The Quality of My Life


So, the other day, I wrote up a Horary Chart with the following question: Will the quality of my life improve within the next 3 months?

I used the 5th house ruler to represent my question, and what I found interesting was that my Ascendant and 5th house shared the same ruler (my Ascendant was on Gemini and my 5th House was on Virgo, so it was Mercury). Another interesting thing to mention was that Mercury was in the 5th house. I assume this must all mean that my own self identity and the quality of my life are one in the same.

Anyway, for the aspects, Mercury is separating from a square to Mars. I believe this is a sign of beginning to move away from a period of frustration. It's also separating from a square to Pluto, which I believe means that I've been going through some transformation within the past couple months (which I believe to be true).

Also, Mercury has an applying trine to Ascendant, which might mean that my life is in the process of improving. I also have a trine separating from the Midheaven. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret that.

Anyway, this looks like an interesting chart, and I think it might signal an improvement in my life. I would be curious if you'd guys would take a look and see if you can arrive to the same conclusions. I've just started studying horary so I feel like my interpretation might be amateurish at best. Are there any other factors I might be missing?

Thanks to anyone for any help. :happy:


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SagSun05, hi! I would just look at the ruler of the Ascendant for you and the Moon as your co-significator. I look at it's placement and at the ingoing aspects Mercury will make. I understand your choice of the 5th house, but that is a bit far fetched as the 5th really deals with children and fun. The Sun being there could show that the heart of the chart, say, the focus of the question is that you would like to have more fun in your life.

OK, now as you can see, Mercury is placed in your 5th of fun, but the fun is not really great because Mercury is weakly placed in Libra but it is in term of Venus who rules him. Even so, Mercury is about to go retrograde tomorrow and will move back to square Pluto again and even further back into Virgo again where he becomes much stronger as he enters into his own sign and term. But he will conjunct Saturn again. this could maybe show a delay or obstacle during a vacation or a problem in your career or social surroundings.

At 21° Virgo Mercury will then turn direct again, on the 29th of September after which he will again conjunct Saturn and become weaker again when entering Libra again and squaring Pluto. We dont use Pluto in traditional horary interpretation but can see Pluto as a sign of emotional upheaval. Pluto is in your 8th, so it could have something to do with other people's money, bank crisis, support from your better half or something to do with a death. All 8th house issues.

Then Mercury will also square Mars in your 2nd house of money and selfworth and it will then move into the Via Combusta (between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio and into the sign of Scorpio on the 29th of October where Mercury also has very little dignity and is mostly peregrine without power to really act. or change something about the situation.

When looking at the Moon, showing more your emotional side, then it's last aspect before leaving her sign is an opposition to that same Saturn and then a conjunction to Uranus , showing an unexpected sudden event.

During all this however, Moon will shortly sextile your Ascendant, probably showing a good time with friends and Mercury will trine your Ascendant, showing some good times as well as he is still in the 5th.

End of the matter house shows a very weak Venus in Leo, also mostly peregrine and ruled by a Sun in Virgo where Sun only has dignity in face up till the 10th degree. But Sun is in 12° and in face of Venus, so there is a weak Mutual Reception between Venus and Sun, showing, like before, that the time ahead could be bitter-sweet.

Thank God times do change and I am sure that after all this, the good times will come again. As you have already gone through transformative times, the upcoming square with Pluto could just be a last bit of the already gone through main chunk and probably far less difficult. After all, Mercury will be direct again and stronger.

Hope this gives you some insight.