Things have been terrible and seem to be getting progressively worse


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My current love life took a huge dump back in December. I'm at a loss of what to do, a lover is stringing me along and making promises of change during wholehearted discussions. Even tears are used to win over my faith. But this cycle has been repeating since December with me continuously being lied to. I love her very much and haven't felt so deeply for another before.

Besides that, last November my relationship with my parents took a nose dive as well. I got kicked out, and was relying on us moving out of state together and rebuilding a life. A few days before the move, she left me and moved there on her own. Ever since I've been struggling. At least I'm back at home with my parents, but I still feel very depressed.

What's going on? I'm desperate for some kind of explanation or idea of what to do. I'm learning more and more about astrology everyday but can't grasp predictive too clearly yet. She's Virgo, Sag rising and Leo moon. I would display her chart but feel it's rather private and shouldn't be doing so without her permission.

Ugh, it's like one minute we're okay and the next I find out more lies she's told me. I want to believe her and work through things but...seriously...

EDIT = Besides all of that, what do you take from my chart in general =) I find others interpretations very very interesting. Have at it. :) Thanks guys!

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If this is your natal chart I can tell you that Saturn, ruler of partnerships or your seventh house, is taking two hits. Uranus in the 9th has been going back and forth in a square to your 7th house ruler but it is now moving away from that but is heading toward ruler of your 8th house uranus. Saturn has also been in close square to your 7th house ruler and is currently retrograding away from the square but over the next few months will go direct and square your natal saturn for the last time but again will hit your ruler of 8th house rebirth, transformation, loss.
I think T Saturn will break this relationship when it opposes your venus in 9th house approx 3'Libra. T Saturn has 3hits, look for the middle retrograde hit for timing and last hit for finality....

or Robert Hand's version
Saturn Opposition Venus
This transit often signifies a crisis in your personal relationships. Love seems harder to come by, and you may cool off toward those who used to be dear to you. Or they may cool off. This is a period of testing old relationships to find out whether they can survive and make a contribution to your life. It is rather difficult to establish new relationships, for this is a time for culminating the old, not beginning new.

As with the other strong transits of Saturn to Venus conjunction, and square, the opposition indicates that your need for relationships is in strong conflict with your need to feel like a distinct, separate and definite individual. Either you are such an individualist in your relationships that others find it difficult to relate to you, or the relationships smother your sense of individuality. You may feel very lonely even in the presence of your loved ones, because a wall has been built up between you and them.

It is absolutely essential to re‑examine your relationships at this time to determine exactly your rights, duties and ­obligations and those of your partner. Probably you have been trespassing upon each other`s prerogatives, and the tension that this causes has led to your current difficulties.

One common manifestation of this transit is becoming involved in relationship that makes very heavy demands on you. Although you would rather not be involved in it, you find it difficult to break out of. These relationships can be called "karmic" in that they balance out your past actions and are the direct or indirect consequence of those actions. All you can do in this case is to persist and do whatever you have to do. At a certain point you will realise that the karma has been completed; that is, the relationship has fulfilled its purpose. If you simply abandon it, you will almost immediately encounter another relationship like it, and another and another until you live one of them through. Saturn has this relentless quality.

Venus also rules artistic creativity, but this may not be especially creative period for you. This is because you are redefining what you are trying to do with your creativity. Like all oppositions, this one signifies a reorientation of consciousness. Don`t worry that you have lost a gift ‑ it will return in new forms.

This may also be a time of material and financial adversity. Here again you will have to examine your past attitudes toward material resources and perhaps change your whole orientation toward them. Try getting along with less; you may find that you need less than you had thought.

Also in Equal house system your Venus, Moon and Jupier are all in 9th house not 10th house. Then just Mercury and Sun in 10th house.

Your chart really lacks the element of air. Will send you PM as the forum rules stipulate that only 100words can be used from another author without stating the author, book or website and as I don’t recall exactly where or who and don’t want to commit plagiarism, don’t have any choice but to PM as I do want you to have the full information or quote……

T Saturn will rebuild, BUT it won't be the same or go back to what it was, and neither should it

Mars‑Saturn Opposition Frustration. On occasion this works as the "wet blanket" syndrome! In the hard aspects between Mars and Saturn, the ­incompatibility of the planets comes more to the fore. Usually, we are ill at ease as a result of inferiority feelings which, as in the conjunction, can make us very reserved and even passive on the one hand, and full of (overcompensating) ambition on the other; consequently we strive hard to reach goals, and are not to be deterred by any obstacles in the path. These aspects are often associated with intermittent bursts of energy: either we are taking things easy or we are being intensely active ‑ there is not thought in our minds of a happy medium

You also have the traditional Venus square Uranus (divorce aspect) which could cause sudden relationships breaks or sudden attractions...


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Well, mate, if I look at transiting Pluto - and its passage through your 6th house of work, service & health - it's forming a square with your natal Moon conj Venus in 10th. This means your `love' relationships will tend to be compulsive and somewhat addictive for a year or 3, and so you should be very circumspect about the partnerships you form. Also, you will be quite emotionally overwrought until you learn to adjust to this energy. The `falling in love' thing may prove really difficult, as you are likely to be attracted to people who are in your life to `teach' you something - chiefly for you to have experiences which will help you to mature, and become more self-reliant.

Also, for the next few years Pluto's conjunction to your natal neptune is going to blur your sense of what is real and what isn't. It's a journey alright, but you obviously need this experience for some reason.

Natally you have Pluto opposition your Taurus sun, and that is a tremendous source of personal power. One of your life lessons is to harness this power yourself, and to not misuse it.
[I know of someone born the same day as you - but in a different counrty and at a different time of day - and her parents have totally highjacked her life, and are making all her significant decisions for her. As I see it, they are `siphoning off' the power of her Pluto opp Sun by demanding they have power over her, and she, being in the throes of tr Pluto conj Neptune, can't see that what they are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.]

So, don't give your power to someone else - particularly a partner - as this will leave you feeling like you have no legs.

You are in the middle of a process - a deep and significant maturing process - and you will be better for it after it is over. It's just that sometimes you may feel like your life as you knew it is shattered.


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You've all given me a lot of comfort and insight on the situation. As of 2 weeks ago, I officially ended it. My moods about the situation have been like a pendulum. Sometimes I just want to beg her to be my lover again and stop doing silly **** to hurt me. But I'm beginning to grow and realize this is a chance to not be tied down, to work my butt off for my own goals and to fix my life solely around myself and friends/family that aren't as fluid as a loving relationship is.

It's a hard process, it really is.

What do you think is in store for me over the next few months. The Venus rx kicked my butt but also opened a few doors of realization that I need to start putting myself first. The statement R4VEN made about power is very true. Not as strong as the example given, but I do let others sway my decisions and I also seem to lack a back bone at times. I'm learning to do what I feel is right for me and not question what others will think and it's even strangely reflecting in my social life too. I'm not as shy as I once was. I think that also correlates with the fact that I finally got her out of my life. She made me question what I lacked that led her to not being able to treat me like a woman but moreso like a peice of poo. Now I realize, it's her problem. She's just not healthy I suppose.
Spiritually we are ALL here to learn certain Lessons with certain people cos that's how we grow, by our mistakes. It's just unfortunate that the most painful of Lessons does seem to offer the most amount of growth.

You said,
What do you think is in store for me over the next few months.

Well has a Free six month transit forecaster or if you are able to do manually, has an online ephemeris to show you exactly where the planets are at any given time.

Just enjoy the journey and don't beat yourself up too much...;)