this person just woke me up


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This person just woke me up in my life. I was going through very difficult times and they just jolted me out of inertness. What do you see in this synastry? I do not have their ascendant. I am curious about the venus in 11th house opposing the venus/lilith/mars in 5th house on the north node. I am the pisces, center person, they are the outer person.


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Perhaps it is that your Venuses oppose each other, and yours is in detriment while this other person's is in dignity in Libra, the sign of relatedness? So this person may illustrate how Venus can work with ease.
Your Marses also meet by sign in hard aspect, so that could be a jolt. Both Marses are strong, one in dignity and the other exalted and they are in mutual reception, which is favorable.
Also, this person's dignified Jupiter is on your Sun and rules your Sun. And, well, Jupiter on one's Sun always looks good, and this is a really lovely Jupiter. I am happy for you.


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How are the marses in mutual reception?
One of them is in Capricorn, Mars's sign of exaltation, and the other is in Aries, Mars's domicile. They like each other's signs. (They also like their own.)

I think that square aspect between them, both being strong, facilitates exactly what you describe: this person gave you a jolt and really woke you up. That square between your Mars and theirs is a jolt. And you consider that jolt they gave you a good thing. This is a very helpful square. Both Marses being in signs where they're strong helps it be helpful.


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I do not have their ascendant.
Which means you don't have TOB of this person - exact moon placement is not known, houses and house cusps and life themes planets come from are unknown.

Who is inside the circle is most important to know- as this should be the questioner - the person house cusps are shown for.

Is the 2nd person male or female ?

This person just woke me up in my life.
2 things coming together for person being inside the circle - with mercury ruling midheaven and 8th house (8th house = true love even beyond death and to attract people known already from another life before - if one believes in this)

Mercury is on special sensitive degree of 0°aries - which is spring-point-birth-energy to start a new cycle in life. This 0°mercury is woken up /has got a wake up call by transit jupiter by conj. for a significant change in own life and life direction - with transit jupiter having entered 0°aries in May this year- transit not finished and still lasting.

2nd person's saturn - being transit activated by transit-jupiter by trine, too - trines first person's mercury.

First person's 12th house is on special sensitive degree of 0°scorpio and opened up in a special spark energy way -as a deep level of spiritual transformation experience by transit jupiter having entered 0° aries- as well. Transit still lasting until end of December this year.