The relationship between Squares and the Moon Quarter Phases.


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This a theory that needs to be tested :

It's a first quarter moon today and as i look at the sky it strikes me the duality-polarity the basic yin-yang energy expressed by quarter moons.
So i wonder can one treat squares in the chart the same way. My theory is in square just as in quarter moons there will be a bright side (planet) and dark side (planet). I believe planets squaring each other manifest in this order. So i decide to take a look at my own chart for a connection.
The first thing I wanted to know was; what role is each planet playing in each phase as it's known that first quarter and third quarter express themselves differently. Starting with first quarter, you find the moon approaching-waxing into illumination of the full moon. In the third quarter the moon is waning into a new moon. The logic here thus is in the first quarter the moon is entering its power - this power is being fueled or given by the sun. Third quarter however has the moon relinquishing it - because here the sun is manifesting in its power in a sense taking back the power it gave the moon in the first quarter. Note that the moon is a faster body, the sun is a slower body. This factor i find will be useful in delineating which planet is the expresso, and which one is the fuel. Here it is a square combination between Neptune and Mars :

Neptune - slower planet - dark side - unconscious - fuel
Mars - faster planet -bright side - conscious -expresso

Mars - faster planet - dark side - unconscious - fuel
Neptune - slower planet - bright side - conscious -expresso

I believe this analogy can be transferred to other planetary aspects too.