The year ahead is confusing..


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Hello. To say my life has been a rollercoaster is an understatement. I just began a 9th house profection year the end of August, and things have been chaotic and busy. So many things are co occuring that I feel like I have lost sight of my life as a whole. I have a mother in ill health, three special needs children (one just had surgery), I may be going for surgery myself, and I finally was able to expunge something off of my legal record and I have considered going to school if I can. I wondered what could be said for the months ahead, or even year? I've been feeling the large shifts in energy for a while now and it's difficult for me to interpret how things are going to play out for me. I have had a lot of death and loss in my life in recent years and I've managed to always pull through, no matter how dark it gets. I do know that I am wanting to move, and I am hoping to find friendships that are deep and enduring -- I've been isolated for a very long time as a stay at home mom. I've stayed in town due to my mother but she insists I leave this place and begin a life elsewhere for my little family. Any insight is appreciated.


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