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28-2015, 05:02 PM
Re: Divorse
hi salme

I looked at the composite chart and it is a bit difficult.
first orcus and psyche are on the ascendant. this is a bit strange as it shows the feelings are either very tender or very cold and ...mean at timers. orcus on the ascendant shows a very selfish energy here so your image of a dog in the manager is true.
the sun is exactly conjunct to mercury which means the relationship wasn't really based of love and emotions but you and he have the ability to share your most intimate thoughts. it is as if you and he think alike. with psyche square to mercury/sun, the common thought has to do with creativity and abstract love. so what is very strange is that you and he can be talking about you inner spirit and all of a sudden he will become cold and distant.

Jupiter is square to juno and ixion which indicates family disagreements and different views of life. again it is strange that you can think alike but come up with totally different solution to problems . Saturn conjunct the node and square to Neptune , he is very concealed and manipulative, you can never know what he really thinks. plus he likes to keep secrets. again strange because you are so open.
at one point there was a very intense sexual attraction to go with the intense mental communications as eros is square to eris and the psyche/eros ,midpoint is square to the eris midpoints with the sun and mercury. but eris revels only in carnality ND Actually talks away from love. so though there was a merging of the minds and bodies, love did not spring from this physical sexuality because of the underlying selfishness of orcus

with the south node transiting the venus/mars midpoint at 0 aries34nd opposed to the Saturn/pluto midpoint at 29virgo 42 which is transited by the north node on nov 15 1015, it seems you will become feeling celibate. this not a good time to push for a divorce. I suggest you don't mention it til after the new year, because right now he could react violently.

any sexual attraction will be of the S/M type.


09-23-2015, 05:46 PM

Re: midpoints

usually a sun/moon midpoint conjunct to Saturn would be a point to be cautious about. but here with Saturn sextile to both the moon and sun and the moon trine to the sun, this is actually a very favorable placement. it show you are "wiser" than our age. it gives mental stability and an overall favorable environmental circumstances. it gives you a ai of authority ,yet you are not pompous or overbearing.

the point that you should be concerned about is pluto on the descendant square to the node.
this can show that at times you are in dangerous situation, but psychologically it shows thsat you have a deep vein of selfishness. with venus conjunct to mars, your are very loving and sociable so it probably seems foreign to you that I should caution you about your innate selfishness. a pluto is an unconscious dynamic, this can manifest by people sometimes reacting negatively to you in spite of your conscious efforts to be loving an accommodating to others.
with lilth conjunct to pluto and also square the node, you may be directly affected in this life by previous life experiences. but again psychologically, this shows you have a unconscious selfishness.. this can be an excellent healing aspect with the proper consciousness or it can show that you healt has taken sudden changes at times. this is a aspect of a "survivor" which means that no matter what affliction you run into, your spirit is never broken and you can always rebound.
as the moon is also conjunct to pluto and square the node, you have emotional issue which may make it difficult to be close to or trust people. again these dynamics are surprising because your venus/mars conjunction shows you to be consciously a great friend and confidant.

this aspect can show you have emotional voids in your personality and I can show a emotional distance to your mother.


Re: Do you see a chance that i will ever be in a relationship?



your venus is at 0cap38 and the nodal axis will square your venus on oct 28 2015. this would ber a good time to meet someone. it is somewhat surprising that you do not have any love experiences because your venus is conjunct to mars at 28sag6. the nodal axis with square mars on nov 31 2015. so you have a good chance to have a relationship between these dates.

still why have you not had a romantic encounter yet?

one thing is see is that your Saturn/pluto midpoint is square to your node which is on your ascendant. this pattern can show your father to be a very resricitng element in your life.
node on the ascendant usually gives a person strong psychic powers and as the Uranus/Neptune midpoint is square to the node, you have the potential for powerful dreams and visions. very often this pattern gives prophetic dreams. but the uranus/Neptune conjunction can also make you uncertain of yourself and often you can not make decisions. here with the Saturn/pluto midpoint also conjunct to Neptune and Uranus. it may be that when you were young you exhibited strong psychic abilities and your father "made fun" of them or harshly treated you when you spoke of them. also this pattern with Uranus/Neptune and Saturn and pluto all square the node can give you premonitions... bad premonitions like harm or death coming to people. this pattern can give nightmares so between these possibilities and your fathers harsh control over you, you may have "learned " to block these abilities to please your father.

but returning to your question, I feel that your father had made your ashamed of yourself and he has destroyed your self esteem. he is a terrible influence for a person with your potential. it may be that your father has ingrained you with negative attitudes toward men in general so that you unconsciously shy away when someone shows an interest in you.

but you have an excellent transit for a relationship or love affair coming up, don't let your fathers negative attitude make you miss this transit of the node.


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Re: nodal return, pluto conjunct eclipse, uranus conjunct venus oh my!
hi ramjet

I like to talk about your current transits of the node. I am not interested rght now in your relatiohsip potential.
the transiting node is moving across you Uranus shouth node conjunction. here are some insights from a thread
"Uranus conjunct the nodal axis gives direct access to the astral plane. This shows astral projection , vivid dreaming ,out of the body experiences , prophetic dreams and access to the akashic records. when favorable the native can see time as a ribbon . It give a potential of intellectual and creative genius and gives a reformative personality. It gives intelligence and foresightedness. It gives the potential for scientific and mathematical brilliance. but if the energy of the nodal axis overwhelms the native erratic and unstable efforts can result. Especially with the south node, this can bring “insanity”. it is rare that this conjunction does not at some point subject a person to influences that put them so far out of the social norm that they are characterized as “crazy”, as genius and insanity are but flip sides of the same two edged sword.
The problem here is the same with trying to contain all the cosmic energy that runs through the node. one must be able to integrate the astral input and let go of that which is beyond comprehension, but often the desire body identifies with the cosmic energies and loses sight that they are but a vessel. Insanity descends when the native identifies with the energy.
This position gives the potential for all forms of psychic phenomenon. Clairvoyance, astral projection and interchanges with other entities on the astral plane.
This brings spontaneous states of altered consciousness and this can turn to volatility and instability of the mind..The influx of the infinite will cause a rigid ego to explode while a expansive worldview brings great success. If this aspect occurs with an afflicted Saturn then the native will likely develop some form of bipolar personality disorder. And this aspect can destroy a natives life with continual mental instability.
Discipline in early life is imperative, as the rebellious nature this aspect brings must be channeled constructively, else an early death thru accidents or impulsive behavior can result, or a life of disruption and chaos can ensue.
With Saturn square the node/Uranus conjunction, the natives life will continually be abruptly changed by circumstances beyond them this aspect is associated with accidents. And in any case the native’s life will change in abrupt steps, either for the good or bad. These changes will occur every 4-5 years, especially in youth.
This aspect is associated with the great reformer, the radical anarchist, the brilliant scientist or all seeing occultist."

in relation to your chart ,your astral/psychic energies are very powerful, but the conjiuction is with the south node, so if you do not understand the energies around you, it is possible you will feel you are losing your mind" you have great prophetic and astral powers but if you waste this time being concerned with a relationship, you will lose this advantageous time to understand your own "karma" and your astral powers. record your dreams as they wild be prophetic for a couple of months. If you feel you head is bursting let go of your "ego" bases problems or considerations.


