Thoughts on our composite?


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I owuld love to hear anyon'es feedback on the composite. It's a roomantic relationship, and i have looked up the composite info on Any insights on the positives and negatives would be apreciated
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Helwa, the composite chart is the chart about the relationship itself, it does now show the relationship between you and your partner. The composite chart shows how you as a couple show yourself to the outside world or how others view you. If you want to know about how you and him go along then use a Synastry chart.
Starlink is right,

The synastry between natal charts is the first thing to look at then composites... which can be interpreted FREE on anyway...

Composite charts
If you go to click on free horoscopes, go to Interactive horoscopes, go down to Astroclick partner, that will bring up a composite chart and when you put the mouse over a planet will bring up a pop up box with the interpretation......

But you do need both times of birth to be accurate though.. enjoy.

Composites describe the relationship, not either one of you, but what you came together to learn or to do and how the 'pair of you' function when together....