Too much negative in chart, what good things if any are there?


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Hello, I am going through a bad phase in life - divorce after 21 years of marriage, too much mental stress, financial issues. Several astrologers have said that I do not have a happy married life in my horoscope at all and so I am going to have to be alone all my life. My married life was stressful throughout as well. I am trying to accept that loneliness, depression is a part of my life going forward. If anyone can tell me what aspects of my life are going to be good, I can focus on those and try to make life a little more bearable. What is my life purpose according to my chart? I am stuck in this city because of my job. Any chances of relocation to go near family - parents, brother,sister? If yes, when? DOB 20 Nov 1970, 4:54 AM, Dombivali, Maharashtra, India. Thank you so much for your time.
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Dear Hemag,

All you want to know if what is the purpose of your life according to your birth chart.

Let me try to explain this. Hope it helps you
There are 4 trine houses in vedic natal chart
1 ) Dharm--- Houses 1,5,9
2) Arth----- Houses,2,6,10
3) Kama--- Houses 3,7,11
4) Moksha--- Houses, 4,8,12

I have taken planet placement as per Placidius house division system with KP new Ayanamsa.

Sun in 1st
Moon in 10th
Mars in 12th
Mercury in 2nd
Jupiter in 1st
Venus in 1st
Saturn in 7th
Rahu in 4th
Ketu in 10th

If we tabulate the above information, then

Jup,Ven,Sun Dharm
Mer,Moon,ket Arth
Saturn Kama
Rahu,Mars Moksha

As per planetary position, there is tie between Dharma(responsibility or duties which we should do) and Artha(material happiness).

In KP astrology, Planet predominately gives results of it's nakshatra lord. In your case

Sun in Anuradha ruled by Saturn in 7th house of kama
Moon in Ashelsha ruled by Mercury in 2nd house of artha
Mars in Chitra ruled by Mars in 12th house of moksha
Mercury in Jyestha ruled by Mercury in 2nd house of artha
Jupiter in Visakha ruled by Jupiter in 1st house of dharma
Venus in Swati ruled by Rahu in 4th house of moksha
Saturn in Bharani ruled by Venus in 1st house of dharma
Rahu in Dhanistha ruled by Mars in 12th house of moksha
Ketu in Magha ruled by Ketu in 10th house of artha

If we tabulate this then
Jupiter/Saturn Dharm
Mon/Mer/Ketu Arth
Sun Kama
Mars/Ven/Rah Moksha

If we map this with the Dasha's then... you are currently into ending phase of moon mahadasa(till sept 2022). Moon in Ashelsha ruled by mercury and mercury is in 2nd house(artha). Moreso your 2nd cuspal sublord is also Mercury and mercury in own nakshatra(jyestha), hence you are compelled to do activities pertaining to house of artha( that is material happiness).

Come Sept 2022, Mahadasa will change to Mars and mars in own nakshatra(chitra). Mars is in 12th(house of moksha). 12th represent our hidden nature,sympathy, anxiety,fear, spiritual growth,isolations and many more activities...

Mars represents our will power,courage. Chitra nakshatra represents creativity. It primary essence is to create. So your upcoming Mahadasa lord Mars is indicating you to show your will power/courage to produce or create some useful thing either to yourself or to society. You are the best person to judge and decide as to how you can utilize your martian energy to best of its ability to get amazing results of 12th house. I would recommend you to google yourself and find out more information pertaining to planet mars, 12th house and chitra nakshatra, try to see what all activities or keywords these 3 things offers and club them as per your needs and desire, doing this you will be walking on the path of the planets... So the purpose of life keeps on changing according to Mahadasa's...