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Re: So there was this guy...

hi Katie

first off the composite shows the sun conjunct to the south node. this gives a strong "aura" to the relationship. there is a strong psychic energy running through the relationship. the sun with the south node gives those feelings you described as it the node also brings a sense of singularity and destiny.

mars is exactly semi square to Venus giving the emotional attraction and chemistry you feel. this affects you strongly as the midpoint of venus/mars is conjunct the moon.

with the moon squar eto Jupiter, there is a expansion of your viewpoint and a excellent exchange of knowledge.
with the moon conjunct to eros, you are definitely smitten with this guy. in fact with juno opposed to Jupiter and these square the moon, you phantasies drift toward a serious relationship and even marriage.
and with the Eros/psyche midpoint conjunct mars, your have a very strong attraction to him, almost like a childhood infatuation .

but there are potentially serious problems in this first is that Saturn and Uranus are conjunct, this shows he is not open to a serious relationship and with Saturn square to the sun, there is a great emotional distance here, in addition the Uranus/Saturn conjunction is square e t the node. this is extremely unstable. although he may seem to be interested at times, he will at best go back and forth and not establish any normal relationship.
with ersi square to mars,any interest will only be sexual .though you have idealistic and romantic feelings, he only has carnal desires for you. you would be emotionally vulnerable to mistake his physical attraction for the same intimate feelings you have for him.
and there are deeper red flags.
Jupiter is conjunct to sedan which usually shows straight forward and honest communication, but here Jupiter is opposed to Orcus and square to Pluto. this shows there is no "We" in the relationship. any associations wit him would only be to serve his personal advancement. .plus with sedan squar to pluto , there are underlying issues which he will not divulge. All in all these aspects are selfish and a bit dangerous.
with the moon conjunct to the moon, the implication is that you have emotional issues yourself .this tends to show that you have in the past been attracted to individuals who have not have your best interest.

you feel the magic and the idealistic romantic feeling of this chart , but he reality is that he is a hard core individual and if you think of giving your heart to him , you will place your emotional balance in great jeopardy.

lastly ,Neptune is on the ascendant showing that all is not as it seems. though Neptune can give a spiritual connection, here with the hard aspects, it likely only shows the potential for deception if a relationship forms.


09-16-2015, 05:59 PM
Re: Going to be divorced. Was there any chance getting her back? Can we last?

hi liawn

the composite chart does not bode well for a continuing marriage.
first ,eris is on the ascendant opposed the sun. this shows that the attraction was primarily physical. this does not lead to emotional intimacy and love, but burns out quickly.
the moon is conjunct to sedan and opposed to Pluto and square to orcus.
this shows that although there was a sense of speaking the truth between you, in reality there are deep unconscious issues that make openness impossible. this shows her have an inability o be truthful and open.

the eros/psyche midpoint is square to Uranus. this gives an immediate and intense attraction but it also is like a comet... it passed quickly. this is what has happened, the intensity is over and all that is left is ashes. there is no possibility to regain the marriage. it was bases on physical attraction and there was never a real emotional connection. let it go and go on.


08-23-2015, 04:42 PM
Re: Worst Composite chart? Help!!
Hi nastya
The composite does show much passion and affection but your are correct in that the opposition is problematic.
The moon square to venus and mercury shows that you really enjoy each other and you both talk and laugh a lot .
But problems begin with the moon square to Neptune and Neptune appose to mercury. This shows that there are hidden motives and often Neptune with venus shows the relationship[ will be unfaithful. Neptune usually shows you met in a social setting, while you out on the town and either of you were probably looking for a steady hookup .

Jupiter trine to chiron and mercury shows that you both are very intelligent ad have serious and intellectual talks about obscure things that interest you. This shows that the relationship is not all frivolous but that you both are mature and concerned about the future and social conditions.
But Saturn is conjunct to Uranus and opposed to he sun. this clearly indicates that he does not want a committed relationship. And with Neptune involved it seems he simply want to date and have sex. .so his intense ardor for you will likely dissipate very soon after you become intimate..

Another interesting aspect is the node on the ascendant. This shows that your minds are in sync, that you have a strong psychic connection and find yourself thinking and saying things at the same time. This can make a relationship seem “karmic” but what often happens is that you end up trying to control or influence the other thoughts too much. If you both realize there is a psychic connection this can be very good but most often it leads to arguments for the former reasons.

So over all it seems he is just interested in you physically . likely he is a”player” and definitely does not what a serious relationship.
I can't be more grateful to you, rahu! Thank you very much!! We met each other actually in the shop where I was working at the time. He was on vacation in my country. Although I don't want to think he is a player, the fact he is an Aries, sun in the 5th h. and scorpio ascendant makes it more believable In our synastry, we have a lot of Neptune aspects too - his Sun square Neptune and Uranus, my Moon opposite his Neptune, his Moon conjunct my Neptune and Ur. I was worried about the Venus square Saturn and Moon square Mars too. But we also have good aspects Here is the synastry chart I promised:



08-27-2015, 04:03 PM

Re: compatibility analysis


hi moonmuse.

this is a very interesting composite, as it has aspects that usually show a difficult relationship. Saturn is opposed to chiron and square to the Venus/sun conjunction. the Saturn/chiron opposition usually does not work out because the man is a tyrant. in western culture composites, th e woman role is so dominated that most can't take it. but as he is from iran, his personality is reflective of the patriarchal cloture he is from.
assuming you are from western culture, then the success of the relationship will depends on you becoming subservient to his dictates.
with the moon conjunct the south node and mercury square the node, your relationship has very good communication. it may be that problems of cultural differences can be talked about and compromised.
The moon/sun and moon/venus midpoint is conjunct to vesta implying that you already accept a devoted and loving role in relationship to him.

