the sense of "bad vibes" versus constant paranoia


so, today around 10 pm i was leaving class with 3 colleagues and while they were talking i noticed other 3 guys walking near us who gave me the 'hibbie jibbies'. i was going home, which stayed in the same direction these guys were going, but was magically invited for a ride by one of my friends. when we were getting to her car i heard a burst and some voices in the same direction i was supposed to go if hadn't been invited and kind of felt that something had happened, but involved in a social situation in which nobody else noticed i tried to soothe my mind by simply ignoring and explaining it to myself as something more trivial than an imminent tragedy.

when i got home, other people from my university had posted in my faculty's group on facebook that those three bad elements shot a guy - fortunately in the shoulder - after trying to assault him, in that exact same moment.

so the feeling and the sound that only i seem to have heard while with my people was confirmed to be everything i was trying to avoid thinking. the girl who offered me a ride just said to me 'did you see that? i've just saved your life'. i don't know if she's serious, but given all this, truth is that maybe she did!

now i can't stop thinking about the boundless interactions between perception, intuition and the consequent paranoia it may foster into one's mind.
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