Things Commonly Said To Your Sign:


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Scorp sun

Stop trying to read me!!!

Chill out bro!

Why are you staring at me?


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conversation with a Pisces friend:
me: people love me or hate me, I can't win them all
her: I would never dream of saying the things you say to people. . .
me: I say what is on my mind, as it happens
her: but people love you
me: I know...
her: you are arrogant, but very charming...You say what others would not, but people appreciate it. I wish I could do that...


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ME Cancer
"You are sneaky"
"You are bossy"
"You are the most caring/ understanding coworker/manager, yet a bit scary"
"You always follow your own agenda"
"Did you just eat an entire cake and then complain about getting fat"
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...You're a Double Leo with a Cancer Sun, so: Lecer? Canceo? Man, this doesn't sound as good as Aquascorp or Geminisces or the other sign splices I did.
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For me, Cancer:

"Get out of the house, you lazy-***"
"You're a baby, stop crying"
"What's he doing?"

What's yours ideas? I want to compile them.

For Leo :-

"Turn around sexy : Let's see the face framed by your beautiful head of hair

- Oh - Sorry, mate - I didn't realise you were a man!"



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Scorpio guys are super hot some of them..... tralalallaa

If you're into computer nerds that think a conversation about Star Trek is a good first date :lol:

Things commonly said to this Libra:

Get a job.


Hahahaha you're hilarious.

You're so ugly.

Dude, look ou- oh god, how did you not see that sign?

You need to stop eating junk food.


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Sounds like you msg things I hate said by other cancers or cancer placements

Don't make such a fuss

Be nice

Ohh I think you hurt their feelings

Eww you burped ( hello I'm human)

You remind me of my mom

Thinks I like that cancers say

I got you presents

I baked cupcakes
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Aquarians are (but not always, though Aquarians are known for...)
* Leadership or a desire to enter politics.
* Genius level knowledge of the sciences and history.
* Creativity and artistic skill.
* Expressing an opinion easily without fear of scorn.
* Progressive stance on improving life and the world.
* Softer attitudes towards troubling situations.
* Inable to understand people as easy.
* Low expressive of emotions.
* Not always good in social cues.
* Wanting to make friends with people they don't know yet.
* Gentle or kind (tries to), tries to get along in society.
* Not really a happy person.
* Can have negative vibes.
* And pessimism or fatalism.
Furthermore, Aquarius is the 1st sign of the so-called Aquarian astrology: the sun enters in the tropical zodiac on January 20/21, but I sense the sun in Capricorn on Winter solstice, Christmas or New Years' day means the Goat comes first...and Aquarians are polite or flexible in this regard.