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Oh yeah. That's right. I'm not supposed to figure anything out. I'm not supposed to do anything.

Now what?!

Ah, years of pented Virgo frustration is finally finding an's about time too :wink:

AquaMav, your thoughts are helping me. Oops! Scratch the word "helping." Replace with word "filling."

I'm glad someone has made some sense of my ramblings...I certainly can't :roll:

Just another random thought that may or may not have anything to do with our Pisces North Node/Virgo South Node...has anyone here struggled with finding their identity through organized religion or felt pressured to worship a certain way? I ask this because I have been comparing the intense emotions I sometimes experience on these forums with that which I should be feeling (but don't) attending church every Sunday. I believe this was the impetus force behind the "emptiness" I expressed in my last post, but the irony is this: my parents don't force me to attend mass, since they rarely go themselves! They kindly drop me off at the front steps every week before 10:30 since I do not yet have my liscense...I go on my own accord!

It never ceases to amaze me how much of our suffering is self-inflicted, or how the things which wound us most are those same things society has embraced. Now, I do not mean to completely rant against the Church...I am sure they have done a lot of good for a lot of people, and I am convinced that organized religion is an essential part of the test. It is just for some time now I have felt strangely numb as I participate in mass. Every movement, every chant or spoken word by the priest or the community is planned. There is no sporatic worship, no opportunity to express original ideas or propose solutions to the problems that plague our world today...only a congregation repeating seemingly empty phrases deemed acceptable by our church officials for this ceremony. Unfortunately, this soon becomes a wholly unnatural rhythm after years of mindless repitition, and the words seem to leave your lips without any consideration of the meaning behind them.

Lord, hear our prayer.

The universe is keenly aware of our every thought, every action...why do we have to ask permission to be heard?

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the words and I shall be healed.

Why are we not worthy? According to this same creed, God created us "in His image and likeness." Why must we pay the price for the actions of the first man and woman created how many hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of years ago?

Is this perhaps some sort of spiritual rebellion after lifetimes of following established religious pincipals? Does our Pisces North Node wish to seek something more? It makes me wonder, and pray that a church official doesn't accidentally stumble upon my rant and condemn me to Hell :?

Aquarian Maverick

P.S. I am sorry if I have offended anyone who practices organized religion, but I am sick of living in fear...and I beleive that if we let someone outside of ourselves govern our lives, we will never reach true enlightenment. So, I will take my chances with heresy...what have I got to lose, if I feel that I may have already lost my soul?

Arian Maverick

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What professional help are you getting?

Right to the point, eh? I should have known this would come up me, I've had plenty of "profession help" :roll:

And I'm fine, really...I just have a flair for the dramatic sometimes :wink:

Aquarian Maverick


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Forgive this for being out of context but I just hopped onto this thread and am still a few pages back.

Lapis wrote:
I'm able to pick up, to psychically perceive, to do psychometry with most things I have to touch physically out in public. :| (Not because I want to but it's just 'there' all the time.) Things like shopping carts that hundreds of other people have touched and imprinted on. Not only physical germs (Virgo) but ALSO emotions and other impressions they've psychically left on the shopping carts (Pisces). Talk about germs!!! Anything and everything is left on those damned shopping carts from physical nasty germs to fights/wounds/fears/anger and everything else emotionally. But this is true of all sorts of objects out there and not only shopping carts.

I had my REAL awakening on the winter solstice of 2002, I was initially opened with more than a thousand megahertz of white light jolting my system. I fortunately had a soul sister/twin flame to share this experience with and while I got the Light, she got the visions of alll the eons of past lives we had had together, starting form the beginning of time. We spent spent about six months in a lesbian relationship with her "training me" so I could begin to handle what was to come. In July of 2002, our relationship culminated in such a powerfully intense separation and I was left to fend for myself in the Universe. At this transition point, I began to experience that same empathy you do, with the very same shopping cart experiences. They used to jolt my entire being with such hard feelings every time I grabbed them. At first I was so revolted by the world and how toxic it is, but eventually I took some heart with it when I realized that the suffering of the world is my own as long as I am here. In some ways I came to regard it as a symptom that I had disowned the forces in me that might protect me in the world (my ego, my warrior and my inner-insttinctual *****, and in other ways, saw it from the other siide as my siimple mission to share in suffering with those of Earth so there is less of it to go 'round.

