Tomorrow is my Birthday..I need pep talk

Happy birthday in advance,

I have been there in the same situation, when you have to literally remind people that it is your birthday.:smile:

Having said that things will cheer up and other way of looking at your situation is you have a clean slate now. Why don't you write it differently with things you always wanted and couldn't.

Good luck

I am studying solar returns , not a pro by any means but just one observation~

I noticed in your chart, SR, venus conjunct SR MC , this could be a sweet placement for your career, you will be noticed for sure :happy:

Happy Birthday Saggie!


Happy birthday asmodee!!! :happy: Scorpio is about death and rebirth, and since that's your ascendant, the concept of a new birth this solar return is even more fitting for you. So rise from the ashes and celebrate! :joyful: