The second house and family karma


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The second house in the horoscope deals with money, values, possessions, property and some other things.

I want to check the influence of the collective planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, on the things that the second house represents.

If you have Pluto or Scorpio in your second house, there might be cases of murder or any other crime connected with money or property in your family. This includes grandparents and great-grandparents. Or, it might not be a crime, but just a loss of property or a big amount of money for some reason.

Uranus or Aquarius in the second house - almost the same influence as Pluto. Probably there is an unexpexted loss or gain of property or a lot of money in the family - again, this includes grandparents and great-grandparents.

Neptine or Pisces in the second house. I don't know what the influence might be, but maybe some relative leaves all his or her money and property to become a priest or for some other reason connected with spirituality. Or maybe, some relative becomes a victim because of the money he or she has. Or, some relative (grandparent ot great-grandparent) goes abroad, especially overseas, to gain money. Or, someone goes in jail because of money.

Check for these events in your family and trace them many years back in time. Tell me if you find such family stories in the second house of your horoscope.

The same thing concerns Venus in aspect to these planets. Especially if there is a connection with the second house.


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What you said here is interesting not sure if that is truly due to myself having Scorpio Pluto and Saturn both in 2nd house.

My grandfather from my father side was a huge landlord, he lost all his properties and lands due to civil war taken away from the government and communists.

I normally see that as due to myself having Jupiter in Sagittarius ruling 4th house at IC conjuncts SN, Jupiter also parallel Neptune, SN, MC/IC, vertex & moon node axis. I don't know much how my grandfather gained his status to be such a huge landlord but our family tree is very long more than a thousand year back very prominent bloodline on actual written documents only the first son had the real copy. Our surname was given by the Emperor thousand years ago and was recorded in historical documents, many of the ancestors were governors, doctors, educators and involved in military. My grandfather himself was doctor, his first wife was also from a family of medicines. He also was a doctor in the military during the civil war for the opposition party. His second much younger wife was my grandmother, she was born from well educated family, my great grandfather was principal of an university of that time.

Pluto is my 3rd house ruler, I had one known sibling died due to my mum made decision to have abortion before my birth. Pluto ruling 3rd is some hidden death/secret/sufferings regarding to sibling.

After the removal of wealth, my family had gone through many decades of hardship. Now I am oversea as the natal promises of SN detached from birthplace.


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I suggest that you purchase the standard reference that most professional astrologers use: THE RULERSHIP BOOK by Rex E. Bills


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I suggest that you purchase the standard reference that most professional astrologers use: THE RULERSHIP BOOK by Rex E. Bills

I have this book. It says Second house as one's ancestors, assets, death and legacies of the grandfather of a woman's chart, along with forth house: one's hereditary background. In whole sign, I will still have Venus in Libra in 2nd house.

My 2nd cusp is Libra Venus in Libra placed in 1st in Placidus, 2nd house contains Scorpio Pluto and Saturn. One interesting thing is my relocation chart in Australia, my natal 4th now in 2nd house of relocation chart...