the use of scorpion venom in targeting cancer cells ...


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How Scorpion Venom Could Help Save Lives and Millions of Dollars
JUNE 22, 2017

Researchers discovered a compound in the venom of the death stalker scorpion that when combined with a dye that glows and then injected into a patient with cancer, it adheres to just the cancer cells. This allows doctors to use very treatments, including surgery, against the cancer cells or tumor without injuring or harming normal healthy tissue.

Researchers involved in the discovery said:

“It really has the potential to very much change how we do care.”

Dr. Rowena Schwartz, a doctor at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy commented on the new discovery:

“The excitement of it is that it’s a way to identify tumor tissue separate from healthy tissue.”

I thought this was interesting in terms of the Scorpio relation to healing and transformation and the power of rebirth, etc. :ninja: