To Further Understand What The Sabian Symbols Are, An Explanation.


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I'm going to attempt another way, a different approach, of explaining what the Sabian Symbols are and what they mean to us all and maybe it'll help a few people that might need another, or different, explanation by which to understand....I hope that I am successful or at least that this attempt helps even just one person.

You can't assign the location of the Sabian Symbols to any fixed star or constellation, in fact nothing that one can point to in the Heavens has anything to do with, as to, where the Sabian Symbols are. Not where they begin, or end, not even a single one of them. They are not affixed to any thing in the Heavens nor are they even affixed to only the realm of astrology. They represent what is within any cycle found in nature that is a cycle of transformation.

Our planet earth goes through a cycle of transformation in a years time. Beginning at the Vernal Equinox when all nature blooms with new life and the Sun completes its journey through the first 90 phases, the first 90 Sabian Symbols of the 90 degrees from Aries 01* to Gemini 30*.

Then through a Summer season of life at its fullest, as the Sun passes through the 90 degrees following Gemini 30*, from Cancer 01* to Virgo 30*. Now the Sun has journeyed half way through the Tropical Zodiac, and on Earth all has undergone 180 of the transformative phases, half of the complete cycle.

Then next comes the Autumnal Equinox, when the cycle of life begins to wane and nature starts losing its vitality a little more, as the hours of Sunlight here on Earth grow shorter, with each passing day. The Autumnal Equinox coincides with the first degree of Libra and the Sun passes through another 90 degrees and the 90 phases of the transformational cycle that comes with each of those degrees from Libra 01* to
Sagittarius 30*.

At that point, the final quarter of the cycle, the last 90 phases of the transformational cycle, begins with the Sun entering the next degree of the Tropical Zodiac, which is also the Winter Solstice, the hours of sunlight here on Earth are at their least and the hours of darkness are at their greatest. Life has died out, or gone dormant. Yet during those last 90 phases of the transformational cycle, those 90 degrees from Capricorn 01* to Pisces 30*, the length of time of sunlight on the Earth begins to increase again and then, when the Sun has passed through all 90 of those degrees and the final 90 phases of cyclic transformation have been completed here on Earth, comes the next Vernal Equinox... and the cycle repeats itself.

The phases of the Moon is another cycle of transformation, the Vedic cycle of the great ages which is known as the Yugas, is another cycle of transformation. Every seven years every atom of our physical self has been replaced in a cycle of atomic replication.* The universe is a creation of multiplex, myriad, cycles of transformations everywhere from the Macro, to the Meso, to the Micro.
What the Sabian Symbols are is the symbolism of what each phase of the "program", the "blueprint". the "computer code", of any, of all of those cycles have been developed from. It is a part of the "Divine pattern", or "Divine template", by which our Creator used to construct all the cycles that were "written into the master program" for the Universe.

As we are born of this earth we are a part of the cycle given for this earth as its program. That cycle begins anew at every Vernal Equinox and the only astrological connection it has is that the Tropical Zodiac is a means by which to keep track of when each one of those 360 phases of that cycle begin and end.

The moment your are born, where everything in the cosmos is at that moment, is when you where born from that "program". You are a part of the entire program, but who you are is a Being that arose from that which the program was at the moment you were born. Your birth chart is then that template of that moment in the program, that you were born, and arose from which out of. It is a blueprint of where, and what, the program was at that moment, where everything in the Heavens was at the moment, you were born. You are a construct of that template, that is your "Being" and as the Universe does change immediately after you are born and then changes again the next moment, as it is never static, but always changing and seamlessly as such as it is ephemeral, what this science of astrology is, is thus, the understanding of what your template of "Being" is, and how the change, at any given time you care to choose to know of, is affecting you at that moment, or had affected you in retrospect, or will affect you in the future.

*[If you ae curious about the 7 year cycle of atomic replication. From what I know about it, is what I read which I initially learned from the readings given by the late, 20th century clairvoyant, a channel for "messengers from the throne of Grace", Edgar Cayce, although I seem to recall also reading something about it in Sri Yuketeswars book, "The Holy Science". I feel that it is also important for me to elaborate on this just a bit. The firth year of each of those cycles is a most important year as it is said to be the most crucial year in that process of replication an d that is the year that one should take the best care of themselves as is possible. Abstaining from harmful food, drink, not getting adequate sleep, and not getting enough exercise,, as to have those atoms that are being replicated the in the best shape they can be as the one that will replace it is being modeled upon it. That is what aging is, or has to do with a great percentage of it. The inability of your physical self to replicate perfection, or the perfection that it should have been, In the world as it presently is, that is an impossible task for anyone to achieve but you can live a much longer and less physically troublesome life by doing what you can by following this guideline as to the best that you are able. The first cycle is from the day you are born to the day you have your 7th birthday, and the fifth year of that cycle is from the day of your 4th birthday to that of your 5th.

Now given that, just add 7 to each birthday from that of the 4th and you can easily determine when during each cycle that crucial fifth year begins.
Here's the sequence for anyone that might have trouble doing the math Each of them is that birthday to be followed for a year there after. the 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 32nd, 39th, 46th, 53rd, 60th, 67th, 74th, 81st, 88th, 95th ...and if you make it to your 95th birthday, May God Bless you and may you continue to live for as many more years as you wish to.

My 67th birthday is this May 6th. I will be abstaining from a number of of things on the list I made for myself and plan on keeping "regular hours" and that will mean that I might not be writing as much here for awhile as I have in the past. I like to write at night and into the wee hours as that allows me to write undisturbed and as such I am able to maintain trains of thought ...which is most beneficial when pondering some of these questions concerning the understanding of "True Astrological' understanding and practices. may have something to do with the fact I was born right at sunset, too? Since I was in grade school, I've found that I've always done my best academical work at night and wrote my best term papers after midnight.... those that got me the highest grades, anyhow.
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