The moon is opposed to Saturn , which usually is a difficult aspect as it shows there may not be a open emotional connection. Again this usually shows emotional restraint which is not the best aspect for a relationship.
Jun is loosely conjunct to Jupiter so this leads to feelings and thoughts of commitment or marriage. But Jupiter is square to pluto. This aspect is another that is not favorable for long term relationships because it shows that personal ambitions be it education or professional advancement are more important that love.often with this aspect the relationship is just a step to other things and not a step to commitment. This aspect brings very selfish motives.
There is on feature in the composite which is very unusual. Lilth is conjunct the ascendant and opposed to the vertex on the descendant. This shows that there is a very deep emotional connection between you.the vertex can bring intensity to the relationship and if could reflect a previous “karma” between you. I can say whether it adds to the longevity of the relationship or not but it certainly makes your emotional connection with him very unique
I can’t really get a hold on this composite, that is to say I can’t see whether it is stable or will fall away.
But the hard aspects that are there usually show a relationship that will not endure. but I can’t see for how long or not.


Hi Rahu,

Thank you very much for your analysis. Synastry is a fascinating subject. I checked with him once more and he said it's possible his birth time was a bit earlier. So I have attached our other possible composite chart below. Obviously, the planetary positioning remains the same with the new birth time; however, the house placements are changed. Im taking it from your analysis, that aspects between planets are more important than planetary house placements.

I can definitely feel his need to be dominant in our relationship- the aspect portended by the saturn/chiron opposition. Thus far, it hasn't negatively affected anything. Interestingly, for the first time in my life, I'm able to focus more on my career path and less on the relationship than I've ever been able. It feels like a nice balance for me, but we are currently long distance (I'm in Denver and he's in Boston) until I can figure this matter out and find a job back east.

The lilith aspect is also felt. There's definitely a karmic feel to everything between us. It's almost as if we've known each other for forever, even though we've only known each other for 8 months. It was a case 'love at first sight.' I most definitely hope that the relationship lasts, at least for awhile, and that he is in my life for a long time. If it's not meant to be, I trust the universe to sort all of that out too



Please Help Good People of The World!

hi agata

a few comments

with sun square to eris, you are exceptionally passionate and sexual, though this shows you like many people.

Uranus is conjunct your psyche, co you are also very idealistic and romantic, but again, you like variety in your life, the south node is conjunct to psyche and Uranus which gives you a very changeable nature. Uranus here caqn show that you can be very radical in your behavior and and you sometimes confuse those who know you because of your unpredictability.
Saturn is square to Uranus and the node which shows you have been through many sudden changes in your young life. this can also show that accidents have affected you.
psychologically, this pattern can give you bipolar feelings as you can have many emotional ups and downs.

you have a square with mars opposed to Jupiter and square Neptune.t6his gives you ambition but it can also show have trouble finishing projects you start. Neptune shows you are very crafty and can be deceptive when you need to.
this aspect again adds to your sexual energies though you likely have more than one love interest at a time.

the psyche/eros midpoint is conjunct to eris.this really adds to you attractiveness, and some guys fall easily in love with you, but eris shows that you likely break some hearts because you are so changeable in your affections. You are satisfied with who you are with and always are looking out for others.

you do have some dark moods as the moon is opposed to nessus, which shows you caqn be cold and calculating. this aspect often show painful emotion all experiences in you childhood. the Saturn/Uranus square often shows a broken home lif3e or a absent or harsh father figure.this can show that your mother was not as loving as you would like and has emotional issues of her own.
with eris/orcus midpoint conjunct the vertex, again your sexual energies are very strong but most likely you have had some very destructive sexual experiences that have made you a bit cynical about love.

with eros opposed to Lilith, again you have an attractive emotional/physical nature but you seem to play with love rather than falling in love as this aspect shows you are quite selfish in emotional relationships.

it seems that bad emotional/sexual experience in childhood have hardened you attitude to life in general causing you to feel that you must watch out for your self and not give your trust easily in others.

with venus square to chiron and ixion, you are very skeptical of others feelings toward you and you do not take insults lying down. that is you will strike back at anyone who tries to hurt you or take advantage of you



PM:Oh my god, thank you so much for taking the time! This is way too accurate, I really need to study astrology more deeply, because this is 100% the essence of myself. THANK YOU


08-25-2015, 05:51 PM
Re: Need assistance understanding relationship please!

Hi venusbutterfly
This is a difficult composite because there are two opposing tendency . first venus is conjunct the sun and square to the moon. This gives the vibrant emotional feeling that exit between you.
Mercury is conjuct to Uranus so your mental connection is exceptional .this shos you are both very intelligent and highly psychic. This aspect can give common dreams together and other psychic connections.

But there are also severe mental reservations.
Pluto is on the ascendant which is extreme unfortunate as this shows that a strong unconscious selfishness exist. Pluto is square to Saturn at midheaven showing he is very distant and cold at times so th relationship is bipolar, either extremely intense and inspired or depressing cold and distant. This type of relationship does not flourish as there is not middle ground to grow and the routine compromises that make a relationship work are missing. It is either unbelieving intense or depressing and cold.

With mercury square to orcus, the intensely vibrant communication can suddenly shut off for no apparent reason. There is so much clarity between you but it is cut off by mental isolation unexpectedly.
The Saturn/pluto square trumps the mental and emotional connection.
There are unconscious dynamics at work which mean that the relationship is not based on conscious feelings or decisions but on dynamics that come from the unconscious and hence are unapproachable.


Thank you very much for your response.this is all true.its so intense, and amazing then nothing but silence from him.he said he wants to understand why more, and when we connect i feel that something in me is alive and he stimulates a joy and love in me so amazingly strong, and feelings i have never felt before, i feel him with me when i amalone sometimes also, he had cancer and is losing his vision so i thought that is why he becomes distant, i blamed myself for a while also, but now i only want to focus on the positive .i am leaving country soon for service work internationally.i feel as though i cant stop thinking of him sumtimes, and he feels that too but still staus far...i wonder if he is like this with most people..i believe so, again thanks for your help i am doing mybest to stay positive, loving, appreciative, self loving, thank you



-23-2015, 04:54 PM

Re: Nodes Overlaying the Houses Synastry

I don't have much time now but I will say that he has mercury conjunct the node. this gives a very strong and intelligent intellect . it is also very psychic but often the sheer mental power disguises these abilities. on the other side , this aspect can make a person liable for mental confusion at times

you have Jupiter conjunct the node which also gives a very intelligent mind, but you can see the broader picture versus him who sees the more personal patterns. between the two of you ,you can broaden his mind and he can give you better details.
I will have to get back tomorrow.

