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I do not know about perfection, but i once found a chart, posted by someone on yahoo answers, of her/his grandfather who had all his planets bar 2 involved only in trines and conjunctions ; ))or had a huge amount of trines, something like that. I haven't been able to find it again though, but i think it's still there

Here is an interesting program: where you can find the date when planets were in a specific position. I tried to find a date with all planets in domicile, but the maximum i found were 7 planets (well, the original 7 planets): Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius; which occured on 1903-08-19. This chart seems to be pretty challenging if we start taking into consideration the aspects betwen planets though...

I have an interesting friend who practically also has 7 planets in domicile, with the outers aligned this time.
She has
Moon in Cancer
Mercury in Gemini
Mars in Leo
Saturn in Pisces in mutual reception also through a sextile with Neptune in Capricorn
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aquarius
Pluto in Scorpio
Sun is in Taurus and Venus in Aries, but knowing that Sun is exalted in Aries and Venus in domicile in Taurus, could this also be some kind of a mutual reception? This would be crazy

What could be next considered "perfect" would be a chart without squares or oppositions. I wonder if any did occur until now. I guess it did, bowl/bundle type charts have an upper hand in this area. In my chart, betwen Planets/Asc/MC, there are 14 conjunctions, 9 sextiles, 4 semi-sextiles, 4 semi-squares, 1 trine, 1 quintile, and one almost 10 degrees square between Jupiter and Saturn. I do have some squares to NN and from Chiron though. No square or opposition otherwise. I am quite idealistic, but i realise there is no such thing as perfection. Everything is made of "puzzle pieces" that must fit with other ones in order to be able to produce greater things and a fully "functional organism". The Universe as a whole included... And thus perfection becomes imperfection. Your imperfections are the perfect parts about yourself actually, because they help your surroundings function and are a part of the bigger picture... ;)
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Well, I guess the chart of Mr Brad Pitt can be considered perfect (take a look). At least, it's the most harmonious I've ever come across. But...

I, for example, have more trines and sextiles between the planets (except luminaries) which are quite enviable from many respects. Most of the time I'm quite apathetic to life, almost never want to do anything preferring to keep things the way they are, considered suicide a few times not so much because of some kind of physical or mental pain as because of finding no significant meaning in living.
The best thing is that I've escaped death many times and it has greatly helped me to believe in some kind of higher force above us (God or whatever, name not so important).
My father, on the contrary, has a lot of tension in his chart and I'm a bit envious of him. He's very charismatic, gone through a lot of **** in his life, knows a lot of amazing stories, never at a loss of words, has a complex personality and so on and on. I really wish I were him.
Unlike greybeard I would really dream to be someone else (my father, my classmate, that guy or that one). I think that being the same person for a few decades of life is a bit boring. It would be great if we could absolutely change from time to time. At times it happens but to an extent and not with all people.


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The most educational thing about the responses so far is the sole focus on non-aspectual astro factors (except for two posters) .

Does this indicate that members get the least juice from aspects?

you know...maybe there's more keywords and/or folklore-ish symbolisms available in relation to signs and houses than for aspects and so the poet in each of us can flourish more easily absent aspects?


Anyway, I would lust after several of my aspects if I didn't have them (e.g., Sun, Moon and Merc connected to Jup and Uran via trine, novile and semi-novile aspects) and am jealous of those having more than my paltry one quintile to personal planets.

No similar lust for any particular house, sign or angle placements...

and Brad Pitt's chart looks interesting but his Ven is in worse shape than even mine, aspectually (i.e., its 135 to Uran is midpoint/apexed by Nept...not just any midpoint, because forming a pair of tri-semi-octiles; not a Ven anyone would ask for).
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I think this person have one of the best charts.
*Aries mars
*Taurus Venus
*Gemini mercury
*Cancer moon
*Splash configuration


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This is the absolute perfect chart And it's real see it for yourself click the link.
Just about Everything Domicile and neptune exalted
Only pluto and Uranus are not domicile or exalt but I placed them almost exact on an angle so that gives them much power. sagittarius ascendant is my favorite and I placed uranus on the ascendant cause I love it
Ascendant Sagittarius
Mars: Scorpio
Sun: Leo
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Libra
Jupiter: Pisces
Saturn: Aquarius
Neptune:Cancer (exalt)
Pluto: Gemini
Uranus Sagittarius
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Some tough aspects in both the most recently presented charts (obvious in the first one and in the second, when recast w minors, the Moon and Mars each connect via octiles and semi-octiles to each part of the transpersonal T-square).

Seems some avid astrologers consider that a sign placement alone could provide more benefit than a personal planet's aspectual portfolio (but not this one).