Time for making money?


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So I can't help but look at this chart and think this is the month I start making some money!

For starters, Aries ascendant so I'm immediately thinking "action." Then I have Jupiter in the 2nd House (finally direct!) in a trine with the Sun in 10th. Then Mars in the 6th, which I'm going to interpret as taking action in finding day-to-day work.

Now, the Moon's in the 12th House here... I can't figure out if this will help or impede. I'm figuring the interp here would be that the emotions will be under lock and key this month, which is supported by a sextile to the Sun. This is important as I have no impulse to get off my butt and do anything because I'd rather avoid my problems (dangit Pisces!).



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The chart has a very strong 10th house. It is ruled by dignified Saturn in the 7th house. This is good for employment and very good time to start looking for work if you are unemployed. Saturn gives rather ordinary jobs, but they can pay well. Astrology is all about timing and finding the best time to start something. This lunar return indicates that this is your favorable moment.


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Just like to update... Worked out just like Culpeper said. Ordinary job... pays well. :)

I got it within days of posting this. Go predictions!