This is stupid but...


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I feel like I should be able to sense my future in some way, like a psychic can sense someone else's. Can that happen? I feel like I'm trying to imagine myself achieving my dreams, but I can't see myself in such a different place. I always get discouraged because, if I can't sense it or see it, then maybe it won't even happen.
Any insights?
a strong vivid imagination is like a heart muscle, it takes work, practise and practise....Your subconscious mind actually doesn't know the difference between your imagination OR reality. Quantum physics has proved whatever think about is creating YOUR reality....


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Hi. I guess we'd all like to have a stronger sense of where we're going in life - and that's probably one of the main reasons people seek, or become, an astrologer. I think a dream or vision always means something. Perhaps its like a dream that you have when asleep in that it may or may not come true, but it is telling you something about yourself - symbolically if not literally.

I think it can be useful to try to gain as much understanding as possible of why one wants a vision to manifest - i.e. what fear and pain will it alleviate? Knowing this can help one to discern between mere wishful thinking and a potential future needing conscious intention to bring it into manifestation.

Being able to envision potentials is part of the expression of the element of fire (also Neptune's yearning for a perfect world). 'Should' 'can't' and 'discouraged' sound like Saturn. Is there anything in your chart (or transits/progressions) that reflects this strong need you are feeling to define and work towards an inspiring future, or that is affecting your ability to imagine new potentials? Do you want to post your chart?

I think this is a fascinating question and hope you decide to discuss it further...


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Urawakai: Don't worry so much about developing a particular ability. That one will happen on its own as you open your mind. It won't be glorious flashes of extreme detail, but it will start to happen on its own as you develop. At first, it will be just a few seconds, as if you could see around a corner before you get there. And it won't be something that you can cognitively control. It will happen when it needs to happen, like a reflex action. It will take just as long (if not longer) to learn to use such a sense as it did to learn to use your legs when you were an infant. It's a natural development that is a gift to every person who develops the foundation for it.

Miquar brought up some excellent points. One who is attempting to build up their own abilities should take care in what they imagine to be their future. There's a difference between idle thought and active imagination (which is the language of intention). A novice doesn't necessarily know the difference between the two, however. It is all too easy sometimes to build your own future without knowing it. A good approach would be to examine the life you already have and try to figure out how much of it existed in your imagination before it became "real."


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A good approach would be to examine the life you already have and try to figure out how much of it existed in your imagination before it became "real."

Very interesting idea. For my part, as someone who doesn't have any clairvoyant experiences, the only sense I have of how I have created my present is that if I had been less afraid and defensive, the route I took to get here would have been far more pleasant, and I'd be carrying far less baggage at the moment! But I'm quite fatalistic and think I'd probably be in the same place, basically.

This reminds me of a quote someone showed me the other day:

Sew a act, reap a habit.
Sew a habit, reap a character.
Sew a character, reap a destiny.

Its not a stupid question, by the way Urawakai - just a question! You seem hard on yourself.


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Miquar: Actually I think I do have quite a lot of Saturn influence--I've posted my chart :)

I like all these answers--they're very informative. I guess I just get discouraged because I can't sense myself in a future I want to happen, but I don't think I even have any clairvoyant abilities to know what exactly is in my future or the path it's heading down. All I can do is work towards it.


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We make our own futures, I feel this sometimes as well but mine comes from lack of imagination in regarding my life and future. The best advice I got was worry more about today and then tomorrow will happen on its own.


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Hi Urawakai. I just looked at your chart and its not surprising you think about the future with your chart ruling Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th house sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. Perhaps Jupiter's placement in the 6th reflects your need to develop the skill of seeing which future potentials are available to you. The close Jupiter Saturn square is very significant I feel, and is the kind of placement I was wondering about in my last post. Saturn, strong in its own 10th house of purpose and role in the world, is perhaps compelling your Jupiter to define and secure a positive future. Where Jupiter, especially in Sagittarius has great faith that things will all work out in the end, this faith has likely been wounded by your experience of Saturnian energy. This may well have happened quite early in life and been connected to your relationship with one of your parents - most likely your mother if she was the prime carer.

Sun in Pisces conjunct Saturn, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn can both find it difficult to experience self-worth, and you may feel on some level that you do not deserve a rosy future. This could inhibit your ability to take opportunities as they present them, especially on top of the Jupiter Saturn square.

Yet this seems to me a deeply intuitive chart essentially. The 8th house stellium suggests an ability to read very well the undercurrents around you long before most people get a whiff of them. Perhaps the 8th house emphasis (enhanced by Moon sextile Pluto) is also why you feel a difficulty discerning a tangible and definable path - ie because your path is largely subterranean and cannot be manifested in a sociably visible way until the time is right. Also an awareness of undercurrents could make you more wary of not having a definite purpose/talent to anchor you.

You're still very young. I would concentrate on what is blossoming within you - seeing the outside world as just something to tinker with and experiment on until such time as a strong desire emerges within you to pursue a particular path.