the thank the universe thread


corny and cheesy as it sounds

I give thanks for all the blessings in my life however miserable i make myself feel sometimes

Roof over my head
Food on the table
Able to pay the bills
Gods gift of a beautiful child
Plasma tv
The fun and joy children and teenagers bring
All the abilities and talents I have
The not so nice sides of my being so I can work on them and the courage and perserverance I have in doing so


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I thank the universe for allowing me to absolutely dominate as an OZ in the HvZ game going on this week! I need this so bad.


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i like this thread.

i thank the universe for keeping me healthy & for protecting me despite whatever circumstances i was up against. Jupiter in the 1st house, always has my back.

i also thank the universe for some amazingly strange parents, who are always there for me with their optimism and support.
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I thank the universe for giving me a wonderful, supportive family, allowing me the chance travel to many places, protecting me during dangerous situations and giving me the chance to follow a new path and become a better person.


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Thanks to the universe for being....and me and all of us part of it.
I give thanks for this life, my parents and family, mother nature and all her creatures....and the earth, water, fire, air and space that sustain us all.
Thanks for the animals.
Thanks for love, poetry, art, literature, film, dance, music, love, play, driving
eco friendly everything.
Photography, history, justice, architecture, astrology, astronomy, math, sewing, pottery, stained glass, roller skates, skiing, body surfing, the ocean, the beach, stars, galaxies, intuition, knowledge, wisdom.
Friendship, loyalty, open minds and hearts.
Croissant, veg sushi, miso soup, brown rice, quinoa.
Sunshine, rain, fog, snow, ice.
Polar bears, lions, panthers, hippos, giraffes, elephant, tiger, rabbit, mouse, peacock and hen, condor, albatross, butterfly, praying mantis, bumble bees and honey bees.
I give thanks for all the trees and vegetable and flower gardens.
I give thanks for compost.
Gardening, gardeners and organic farmers.
I give thanks for all those who love our precious world and live to care for her and protect her so she can continue to sustain us.
May love and compassion awaken where it has not, and where it has may it grow from strength to strength.


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thankyou for the trials and sickness that has made me strong
and for the terror and trauma that makes me dig deep into my human spirit
for the friends and strangers who show kindness and concern
and my clients who make me love my work
for the changes I see in them and myself, the growth and appreciation
for the animals that cross my path
and the beauty of nature around me
the abundant healthy food I get to grow and eat:smile:
for living in a safe country where we have freedom not oppression


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I thank the Universe for

My Husband
My perfect children
My dog Kara and those gone before her
My circle of friends
Good health
and the return of the cat Fluffy.:happy:


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I thank the Universe for my many blessings, despite my illness: for my wonderful grandchildren and daughters; a partner to stand beside me through my ups and downs; for the provision of my sustenance shelter, for my delightful baby bunnies, and I am thankful for this forum. The light of the Father surrounds me, the Love of the Mother enfolds me, the power of creation flows through me...Blessed be:love:


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I thank the Universe for Stevie Nicks


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(But seriously)
  • I thank the universe for listening to rock'n'roll as loudly as possible
  • I thank the universe for letting me live with no attachments
  • I thank the universe for coming together so conveniently right here so as to create an entire earth on which life can exist and love and prosper
  • I thank the universe for the kind people who have helped along the way
  • I thank the universe for the kinds of moments with friends that you think you only read about in books but then they really happen to you. Like your friend cutting your hair in their bedroom while everyone chats and laughs and listens to good music, and you know that when you look back on it it will be a faded polaroid photograph that you'll store in your heart forever
  • I thank the universe for surrounding me with creative people and endowing me with a certain beautiful yet driven mysticism
  • I thank the universe for the little alien guys out there I haven't met yet :alien:
  • I thank the universe for embarrassing moments because they make great conversation starters
  • I thank the universe for the movers and shakers of the world, and the dreamers and doers
  • I thank the universe for the tiny flowers that grow on the sides of the highway that rush past so fast you're stuck with just imagining how pretty they probably are
  • I thank the universe for unity
  • I thank the universe for oneness
  • I thank the universe for times you get so happy and passionate and inspired you could cry because there's just so much beauty and life and art and so many types of people who do so many different things that you really cannot keep track of it all at all, and that's the best part of it


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I thank the universe for the existence of love <3
I thank the universe for 2nd chances.
I thank the universe for healing.
I thank the universe for yummy food~! ^^
I thank the Universe that I'm still here.
I thank the Universe for my wonderful parents.
I thank the Universe for every person I have been able to help feel better in any way.
I thank the Universe for my life experience.
I thank the Universe for each and every person I have ever loved and who have loved me. <3