The Quadranovile Aspect

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I was playing around with the various Astrodienst settings tonight by entering various numbers into the date box to produce different harmonic charts and discovered that I have a very tight conjunction between Mars and Uranus (within two arc minutes) in my ninth harmonic chart.

This caused me to examine the relationship between Mars and Uranus in my natal chart in greater detail, and I discovered that the two planets are almost exactly 160 degrees apart, forming a quadranovile aspect.

I know that minor aspects most likely do not play a significant role in chart interpretation, but I was curious if anyone had every heard of these aspects before.

Here's a short descriptions I found online from
Astrology:A Tutorial:

The Quadranovile is an Aspect of 160 degrees and is a multiple of the Novile.

It is an extension of human potential beyond the scope of reality into that of potential eventuality. Thus, the Quadranovile identifies functions of being that connect with unexpected alternative possibilities.

Arian Maverick
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Title: Aspects Magnified:
Author: Koparkar, Mohan

i have this book .. it is very interesting and very easy to read.
minor aspects can be very useful when it comes to discovering hidden talents and etc..

it is amuzing to look at .. not everythign can be explained by major aspects

ohh Arian
test this .. if you like dancing, look back at the day when you went last time and check it the transits to your natal planets esp venus for any noviles, binoviles and quadnoviles. i dont know if it is a coincidence but i read in 2 sources that desire to go dancing or actually going dancing is partially triggerd by novile family aspect.

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I had known of the ninth harmonic aspects for some time from the site "", which does aspects up to eleventh harmonic.

According to harmonic theories, a ninth harmonic aspect is like a trine and is highly favourable - in other words, the planets affected should work well together.

Khaldea actually has special symbols for the novile (40˚). binovile (80˚) and quadrinovile (160˚). I have also seen symbols using an inverted "T" for these aspects from some other books on astrology.

Although I am very familiar with quintiles (also biquintiles), septiles (also biseptiles and triseptiles) and even deciles and trideciles, I have never actually studied the ninth hamonics for myself.