Time of the contact?


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delete please Time of the contact?

delete this post please
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Adel, you finally gave some interpretation to your own chart, so I took your thread out of the Horary Greenhorns and placed it here in Electional and Event astrology. I hope someone who is good at electional astrology will help you out.

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Adel, I am afraid I really cannot help you with this. The customs in your country are different than ours. Usually Aquarius on the 7th house cusp can show a marriage at an older age. Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn you see. With Uranus the modern ruler conjunct Pluto, in your 2nd house, shows that a marriage is dependent on your finances.

Saturn is now conjunct your marriage house planet Uranus and I think that your progressed Venus is conjunct your Moon, so there is a possibility of marriage at this time. It is just a bit problematic because your Moon makes difficult aspects to Saturn, Mercury and your Sun. But it sextiles your Ascendant and Progr. Venus probably also. This is usually good for relationships. I hope someone can help you with the election chart because I dont do those.

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