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I recently acquired a position at a place, and now I'm pretty much having very large second thoughts. My question was: should I quit X job and go elsewhere? I have figured that I could probably make as much as minimum wage (which seems to be what I will make) in a different job that doesn't involve as much work... say... McDonalds even? I'm not sure I can handle the daily stress that comes with this position, and the constant need to scurry around for hours without slowing down for a break. I dread going to this job pretty much every day.

As for my own interpretation, I can view myself as Moon in the 6th house in Capricorn, toiling away, because Cancer is on the ascendant. I'm not sure whether the main significator should be 10th house or 6th house ruler in this scenario, but I choose 6th, as this is more a day-labor job. It is ruled by Sagittarius, and therefore Jupiter, which is well-dignified in the 9th house in Pisces. Do I take this as a yes?

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Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, the sign of work, also its cadent, weak, in the house of mundane day to day chores. So your day to day work is making you out of sorts, under par.

Mars is a maelific, the lesser, and its retro but stationing there at 0 degrees. Its stronger in the 1st house being angular.

I find it curious that Venus, the 4th house end of the matter ruler is sitting at the MC. I wonder if that indicates the matter ending. Moon's first aspect is a square to Venus. Moon is also in Venus' triplicity, suggesting to me that you are comfortable with the job ending. In the phrasing of your question, you asked should you quit, the square of the Moon could say 'no' you're not going to quit immediately. Moon also squares Saturn straight after. Saturn rules 8th, other people's money, so maybe there is some obstacle there that poses a problem in the short term.

All angles are angular, so things moving quickly. I would say each degree represents a day, approx.

Moon then sextiles Jupiter, Mercury and Sun. Jupiter is very strong, in the 9th house, in Pisces. Moon and Juptier is a lucky aspect, but Moon is in Jupiter's fall. I'm not sure what that is. Perhaps you get legal advice or some sort of similar communication as Moon then trines Mercury, 3rd house ruler. Moon then sextiles Sun but there is no reception between the two. Sun rules your 2nd house, your own money. Then conjunct to North Node. This is usually beneficial to you.

Final aspect would be to the opposition to Mars, but immediately with a change of sign. So maybe there is a change in early April.

Good luck, and keep us posted! :smile:
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