I notice that your node/Jupiter is square his node mercury, so the dynamics of the previous post are central tp your interactions.
first node square the node can be a mixed blessing. it can show that your energies build off each other giving great strength to both. but as the nodes are involved with "karma" it can also show that you are on different paths, sometimes paths that are in conflict. as such these placements, though, giving intellectual tension and awareness can also show a "butting" of psychic heads as your karmic paths may be different and antagonistic. This is not to say that your conscious relationship is no good. as you seem to be able to learn and teach form each other this could be a significant relationship.
with Uranus square your node/Jupiter/sun and his moon conjunct your node and his Neptune conjunct your Uranus, you are of different temperaments in that you are brazenly upfront whereas he is more prone to conceal his true interest and intents.

if you are interested in a relationship ,I suggest a midpoint composite as that will show how you will react as a single entity.
Thank you for your insight Rahu

Your breakdown of his Merc/SN and my Jup/NN are extremely accurate as far as I'm aware I am also much more blunt while he takes his time and chooses his words carefully - I would describe him as being deeply private, so again your analysis is accurate.

I have a few questions, if you don't mind. I know its not too easy to tell in the chart, but his Merc/SN is squaring my Jup/NN at 7 degrees (at the closest). Even at such a wide orb, would these aspects still be considered central to our interactions? Or does the orb not matter?

Per the OP, it states that "When someone’s North or South Node is activated by your planets or angles, the Node person’s experience...will be directly tied to you. You’ll feel this in the context of the house (in your chart) that their Node falls in."

Using your example, there is intellectual tension and awareness between us that has the potential to either greatly expand and strengthen through our interactions or cause some kind of conflict. Would I then feel this expansion/conflict most within the areas of the 2nd House (where his node overlays in my chart) and he in the 7th House?
Also, would his Mars opposing the Jup/NN/Moon combo have an effect?

the conjunctions are wide with the individual nodes, but there is concept called the transference of light which means that aspects such as the square will continue their effectiveness as the energy passed from one part of the square to the other. also the midpoints of your stellium will focus the energies closer to tighter square. these synastric charts leave a lot to be desired as one can not accurately see the degrees. with both nodes having a conjunction, the orbs can be inflate over what single symbols would dictate. I give a liberal orb to nodal aspects because as I have said the nodes are the most important symbol in the chart. also moon aspects are given larger orbs than planets and as the moon is a function of the nodes, these orbs are quite alright as the reading has shown.

"Per the OP, it states that "When someone’s North or South Node is activated by your planets or angles, the Node person’s experience...will be directly tied to you. You’ll feel this in the context of the house (in your chart) that their Node falls in."

as I have said these ideas are essentially philosophic and I prefer to deal with actual interactions. Not to say they are in valid but I just like to devote my time to interpretations that can be evaluated distinctly.

if you read my thread in it's entirety, you would find that I make the point that the astrological establishment censors the real value of the node and prefers to keep it philosophic rather than dynamic


8-15-2015, 12:21 PM
Re: Dysfunctional Family --- How bad are we + any way to fix it ?

Hi backdrop12
I looked at the multicomposite for your 5 family members.
There is a stellium of mercury/sun/eros/vesta conjunct the dragon’s tail. With the moon conjunct the dragon’s head. And square to Uranus. Uranus shows the turbulence you describe but it also gives a close psychic connection between your family members would expect common dreams with prophetic dreams about each other. As the moon is with the dragonhead your mother is marked as extremely sensitive and intelligent. She knows everything without asking. But she can be very erratic as Uranus brings so much information that her mind can be troubled or confused at times. This shows a quick mind but one that cab be argumentative and abrupt. Sun and mercury show a very communicative family for the most part, though Uranus can bring disruptive or violent behavior especially as pluto is square to orcus.eros with the dragon tails brings optimism at ties but it also shows that personal physical sensations may detract from the responsibilities of being a mother.
Just as you mother is an exuberant and outgoing spirit , your father is the pluto is square to orcus showing selfish and sexual constriction, the midpoint is opposed to Saturn the father.this shows him to be extremely selfish and this aspect brings the violence. He cares for nothing except his wanton desires. He tends toward meanness and darkness. The characteristic of your father and mother, being opposite, make marriage rocky and unstable.
Your father with these orcus/plutonian desire is likely formed unnatural feelings toward your sister and with venus conjunct to nessus(symbol of incest) he has displaced his attention from your mother onto your sister.this is a major underlying problem as your mother could become resentful of her own daughter. The marriage has survive this long because your father wants to keep in contact with his daughter and fights with your mother when she screams and becomes resentful. That this abuse is an underlying problem is also shows by the moon/Saturn midpoint (which should show devotion) is square to the eris/mars midpoint. Mars and eris in some Greek myths are brother and sister and symbols and can symbolize these type of sexual dynamics. Hence again the problems lead back to forbidden love so to speak. As pluto/Saturn midpoint is square to the erso/psyche midpoint, your father likely does not hide is affection toward your sister and infuriates your mother even more whether she is conscious or not of what is happening, but with the moon/pluto midpoint opposed to psyche/eros also, she may have displaced her affection toward the children also, instead of being a mother she trie to be a friend instead.
The interplay of the individual family members is difficult to see from this composite because of the overwhelming oppression of your father.
Mars is conjunct to ceres which show your great concern for the families wellbeing, and mars sextile eris shows the deep concern you have for your sister and brother.
Venus is square to ixion, shows your sister is somewhat emotionally harden and may have formed a mean “streak” in her personality.

At the outset the mercury/moon nodal axis shows you are all exceptionally intelligent , sensitive and gifted people, though you father might be the exception due to his inability to think of anyone but himself . With vesta on the dragon tail your mother and your kinds care strongly about the family unit, and try and hope to work these problems out.
It is difficult to see the marriage stay intact as Uranus square the invariably lead to divorce.
I hope your siblings and mother can stay together but as long as your father is in the mix ,your family is headed to dissolution.

08-08-2015, 04:34 PM

Re: take a look please

hi kirki
this is an interesting composite as it shows great promise but has a deceptive element also.

the moon conjunct to venus gives a strong emotional attraction, even a loving connection.
the stellium of Jupiter/sun/node is quite expansive . this can show the relationship to be a friendship through the work place or school. this aspect can give great luck and shows a strong psychic connection between you. Jupiter can indicate marriage but it can also show a common profession.
unfortunately the t square of mercury opposed to Saturn square to Neptune shows a complex but deceptive relationship. often internet relationship have a hard Neptune/Saturn square.
as the moon/sun midpoint is opposed to Saturn, these deceptive issues will not clear as he is both closed and deceptive about this intentions and his past.

the node stellium gives a feeling of a destinical connection but the Uranus square to this stellium shows it could not last if it is/becomes intimate. the stellium can indicate that there is great wealth or political power involved .