Regardless, its still an empaths nightmare at what we can't control about the Earth world now.

I have resolved nothing in direct regard to this matter, except that I find friends and partners who are of lower sensitivity or who can process energies faster, who are willing to do my shopping for me. I make a list, they get the goods, I pay them back in other ways with what I am gifted in. My pisces pole was desperately reaching out in the world for the Virgo I needed to help me stay nurtured through the transition, and it came through friendship and a vulnerable dependency on others. In some ways, this screwed with my lower chakras to find that just getting food at the conventioanl supermarket is like going to the back to the original primal hunt, but at the same time, it might be balancing them in learning to relying on the compliment from other tribes who don't share this hyper-sensitivity.

I think there are ways we can all work together on these frequency differences.

Wishing you two more healing hands, :)

Arian Maverick

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I have no problem with shopping carts, as I have no psychic abilities whatsoever. In fact, I'm probably the type who leaves negative residue all over the must be hard to be so talented :wink:

Aquarian Maverick

P.S. Have you had these abilities since birth, or have you developed them over time (or both)? And can you feel people's emotions through your computer screen?

Arian Maverick

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You talkin' to ME?
Well, I was referring to you and Lapis...or anyone else here who might have such abilities.

And how the freak does anyone quote on this forum? You can tell I have not a drop of virgo in me.

Don't worry, we have probably have thousands of lifetimes worth of Virgo between all of us here...plenty to go around :wink:

And to quote something from a previous post, highlight the passage you want to refer back to in your new message and press Control C (settings might be different if you have an Apple computer) to copy the text onto your clipboard. Next, click on the area where you want the message to appear in your post and click Control V (again, this may not work if you don't have Windows). Now, highlight what you have just pasted and click quote...this should put the correct brackets in front and in back of your message. And now, you've just used some basic HTML! Congrats! :D

Aquarian Maverick

P.S. To correct your original post, simply put
before your first need brackets to start and end every HTML command :wink:


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Hi. I'm here to join your club. My Sun, Moon, and Pluto are all trine the Pisces NN. Venus is quincunx and Saturn is Quintile. The NN trines my Midheaven too. Whaddup, everyone? :cool:
My north node is in 23 degrees pisces. I have been told along the lines of that this 'node' is back and is around about every 18 and a half years or so. Though I am not sure how to properly put that.

Here is what a computer generated response had to say of my birth imformation...

N. Node is in 23 Degrees Pisces.
You're attracted to others who need your assistance. You seem to go out of your way to form relationships with those who are weak, sick, injured, addicted or troubled in some way or other. At your best you can indeed provide the relief that others need. But at times you can be victimized by those who would prey on your good nature and take advantage of you. This can lead to all sorts of negative situations -- make sure that those you assist are truly worthy of your time, energy and commitment. A little enlightened self-protectiveness on your part can make your life work much, much smoother!

At this point in my life, i am purging myself of unhealthy relationships and people who are proving to be more of a burden and a set back than encouraging me in ways. This would make sense, our node being in 'power' so as to speak.

I have heard that the north node reflects your karma in life and where you are most comfortable. That the south node is where we have the most difficulty in life. from what I've read of pisces and virgo Id be inclined to say thats true for me at least.

what i cant decide is weather i should take up with organization and productive type and focus on the details or function as i do, somewhat aloof to things like mess and cluter... Because... I find it difficult to remain organized and not become completely consumed by my habbits. Its my assumtion we're to learn from Virgo. Though I dont know much about astrology..


