The "True" Birthchart of Jesus


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I stumbled (literally, stumbleupon!) this interesting article today. Not sure if it's been posted here or if there's been 100 million posts about it already or whatever, but anyways..

The page in question:

The chart in question:


Of particular interest to me is this:

The Horoscope of Jesus is even more impressive than the Magi could possibly have known." says the noted astrologer and biblical scholar Jayj Jacobs. He describes it as "the most powerful horoscope the heavens have ever drawn, and perhaps ever will.

Now, I'm not really into Christianity, so I don't want to discuss what his real birthday was or whatever. My interest is purely on the chart.

I don't really like that particular format, but I can't seem to find any astrology software that emulates the same chart for 8 B.C. :pinched:

Thoughts on the significance of the planets' positions? Is it really that rare of an event? And so on..