08-17-2015, 07:12 PM

Re: Astrologer opinion

hi Mystic87
the composite is a tale of two moods. on one hand there is a very strong emotional/physical/attraction.. maybe too much. Venus is conjunct o Neptune and square to the node juptier conjunction. his extremely hot with spontaneous attraction. it shows you get along very well beside ibn bed. jupoiter's place suggest you meet in employment of the workplace and you might have the same profession. any way this is an excellent fro connection of the mind, both beig broadminded and caution her is that neptunes placement can show that you two enjoy too much socialization and parting. ogten Neptune shows that you meet in a totally social environment and were not looking to find a "special person" as much as you were enjoying life in general. but it also shows that "party favors" may be a large part of the relationship is when too much drinking of other substances the emotional connection can quickly change. Jupiter square to venus can show an interest in a commitment relationship or marriage and with the level f attraction you have for each other, this may have already come up .
in addition the moon is conjunct to eris and opposed to psyche. this is interesting as the eris/moon is extremely sexual and physical. this Is the" maybe too much attraction "aspect because sex can become the overwhelming connection in a chart. her this conjunction is opposed to pyche so there is also a vbery sensitive and spiritual side. so there is both physical passion and a "spiritual" feeling to the relationship.on top of that the venus/mars midpoint is conjunct the sun and these are square the eris moon, so you are looking a very hot hookup. both of you seem to be overwhelm by the other physical/sexual presence.

the potential thorns in the relationship start with Neptune again. venus square the node and conjunct venus tends to be unfaithful and deceptive. this position suggest there are other people in the picture that you may not know about.
in addition there is a dark side to the relationship, one that is not warm and fuzzy. the moon/sun midpoint is square to the pluto/Saturn midpoint. unfortunately this shows threlatiohsip will never become intimate and caring as there is way to much selfishness here. the moon/satrun midpoint which shows devotion is square to ixion. this implies there are significant people who do not support the relationship. people you can influence him. this could be family or thers, but you are rowing against a strong tide.
Saturn is opposed to chiron which shows his cold and distant side.
there is almost a masochistic side to him as the psyche/eros midpoint is square to nessus, this image is of enjoying hurting the beautiful land spiritual. in addition the mars/pluto midpoint is conjunct Saturn and opposed to chiron. this shows a much deeper hostility and likely shows a history of violence to those weaken than himself.
the node transited the eris/psyche/mars/venus vibration beginning in dec 2014 and continuing through the other r aspects til july 2015. but I think there were problems beginning then and it may have to do with fidelity as I mentioned.

it feel to me that the relationship is on the down swing .


Re: Please help - Is there any future for this relationship ?

hi kima

the composite chart for your relationship is very intense sexually and emotionally but it is doubtful that the passions between you will lead to a marriage or committed relationship.
eris is conjunct the south node and square to mars. this is very passionate but only physical,sexual appetites are satisfied. this kind of sex does not lead to love but rather becomes very possessive and controlling. in addition the moon and pluto are conjunct the north node and opposed to Eris , so the intense sexual connection always leaves you feeling hollow inside.
eros is square to Uranus sio the attraction was immediate and very intense.when you are together you can feel electricity between you.
with mars square to pluto and orcus on the ascendant, there is not chance he will reciprocate true love with you as these aspects show him to be selfish and only interested I what he can get out of you... sex.
venus is opposed to mercury so there is a times much laughter and fyun with him,but this is social and does not lead to serious emotion feelings your moon conjunct to Pluto shows in spite of the sex and laughter ,he leaves you cold inside.
the sun is conjunct o Neptune and opposed to lilth. on the positive side this shows that you feel a deep spiritual attraction to him, but as there are many selfish aspects, this position only shows he is not faithful and is likely deceptive. This aspect can shows that one of you or both are too much into alcohol or other substances.
the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to juno which makes you believe sometimes that this could turn into a marriage. it shows to be very idealistic and romantic. when you feel close to him ,you think of marriage. but these feelings are not strong in him and you will be disappointed if you hang on to him with the dream of marriage.


Well-known member
Hey Rahu..can I get your opinion on this post from my thread?

I suspect my south node in the 12th house is causing something I choose to coin involuntary jealousy. I believe that this plays into the significance of the Node. My experiences are completely strange to me.

It's also interesting to note the sesquisquare between Saturn in the 5th and my Leo SN.

Please let me know what you think!

The Post
"My chart for reference:

As part of my religious/astrological belief, I believe that we are are all here by careful design and a lot of the things,people, and situations that we encounter are predetermined. Not all, but a lot.
__________________________________________________ _____

We know the 12th house relates to secret enemies, but I don't think it is referring to secret enemies conspiring against you consciously. With bad intent. I think this is Karma creating enemy energy through the subconscious mind of those you come in contact with.

One thing I have learned about Karmic energies, is that they are so insidious. So insidious, that you find it very hard to describe in words what's happening between you and the other people/person. Said that to say...

I feel that for some reason, the Leos that are in my life, and have been in my life, are causing me to feel involuntarily jealous.

I know how this sounds lol

Actually describing this issue in this post took me a very long time. So PLEASE take the time to try to understand whats being explained before telling me about working on myself, building goals and plans to fulfill myself...if you read closely, you'll see that that is not the problem lol

So please read before posting:

The reason I call it involuntary jealousy, is because they continuously, on cue...(like after I have already privately decided that the thing or situation, or change in question, is a real need for me) up with the very things that I needed, and will have gained them effortlessly. It's usually involving experiences, instances, and recognition. Intangible things.

While these very personal, very specific, intangible wants and needs can't be effortlessly delivered to me, for the Leos it all falls in place, and usually it doesn't mean half as much to them as it means to me.

The phrase, one mans treasure, another mans trash explains it.

A lot of times, I will be privately putting forth effort or charting off in my own unique direction, often struggling because of who I am, and tending to the extra steps I have to take. And then... believe it or not, here comes the Leos - charting off coincidently in my direct direction, but better. Sometimes with more support.

When I say struggling because of who I am, I'm speaking to things that I have no control over. If you have questions about this, let me know.

All in all, what I am seeing is what I can only describe as a physical manifestation of a lot of my longed for, hoped for, VERY specific experiences, being played out before me. I know this sounds dramatic

Of course it isn't possible for this to happen all of the time because like I said, it only shows up with things I hold dear to me and/or things that I struggle with.

I have 4 YODs so, the very specific things that I struggle with absolutely break me.

I keep repeating "very specific", so no one gets confused and think that I'm speaking of general things that people get jealous about. Its all very personal.

