Three hypothetical questions...


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1)Who is concidered in astrological circles to be the best Astrologer living today?
2)Let's say--all things equal physically--a Scorpio (pure Scorpio) and a Taurus (pure Taurus) fight. Who would win? I think it would be either a draw and they would both collapse from exhaustion, or the Scorpio would do something underhanded and cheat to win. I think it would be like an unstoppable force hitting an immoveable object. What think you?
3) What sign do you think Rocky Balboa is? He's an extension of Stallone--who is a Cancer--and he certainly has Cancerian traits, but he also has that strong Taurus willpower.



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2) I think that actually Taurus would win mentally...cause I feel that Scorpio wants so bad to win that s/he is able to do anything, cheat, stab, kick till name it. Or then Scorpio would realize s/he can't win and pretends something like "My clothes get dirty" or something to get out of the situation as a "kind of winner"...:D


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1. Everyone will have an answer to which they are somewhat attached in regard to your first question...Most astrologers integrate the teachings of different astrolgers and evolve their own unique methods, some follow particular astrologers with strict adherence to their practices and there is quite a diversity of *schools of thought* on this forum.

2. This question is a bit naieve I think....*all things being equal* is way too hypothetical to me (but I am a Libran...). The more you learn about astrology, the more you will come to understand that sun signs are but a tiny part of the picture....
3. Can't help you here...Have you googled for it?
Personally I prefer *real life* questions and charts to *hypotheticals*...
It's a bit dangerous to generalize about people on the basis of their SUN signs...there really is so much more involved....but at first, its good to get to know your own chart really wishes, lillyjgc