Things Commonly Said To Your Sign:


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4 my cousin it's her perpetual news channel addiction, which I find depressing.


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Sounds like you msg things I hate said by other cancers or cancer placements

Don't make such a fuss

Be nice

Ohh I think you hurt their feelings

Eww you burped ( hello I'm human)

You remind me of my mom

Thinks I like that cancers say-

I got you presents

I baked cupcakes

Cancers try to behve in compliance with people in all places, as well to emphasize politeness, a strong moral or ethical code of conduct when around people and expect people to be in a good mood at all times. My Cancer rising and moon in Aquarius made me feel anxious to be around people, whether in public or private, and with friends or strangers.

They're indeed the opposite of capricorn (I sense I'm close to being one) whom I noticed: Capricorners won't care (or can't help it) if they embarrassed themselves, not always going to follow every detail in the rule book and display not the most joyous but calm expression. Capricorn descendant/7th house (the sidereal cusp Aquarius) is my alternative.


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If you're into computer nerds that think a conversation about Star Trek is a good first date :lol:

Things commonly said to this Libra:

Get a job.


Hahahaha you're hilarious.

You're so ugly.

Dude, look ou- oh god, how did you not see that sign?

You need to stop eating junk food.

After what you said about scorpio guys, I can think of one thing on that list to say to you :bandit:


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"That's too crazy to be right" is something I've heard when I state a belief or theory I have. I'm Aquarius for those who didn't know already.

Hmph, really? I get that a lot more than my Aquarian friend does..Then again, he is the first to contribute my ideas, so maybe it goes unsaid that he's just as crazy?


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For me, Cancer:

"Get out of the house, you lazy-***"
"You're a baby, stop crying"
"What's he doing?"

What's yours ideas? I want to compile them.
haha:biggrin: that's cute. I suspect the Pisces Sun is perceived as helpless, in need of constant rescuing. Not true! :andy: not my fault I always look lost/confused xD


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Pisces Moon: "It's just a Halmark commercial, for crying out loud."

Virgo stellium: "Does anal retentive have a hyphen in it?"
"I can hear you thinking all the way over here."
"You make my brain hurt."


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Bahahaha!!! Spit my coffee out after that last one...

"That's ok, I know you didn't mean it in a bad way."
"You're a FUN Mom!" -My kiddie

"Sorry. Ummm. Are you going to kill me now?"
"You're the best lover I've EVER had."


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I have 3rd Stellium Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto
I often got mistaken as a Sex Addicted....when I don't talk, people think that I am mysterious, sexy and dark....

But then because in 3rd house as soon as I started talking I behaved like a Gemini :D and very childish!!! And Hyperactive!

Virgo rising and Mars 1st house
People often think that I am walking encyclopaedia but very impatient!!!! I sometime say to them, "What do you want?!" when I busy with my Virgo's things :p

Capricorn Moon
When I don't smile I look extremely cold and serious. When I want to be serious? I talk like a 90 years old lecturer....talking about All the Serious stuffs. And very upset when people are immature (3rd house mercury saying other people behaving immature...)

Saggiturius Jupiter conjunct IC
And when I start joking and laughing you can hear me laughing from a very FAR distance.
And people say "Here we go again!"
And they often say: "Why are you always so positive and always happy?"

Libra Venus
"You are such a sweetheart :)"
And I say, "Really?" (continue smiling) :)
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**Sit still for a minut**
**Do you always have to comment while we're watching a movie?**
**You're funny**
**I feel like I can really TaLk with you, like I've known you for years**


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Virgo rising :virgo:

"Are you sure that's clean enough, Lady MacBeth"?

Checking in my medicine cabinet. "You have more stuff in here than a pharmacy!" (it's true!).

"Is that bleach I can smell"?

"You are such a good baker. Can you bake such-and-such for me"?

"Stop analyzing me!"

Aries :aries:

"Watch where you're going"?

"When are you going to grow up"?

"You look young for 37".

"Slow down!"


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"You look young for 37".

Strange, 1 ex, 5 Aries friends and 1 boss - ALL look older than their age.

I think youth at later stages of life is mistaken here for Capricorn. Virgo and Gemini are famously known to "Look younger than their years" as well. Anyone with a Mercury in the 1st as well I can imagine.


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To Aries (niece, ex-boyfriend):
"Get outta my face!!"
"Whoa! Slow down."

To Taurus (Mom, ex-boyfriend):
"Could you try to hurry it up a little... pretty please?"

To Gemini friend:
"Can we skip the details and get to the point?"
"Where did you hear THAT?" (Just try to get her to answer!)

To Cancer (my newly-retired husband):
"What's for dinner, honey?"
"Awww, let me kiss it and make it well."

To Leo friend:
"Loosen up."
"Well, pardon me!"

To Virgo (me):
"Gee, it's really true... You ARE always right." (I wish)

To Libra (ex boss):
"If I make the dinner reservation for 7:30, can you get there by 8?"
"Let's make it simple: you've got two choices..."

To Scorpio (ex employer):
"It would really help if you'd EXPLAIN what you want. I'm not psychic. And stop glaring at me."

To Sag sister:
"What does Jesus have to do with it?"
"We'll never get there if you stop at EVERY 'point of interest' on the road."

To Capricorn first husband:
"You're the only person I know whose mood depends on what you read in the Wall Street Journal."
"Underneath it all, you're just a teddy bear."

To various Aquarius people:
"I know I can't change your mind, but how about considering a little wiggle room for a second opinion?"
"Run that past me one more time."

To Pisces sister, brother (and Dad):
"Um.... time for a reality check."
"Cheer up! It's not that bad!"