- My Secret Crush = Leos Toy

- My Secret Obsessive Thought = Leos Experience

- Me Having A Business Idea = Leos Own Sudden Business Idea Follow Through, with the website/Google SEO set up and ready to go. Got the trademark. As if done overnight. And its all collecting dust now (trash to the Leo)

You may be tempted to believe that the lesson here, is for me to go harder, at my own goals. I'm going to ask that you not let Karma off the hook so easily. My business idea, was already in motion. I was sourcing samples oversees, and just waiting on them to arrive. My products are available for sale. Leo was apparently, just bored lol

- My Struggle To Create A Specific Design = Leos Sudden Design, hilariously perfect for what I had been trying to convey. All without Leo being aware of my struggle. Another secret of mine, manifesting in Leo

- Me Sacrificing A Car for An Apartment = Leo grabbing both of them, effortlessly. Doing the same ****** work I was doing for years, BUT...Leo is doing it for 3x the pay....and also Leo gets it all 1 month after being hired.

So, after getting all of this out, I realize...that my Leo in the 12th house, connects to my Saturn in the 5th house. And speaks to creative block. Creative meaning: creating experiences, creating romances, creating manifestation. Which makes sense, however, can we all agree that this is involuntary jealousy? There are deep seated reasons why I struggle with creating experiences, romances, and manifestation. There are obstacles that will take time for me to remedy. No quick fix.

Now my only thought is, to avoid Leos or to not avoid Leos? Because I want to love them! & If this were just about, clothes, love, general attention, money, and other lifestyle things I wouldn't have a problem. But like I said, very specific, very Karmic, and very rude.

Also for the first time I feel like I'm getting a real internal understanding of how Chiron in the 11th house is playing out in my chart. The Leos that cause this reaction in me have been my closest friends. And the whole reason they breeze through my struggles is because of who I am in relation to societal standards.

And my reaction, even in this thread, is represented by Mars in the 11th house.

Ironically, I was going to create a comic to show my interactions with Leo. But it was a struggle to find a way to do it that wouldn't take all night."

Response from poster:

I have Leo in my 12th house. Saturn is there, and its my 5th house ruler, so we do have similar placements. I don't think I'm consciously jealous of Leos, but I wouldn't write it off as 12th house expressions can be hidden from the native as I'm sure you know. I am inspired by Leos to express myself in the world and not be so in my head, but that could be more because I have 3 Leo planets so that energy runs pretty deep for me. Hmm. That's a good topic, I'm stumped. That actually kind of makes sense because a Virgo rising will try to "reign in" Leo energy in the 12th instead of just letting it create, so that might well inspire jealousy. At this point in my life, Ive learned how to access my Leo and integrate it pretty well so my Virgo gets balanced and relegated to the back seat when need be but when I was younger, I actually do remember being fervently jealous of a girl, a Leo, who was just so creative and fun and sunny, all the things I didn't allow myself to be. Is that helpful?


My response:
Thank you for this! @ the bolded, I actually had a childhood friend, a Leo, who kept a journal, that we started doing shared writing in, and that was one of my introductions to writing.

However..... I don't believe a person with 4 planets in Gemini, wouldn't have eventually started writing before this journal was presented to me. I have more experiences where my own interests have somewhat forced me into writing about them, not the interest in writing itself. This is my natural energy

The whole "unconscious karmic energy" was actually being presented to me as a child because I remember feeling "mmn, this is actually something I want to do" and also feeling as though I was less than, because by birthright, her life was more exciting than mine. This is simply a fact. Where she had a loving brother, I didn't. Where she had a father, I didn't. Where she had romance tales, I didn't. So us "sharing" a journal, did nothing but make me aware of these things I didn't have.

So while I acknowledge inspiration, this is moreso speaking to negative karmic reflections. Me, the Gemini, went on to write short stories online, wrote and performed songs at school, and I have notebooks filled with poetry.

This is what I'm talking about. Can anyone really tell me, that a person with Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Gemini, wasn't going to eventually start writing? I hope no one thinks that.

Remember, we're not talking about Leo. We're really talking about Karma and the 12th house. Sneaky stuff!"

Really would love to hear from you on this. I have been interested in the sesquisquare for awhile now. One thing I know about it is that it speaks to external events being delivered to you, usually in the form of embarrassment. It's how I interpret in my own chart, not sure how well it transfers over because people aren't really willing to admit certain things.
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Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

hi Enderquan

i looked at your composite with your girl friend....the chart strikes me as very sexually oriented/
mars is square to orcus showing that sex is very important and than you probably place sex over emotional intimacy.
but then she is just as hooked on sex as you are because Venus is square to pluto and chiron..pluto and orcus are "twin" energies.

the venus/mars midpoint is conjunct to lilith and trine to saturn and sedna, so there is a very real affection between you.

the moon/Saturn midpoint is square the node which usually shows fidelity but here Uranus is square to Saturn which bodes the relationship will not last.

as to whether she is cheating, the pallas/neptune midpoint is conjunct the node. so even though there are devoted feelings, it is possible that if she met someone who could help her out in life or someone that made her feel special...then she might cheat.

in the near past there are transiting aspects that might stimulate her having an affair. this was when the the south node transited the composite node at 29cap40 and conjunct the pallas/neptune midpoint at 0aquar31. this correlates with with late october2018 into the first half of november, 2018.

so it is possible that she had or started an affair in this time period.but if she did, then it means she met someone who gave her a feeling of great love besides the intense sex you and she share.
this is a potential problem with your relationship... you take her emotional needs for granted because you place too great of emphasis in the sexual side of your relationship.

of course this is all speculative and only you and she can resolve this,if it is true


thank you so much, appreciate it :)


08-12-2015, 05:01 PM

Re: Chiron squaring the Nodes

wow the psychics/sexual/emotional connectionfor this grand cross is a two edged sword as the ecstasy of this pattern is too intense to bring into a normal relationship. with pluto square to mars/mercury there isa corresponding "dead" zone where no insights or true feeling are revealed. so you have ultimate oneness and ultimate selfishness. this is actuially a dangerous chart as love and hate are so close together and you really don't don't know what is up and what is down.
the square of Neptune and Jupiter is therefore doubly dangerous as nothing is real evev though the astral connection/feelings do give a ultimate sense of union.
the Jupiter/Neptune usually shows a major aspect of the relationship is not true.
Uranus on the ascendant is a sign by itself of instability/.

I suggest you take this as an "experience" and don't place any expectations or dreams on it.



briefly... you have a sun/Neptune conjunction with the venus/Jupiter midpoint conjunct these two, all on he ascendant.
this gives a very loving nature and one that enjoys the social life. Neptune gives creativity and sensitivity, but also shows you like to keep the details of your ;life to yourself. neptune also leans toward romances with men of other cultures or religion. Neptune allows you to relsate to many different types and levels of people.

mercury is square to Uranus giving a very sharp , quick sand psychic mind, but too quick sometimes as your are ready to argue and easily lose your temper. this is often unexpected as your nature is very laid back, but you actively defend your ideas when questioned.
mars square to pluto gives a strong sexual impulse but does relationships do not lead to lasting romance as you are not good a compromising. this aspect gives you a selfish nature underneath your personaity but you probably don't see this as you are a very giving and sensitive person. these last two aspects are probably why you remained still married .


