Tightness of orbs in aspects & stelliums



When looking at aspects, can you use as a rule of thumb that the tighter the orb, the more powerful the connection?

Conversely, I assume that wider orbs mean that the aspect is really weak. How wide do you all go when looking at major aspects? 6 degrees? 10?

Also, if three or more planets are virtually completely aligned with each other (within say 2 or 3 degrees) within a stellium, does that give them added weight collectively? If yes, are there any resources that go through and interpret various "planets-on-top-of-each-other" combinations?



Summery Joy

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I used to ask myself the same thing. I have learned, howeverm that is no rule of thumbs. Astrologers seem to follow different schools. Some believe that the aspect is at full power when exact then weakens as it gets wider, and some seem to believe that it works at teh widest of orbs and is extra powerful when exact. I guess the rule of thumb would be that an exact orb is more powerful than wide ones :p I think you should also know that some astrologers base the orb rules on both the type of aspect and planets concerned.

In my experience, I have noticed that sometimes that even when the orbs are wider than what most astrologers would accept (more than 10 degrees), the aspect between the planets in question will still work if the signs in which the planets are located form the same aspect themselves. I've seen it little in natal charts but a lot in synastry analysis.

Anyway, here are the orbs I use for major aspects. They are considred a bit wide by some of the astrologers I've met on forums like this one.

Conjucntion 10
Opposition 10
Square 8
Trine 8
Sexitle 6

Hope I've been helpful.