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Welcome to our little 'club'. From some of what you've said it sounds like you've got a couple things backwards. Our South Nodes in Virgo are what we've already perfected in the past (as in past lives) and because of that, we're pretty good with all those Virgonian things.

But we're now having to integrate and get real familiar with our North Nodes in Pisces and let go of all our old familiar Virgo haunts! Easier said than done. I mean, how does one focus on Pisces and remain there? How do we Pisces North Nodes hang out there and "do" things. See my old Virgo mind freaking out over the fact that it isn't needed to "do" anything :confused:

My North Node in Pisces is conjunct my Asc in 1, so this is a real "issue" for me. I get's just letting go of the need to tidy up the Universe that I'm having some old Virgo issues with! :rolleyes: Put the vacuum cleaner down Lapis and do some Oooooommmmmm's instead. Same thing actually, just different levels. ;)
wow that is new news to me. It is odd because I am the biggest slop I have ever met.! Though I've struggled with ocd and 'tidy perfectionism' I can also be, like now, completely aloof of the mess and clutter around me. I leave a wake of disorder and have allways had trouble with organisation... Mainly because I forget to do the things I've taken the time to plan. I will have to read more on this and think it through. I have a friend whose north node is in the same degrees as mine and we were trying to make sense of it together. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks,

W y n t e r . L i z z

Arian Maverick

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It's all about integrating boths sides of the polarity...

I've found that I'm becomming much more Piscean lately, perhaps due to the transiting North Node. Yet somehow, that Virgo South Node manages to sneek past the guards and is often caught red-handed organizing my spiritual documents! :D

Arian Maverick
Arian Maverick, thanks for the great example (they help me understand a great deal more).

I don't ever have much inspiration to organize im just too distracted by all these cool things around me. For example I've been reading on this site and rumaging through links when I'd planned to be cleaning!!

Though, I must admit when I clean I have a tendancy to make a HUGE mess and start from scratch, I cannot clean without rearranging my things. I write lists I never use and develope new systems for recording imformation or keeping my things which are often forgetten.

I let out my 'ocd' tendancies in my artwork. when i can put a dot here and a pumpkin there, you'd never know there was a logic behind it. the more i let it out the stranger my art work gets, which is often ugly but very calming somehow to look at.

Wynter Lizz


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I just tuned into this nnode conversation and am a part of the pisces nnode club. In fact my nnode is at the end of h1 and not in aspect to any other planets, most of which are in the other hemisphere of my chart(3 through 9). Sometimes i feel very disconnected from this planet and people. I don't have any memories of past incarnations here on earth. Talk about floating. And i have been afraid that i cannot access my nodal points because they are not aspected in my chart. What is my purpose here? That's a question i've asked myself alot.
My nnode however, is tied into chiron by 30degree aspect. So i am beginning to see how my chironic "wounded healer" is activating my purpose in this incarnation through my 2nd house in aries which happens to be the only fire placement in my chart. It's like the spark for me. So this wounded place is around self(aries) in home(2nd house). And what i came here to learn is in house of self(aries) and letting go/surrender(pisces).

The stuff about the "shopping cart" is really intense. I've never thought about my hands on objects that way. I just take it all in from everywhere and then inside me it goes through a process of distillation and somehow is transmuted or transmutated. I'm not scared of ghosts even. They seem a natural part of what is of late. It's like being asked to accept the experience of life in the human form. I guess i just think it's about mixing it all up, like all the energies between people and i don't concern myself with alot of personal, maybe not enough personal, as i read in this thread about the need for pisces nnode to cover themselves in some white light and protective energy. Who knows, but i'm enjoying the process of learning. Enjoyed the thread. smile

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Is there such a thing as being TOO in tune with your NN? I'm Virgo NN (11th house) with Jupiter conjunct it and, to say the least, I'm just about as Virgoan as one can possibly be (i.e. organized to a fault, extremely picky/critical of imperfection, and I'm a special education teacher in a public school district...)

My mom, on the other hand, is a Pisces NN and has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo....messiest person next to my fiancee that I have ever seen!