Thank you so very much! Very accurate and right on point, except for the part about not being good at compromising.



Tell me what how you think I am based on my chart
I kinda like proving people wrong

a few comments about... I'm always interested in how others interpret my chart because but I'm usually the opposite. I kinda like proving people wrong

with mercury conjunct to venus , opposed to the ascendant and square jupiter and pallas... you come off as a very outgoing,happy and social person.these aspects tend to make you quite attractive and your peers/friends comer to you for your opinions to their questions.

but you actually have a dark emotional side as the moon/Saturn midpoint is opposed your vertex. this can give a loyal personality but it also shows despondent feelings can overwhelm you for seemingly no reason . so though you have a rather popular chart, you often don'y like the attention and rather be by yourself.

this moodiness is also shown by the sun conjunct to pluto.again though it might now show, you have moments when you feel like you are caught in a dark emotional void or hole. and though friends come to you ,may times you really don't care if you have friends or not.

similar to the above ,is that you have chiron square your node.similar because you speak you mind...and you don't have any tact.tis shows that you can offend friends or others because you are very blunt when you see someones faulths or two faced personality.
this aspect also makes you extremely perspective and intelligent.usually with this aspect ,you have an exceptional memory or recall which is sometimes called eidetic memory...... abundant and unusually vivid visual recall. Also known as photographic memory or total recall.

the problem as i mentioned is that you can lose friends because you don't bite your tongue and will tell others things about themselves they don't want to hear.

with juno trine to jupiter, you actually are a social person and woulkd like stable relationships but with the venus/mars midpoint square to uranus, you can come off as a social "butterfly". that is you will show attention to many and it will seem like you want to "play the field" instead of establishing stable romantic attachments. so you might drive away those who you are actually attracted to.


Ok you win.

I do have a tendency to push people away when I feel like they're getting to close to me. I have a fear of being betrayed or judged so I've created this shell or wall around myself. My astrology reading skills is still very novice but I always assumed it was from all the plutonian energy in my chart that made me this way. I actually have a hard time making friends (saturn in the 11th) and I'm not outgoing as my chart implies. But at the same time deep down I crave meaning full relationships from the 7th house stellium as well at my moon in the 11th house but I'm too passive about my current situation and plain introverted.

With the chiron square node aspect I can be very tactless but only when I see someone make the same mistakes repeatedly. Like I said early I fear being betrayed so when people aren't beaning up front with me the same way I'm always up front with them I feel like I can't trust them and I ultimately cut them off.
Ok you win.:happy:

Like I said early I fear being betrayed so when people aren't beaning up front with me the same way I'm always up front with them I feel like I can't trust them and I ultimately cut them off.

the above is exactly your chiron square responding to insults or betrayal. chiron when offended gives the tendency totally cut the offensive person off.... for ever sometimes.. you describe this tendency better than i did.. touche'.. we're even:happy:



8-08-2015, 04:46 PM
Re: Synastry - Composite

hi unluckygirl

venus on the descendant and square the node shows there is very strong mutual attraction. thereis a intense emotional/sexual attraction and with a square to Jupiter you both really enjoy being with each other . but with mars square to Uranus ,it is unlikely a steady relationship can evolve, as he is not open to an exclusive hookup.
Saturn is opposed to chiron which shows he has a distant and cold aspect to him.
I would think you might hookup become the sexual attraction is so strong but don't expect the relationship to go anywhere


Hi rahu

Thank you for your answer

You are right about sexual and emotional attraction and yes we really enjoy being with each other..
So you think he would cheat on me if we were in a relationship? Is that what you meant by saying that he is not open to an exclusive hookup?

cheating implies he would go behind your back, but Uranus/mars usually shows he would break it off if you tried to make it a one on one. maybe this is semantics but mars square Neptune would be a classic cheater, going behind your back .while Uranus shows someone who doesn't want to be tied down and would likely tell you if some one else took his fancy.

Ohh niice

Thank you very much rahu


08-06-2015, 07:14 PM

Re: Very complicated relationship. Should I just give up and move on?

I have been in a very complicated relationship for the last year. I want to know if it's still worth fighting for... Please, any insight you might give me is very needed and i will be very grateful for it.
I was born in Romania, 29 january 1990 around 20:30
And he was born on aug 6,1987 same place, i don't know the hour.

hi Ale929
I looked at the composite chart for your relationship. as you didn't give his exact time or the city of birth( I arbitrarily used Bucharest), the houses will not be relevant .

right off the top I would say move on as pluto is conjunct the sun. this is not a good aspect as it show that there is a strong vein of selfishness in this chart. there is no "we" and there is openness down deep even though sedna is trine the nodal axis and trine to Neptune and juno. this pattern by itself shows a inherent honest between you especially when it comes to the relationship. .with juno includes , a committed relationship is often indicates. but as you say ,it is complicated as pholous is square to the node. this aspect can show duplicity and deception. so even though there are words of a future together, pholous bring this into doubt.

Uranus is conjunct to Saturn which often shows hesitation or a vacillation between commitment and freedom. with chiron opposed to Saturn. Uranus, he is stubborn , cold and manipulative . this aspect is usually a aspect of breakup unless you are prepared to be his foot mat. and even then ,he would not respect you.
and with moon oposed to orcus and square to sedan, there are emotional issues that are not addressed of spoken of. this aspect shows that previous experiences/relationship are affecting how you feel about this relationship . this is not really a deceptive aspect but it certainty shows that there are some subjects that cannot be talked about. a relationship needs to be open about your feelings but this shows that it is not the case here. orcus is similar to pluto so with moon opposed to orcus, it seems that both of you are too closed and selfish for this relationship to work.

with ceres opposed to nessus and these square to psyche, there is actually a strong impulse to emotionally disrespect and hurt each other. as nessus is conjunct to lilth, this sado masochistic dynamic is at the base of your emotionally interactions even though with psyche square to lilth,there is a very idealistic and romantic feeling attachment. with the Jupiter/juno midpoint conjunct the lilth axis, these romantic feeling included a sense that a serious committed relationship might develop. but every time you show you love , he tends to turn away from you.
this position implies that your childhood has such emotion dynamics and hence you are attacked to want harms you ot you are attracted to his "bad boy" persona.
with the Neptune/Saturn midpoint opposed to chiron, he likely tells you want he thinks you want hear but even then if you move toward him ,he will push you away


07-12-2015, 03:44 PM
Re: Synastry, anything to be noted?
your composite chart a satrun,ixion,moon stellium. this shows a strong devotion and backing. with ixion ,there is a sharp edge to the relationship or the social nature of the relationship.
with venus square the nodal axis just about the strongest emotional/sexual attraction is between you.

