Thoughts on this composite chart?


Please help me read this composite. We used to date many years ago. I have had a lot of trauma in my life so I am trying to make a wise choice about this relationship and hopefully avoid some unnecessary heartache if possible.

Sorry for the link. I couldn't figure out how to upload from the phone.
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the composite has Uranus on the descendant. this gives a very psychic connection to the relationship ,mental intensity and exciting conversations but overall it is not good for a serious relationship as it is vey unstable.
here the node forms a sextile to Uranus which would stabilize the relationship and make the psychic /mental connection easier to understand and integrate.
as lilth is also conjunct to Uranus, these intense feeling and astral/mental impressions are at heheart of the relationship, but again the instability of Uranus makes a serious relationship very problematic as there is little impulse for commitment.

with the stellim of venus/sun and mercury, the relationship is very optimistic and loving. there is laughter and really good feelings for each other. Jupiter is square to this stellium which increases the pleasure of each others company and shows a active social life. this is a very favorable pattern overall as venus and Jupiter
the problems start wit the tsquare of mars square the Saturn/Neptune opposition. this shows him to be totally untrustworthy , deceptive and unfaithful. and Neptune shows alcohol /drugs a likely problem. it is possible that the relationship revolved around these issues and as such there was little sincerity ,even though a great attraction existed.

the Neptune/Saturn square is extremely unfavorable in a composite as it shows secrecy and deception. this pattern also implies that you have issues that make it very difficult to see the real person before you. this is an aspect of self deceptions well as overt deception .with the moon conjunct to pluto ,your issues have to do with trusting and open communication(which is hard for you)
wit moon trine to Saturn, you actually got along very well and the tensions did not at firs cause problems . but trines and sextiles do not counter act hard squares or oppositions as are in this chart.

with chiron on the ascendant opposed to Uranus, there were times of intense mental connections. great knowledge and inspiration passed between you but in the end, arguments arose between you beliefs, that is you have very different ideas on some subjects that was not clear from the beginning because of the underlying deception from him.