disaster and upheaval in mundane astrology, and the eclipse is given prominence being conjunct an angle in the UK chart. I wondered what might this mean?

The 7th cusp would represent open enemies, so the implications are frightening when we consider terrorism, and as the cusp of open enemies, Iraq may be implied. Also the DC is partners and allies, so the UK's relationship with the US would be implicated as well. I worry for the UK with the eclipse occuring here.

There is something to do with the war on terrorism for the UK here. The fact that the eclipse is right on the cusp which represents allies, enemies and war would make it seem obvious. Given the ominous reputation of eclipses in mundane astrology, I find the coming of this eclipse upon the UK's Descendant frightening. 'Descendant' means 'going down'. Is the UK to be dragged to it's knees through some hostile incident. I fear a very alarming terrorist attack.

What do others among you think about the implications of this eclipse on the UK's chart? Personally, it worrie me a lot.

Draco :wink:


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This Sun-Moon conjunction will take place in my eight house. Interestingly, it will touch two vertices of my Mars - Neptune - Sun/Venus/AC T-square, and oppose Pluto/2/Libra. In the natal chart Pluto trines Mars.
Other transiting planets (Neptune/Venus) will activate the other T-square I have in my chart. And yes, Mercury/Uranus are opposing my natal Venus as well. Pretty heavy transits.

I'll keep you posted, but if you have any ideas about how these transits may work just let me know.


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The eclipse will take place in my fifth house, close to my natal Jupiter retrograde at 13 Aries. Call me crazy, but I'm looking for something good, if unsettling, to happen under this influence.

Edited to add that someone called back about a resume I had submitted & wants me to come in for an interview tomorrow afternoon. I need a job, so I am not about to try to reschedule the interview for a more auspicious time.


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March 29th eclipse

For me this eclipse happens later in my 1st house, opposing my natal Neptune at 8 Libra(late in 7th). Can this have an effect on relationships, keeping in mind the house polarities? Or other people in general, or myself in particular? Since this eclipse doesn't fall on any of my angles, perhaps it won't be as strong as it would be otherwise. But one thing I am really sensing is the need to attend to spiritual life, getting rid of more things, and being in a general "pause mode" right now, for something that will come down in about 6 months.
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Hi. There are others who know more about eclipses than I do, but eclipses can bring good things, the announcement of a marriage, a birth, etc.

A few years ago I had a solar eclipse cj my H6 Sun, SN, DC and opp my Asc and NN, trine my MC and sextile my IC, and nice things happened. I bought a lovely home and got a good new look at the salon.

I can recommend Celeste Teal's popular new book on eclipses to you.

I've found that Susan Miller is usually right on for me with her monthly forecasts. She's very popular. Is there a monthly Sun Sign forecast that you can turn to to give you some idea of what to expect at eclipse time?

The 8 Aries eclipse cj's my IC, trines my Asc/NN, sextiles my Sun/SN/DC, opps my MC and squares my H7 Venus. The eclipse has already happened for me. I had moved to a new state, so got grandfathered in workwise w/o having to take a state test, got approved 1.5 weeks ago, got three new business opportunities as well. My b/f and I had a misunderstanding, but all is well once again.

This eclipse is connected to the one that was on March 29, 1987. It's sort of like the movie Groundhog Day. At that time I had also just moved and started a new much better job. I had recently gotten married. So relationship, home, job were also highlighted then, an exciting time.


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At that time I had also just moved and started a new much better job. I had recently gotten married. So relationship, home, job were also highlighted then, an exciting time.

I started a new job on 21 March, 1 deg Aries :)
I have been on "training" and wondering if the fact that this eclipse will occur in opposition to my libran pluto in the 6th that it means being thrown in the deep end, my true start. Yikes :cry: :wink:

Summery Joy

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I saw it, I saw. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

OK. In Egypt, the total eclipse could only be seen in a small city called El-Salloum, which is located in the North West of the country. The total eclipse images are allover TV (yeah, I'm writing this in the middle of it). It's just amazing. The last time a total eclipse happened in Egypt I wasn't into astrology and I didn't care. I didn't even look at the Sun.

This time I did. I know it is very wrong, but I looked directly to the Sun. I live in Cairo, so we didn't exactly have a total eclipse. It was like a cloud had covered the Sun and it looked like it was a but to rain. During the 4 minutes of the total eclipse, i was in my car driving and I couldn't stop to look. But I looked afterwards with my naked eyes and through a piece of transparent plastic that I covered with candle-wax. It was amazing to see the Sun looking like the Moon!

The people in Salloum couldn't see a lot more though. During the total eclipse, everyone could see more stars than usual. A guy reported that he saw Venus with his naked eyes (don't know if he's telling the truth). But a lot of people had very simply telescopes and they reported seeing a couple of planets. I'm sure one of them has to be Venus, but I don't know if the other one was Mercury or Mars.

Anyway, I'm kicking myself on the butt for not planning to go to Salloum and witness this. I don't wanna miss the next eclipse? Where's it gonna be? Does any body know?

Well, I'm gonna go hurt my eyes one more time. Every time I looks I feel like I'm gonna go blind, but it's totally worth it.

Eclipsing away,



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Hi all,

Well sadly we have woken up today to, what appear to be, some manifestations of the eclipse. Severe Cyclone Glenda has hit Perth and surrounding areas. The Eclipse falls on the Desc of Perth - this is visible on an ACG map. There has been an earthquake in Iran. Iran is also directly connected to the eclipse through chart positions and Mars/Pluto paran close to this line of latitude on the ACG maps. There has also been a tragedy in Bahrain with the capsizing of a boat one mile off the coast of Manama. This appears to reflect the Mercury/Uranus in Pisces (accidents at sea) in the eclipse chart. The boat was carrying people from many countries that fall under the influence of this eclipse including the UK

I have recently been looking at an alternative type of ACG map, known as a Geodetic Map. I posted on this subject on my webspace 2 days ago. Interestingly, by Geodectic coordinates, the earthquake fell at 33N48E and 48 east equates to the 18 Taurus/Scorpio axis which is where Jupiter currently resides. In other words Jupiter is on the IC at the earthquake epicentre.

For those of you with software for ACG maps it is worth looking to see if you have the facility to look at geodetic maps. I use Solar Maps with Solar Fire software.