The Real Carlos Castaneda


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Thanks to Dr. Jay Fikes I was able to obtain a hard copy of the original Peruvian birth certificate of famed author Carlos Castaneda. Previous charts at astrodatabank and astrotheme were based on times from 1:45 - 2 PM with no verifiable source accessible. The birth certificate clearly shows "nueva a.m." - nine a.m.

Here is my article exploring the most important factors in Castaneda's birth chart:

Inside His Birth Chart

Carlos the man began as we all do, a child. So we can look at his birth chart as if it were that of a child just beginning life and see what the potentials are. Carlos Castaneda began life as Carlos César Salvador Arana at around nine in the morning on Christmas Day 1925 in Cajamarca, Peru and was an only child to his parents, César (32) and Susana (23).(1)

A Short Word About the Rectified Time/Chart

When we see rounded times like 9 AM, the experienced astrologer knows not to take it literally, but only as a starting place. The chart was subjected to a rectification/validation procedure to meet my very high Chart Validation Standards.

This interpretation is based on the birth chart Asc 17°18' Aquarius (ten after nine a.m.). The chart was rectified using the dates for three marriages, plus 12 other events, including death.

The Ascendant figure

This ‘AC’ (Asc) is seen at the left end of the horizon line running through the middle of his chart. The Ascendant figure includes the zodiac sign on the Ascendant of the chart, which is Aquarius, as well as all planetary aspects to that point. The Asc is the most specific point in the birth horoscope indicating one’s self-identity and mode of self-expression. Challenging planetary aspects to it indicate challenges in one’s self-expression, health and relations to others.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius rising is a generally social and broad-reaching sign. Its air element is mental as much as social and the principle of Uranus behind it gives it a more global, transcendent orientation than is generally seen in the other air signs, Gemini and Libra.

This kind of person is generally distinctive if not likable, but more detached from the more personal aspects of relationships. The perpetual tendency is for group involvement, whether through primarily intellectual means or direct relating.

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Clearly you didn't read the article or did not read it all the way through. While I think The Teachings of Don Juan is some of the best fiction I've ever read, I do not hold Carlos Castaneda "in high esteem." He was a chronic liar, woman manipulating cult leader.

I was very much aware that Castaneda borrowed pretty much all his ideas for his fictional story The Teachings from various metaphysical sources. I read Autobiography of a Yogi years ago.

I don't give a fiddler's fart about "suspicions." My blog post deals entirely in facts and verifiable, observable patterns.