This is a friend’s birth chart, she’s the most popular girl of my school.


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And yes, I took her permission if I could use her chart and she allowed. So basically, she’s my best friend and she’s the most fun person i ever met like i genuinely have never met a person who can be cool, funny & serious at the same time. She dates a lot of guys but it usually always lasts for a short time and people are always attracted to her. She even said “i don’t even have many friends, people just come to me idk why”. She has such a good mindset, like she gets herself embarrassed but she laughs at herself too and she has inspire me honestly, this girl has gotten me into so much fun and craziness i absolutely love her for it. And the leo in 11th kinds explains everything with that venus in 5th of her relationships always being short. And that saturn in 11th be so true because I’m literally a capricorn ascendant but she also has had past friends who were mean and backstabbers. She has a history of people being two faced to her, she just has this magnetic aura that even people who dislike her can’t help but admit she’s funny.

Here’s her chart;