The sun/moon midpoint,which lays an underlying dynamic in the relationship, is square to Uranus. This gives extreme electricity when in harmony but it is not conducive to a stable relationship. The sexuality is very alluring but this Uranus pattern sows splits. Sometimes reoccurring slits.
The venus/mars midpoint is conjunct to chiron. initially this adds a slightly eccentric sand quirky emotional responses. Chiron can be make the relationship completive, with constant judging etc. overall lit turns into to much nit picking, though chiron can also bring an extremely creative sexual experience.
There is a very strong psychic connection that runs through this unique emotional/sexual experience. the mercury/node midpoint is conjunct to chiron et. Al. this can take the relationship to a iher psychic spiritual level as experiencing someone ‘s mind as your own can lead to feelings of”soulmates”.

But this electric psychic connection is usually more likely to over load and burn. Chiron doesn’t play good with others.
Neptune on the vertex…. If the birth times are correct. In this case of this next aspect,the exact times are imperative or the Neptune conjunct the vertex means nothing.
Assuming the times are correct, this aspect really brings the karmic ,spiritual element onto play. It may have to do with strange coincidence or such.
It gives the potential to see common vision of the past or future. It implies you were devoted to a common belief in a previous connection…speculated conclusion.
But I gives a strength to your aspirations, though completion of such endeavors may be slowly achieved.
It calls for caution with all emotional intoxicants in the relationship.
It can gives feelings of extreme intimacy in a spiritual sense.

With the juno Jupiter conjunction square to lilth, I would think that this is a marriage already, at least from the beginning it has had committed overtones

Orcus is opposed to juno, so there is a very strong social/economic/political social milieu around this chart, so family and the environment have a strong effect though it seems very positive. With pholus square juno, there other unspoken issue around you.

The eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct mercury and square mars. Trhis again shows the ultra-romantic and idealistic emotional connect for each other
here it brings the spirit of love to the mental plane as it is on the emotional.

With the mars/Uranus midpoint conjunct to juno, to probability of commitment is very low. this implies you know his prouid behavior and have other options in the wings yourself.

Thank you Rahu!! Wow.. I am very grateful you shared so much with me of what you noticed.

I will private message you some info, which I would rather not be made public on any posts.
Otherwords I have a few questions.
What do you mean by a "sharp edge" to the relationship?

I would side with Chiron leading to "creative sexual experience" more so in this relationship. Without going into details, him and I have seem to have "kinkier" views or "fetishes" that vary and are different.
What are emotional intoxicants? Like alcohol? Or pot? Alcohol has seemed to cause him to very more willing to be vulnerable in sharing his emotions. Is that what that means and warns of?
One part you mention an "early commitment" was made and then later you say a commitment is unlikely. My private message to you will explain a bit.

There seemed to be a strong agreeing between us of a solid acceptance of being with eachother in the ways in which we can as present. It is very hard for me personally, but at same time it is also easy to accept this as it is. Which is something weird for me to all of a sudden not "cling and attach" to a man in a unhealthy way.

06-30-2015, 04:20 PM
Re: chart reading

your mercury is square to the node. this gives intelligence and can bring psychic abilities also. your Saturn/Uranus midpoint is conj8unct the node also. this usually gives a hesitation in life. you can be unsure of your self and often can not make decisions. with the Neptune /Saturn midpoint conjunct the node, you may be subject to astral dreams but Neptune also brings insecurity and nightmares to dreams have great creativity nut you have difficulty in manifesting your creativity at times.
your sun/moon midpoint is conjunct your ascendant and opposed to Jupiter. this shows you are ambitious and likely have a financially secure family . with Saturn opposed to Jupiter, your ambitions are probably taking longer than you want as this aspe3ct shows many immediate steps to get to your goals.
your Venus/sun midpoint is square to your ascendant showing you are optimistic and loving person.

your chiron is conjunct the south node which gives you analytical abilities. this aspect can make you cynical bit also means you are usually correct in your analysis of social behavior. Here chiron is square to your sun/mercury midpoint which emphasizes your outspoken nature. this shows thaw you lack tact and will say things before you think about the ramifications your words will have ion others. so though you are a loving and social person , you have the knack to offend those close or intimate with, without meaning to. you just adhere to what you think ids the truth.
07-16-2015, 04:48 PM
Re: Chart Interpretation (Bipolar Artist?)!
hi ya

well you do have a polarizing Saturn and Uranus. when person has strong ups with Uranus as your mercury/Uranus conjunction is, and then have strong constrictive dynamics as your moon conjunct to Saturn have.... one can have emotional/behavioral symptoms of a bipolar personality. but here both are in conjunction with another planet ., so there is not a pending stress to force issues.
but there is a "darker force" that likely leads to the extreme confusion of mood swings as is the sun/mars conjunction squares to Pluto. this can bring violence or coercion as well as unhealthy relationships.
you are a sincere and caring person and can be confused when darker passions are directed at you.

with Venus square to Jupiter you are the center of friends and many social occasions. You are loving and the darker moods may seem out of place to others as you have the attraction and social grace that many wish to attain.

just a few insights,



Topic: north node conjunct lilith h13

Hello, I would like to ask what do you think it means -

[FONT=Arial, Sans, Verdana]
hi Hanni

actually the node/Lilith is conjunct the ascendant and Jupiter also. this shows you are very intuitive and i would have to say psychic.
Lilith and the node show that your intuitive insights spring from deep inside you.... you just know things without any conscious clues.
Jupiter adds a great intelligence. you have executive abilities and can instantly see the larger picture and solution to any problem or task. in addition your peers and friends all come to you for advice because you are known for your truth and clear sighted opinions. This is a excellent aspect for a teacher or counselor but actually any profession that gives you higher/ more complex knowledge is suited to you.
Jupiter gives a desire for stable relationships and emotional consistency.
i also note that the moon is square to aura and the midpoint is conjunct the vertex.....
this pattern gives you the ability to see auras.. the colorful etheric energies of the body. with the vertex, you are likely sensitive to the etheric energy of all life forms and probably minerals and plants too. but the vertex can bring confusing visions because it's energy is not limited to human consciousness/experiences but encompasses all vibrations in our reality/time space continuum.
you actually are extremely psychic with the node/ascendant/lilit/vertex all channeling through you.
a potential problem is that much of this energy flow can bring other worldly experiences or paranormal sensation that might confuse and overwhelm your conscious senses if you are not prepared. these abilities if controlled could give you mediumship and i would think that you might have relatives or ancestors that were noted for their extrasensory powers.
thank you so much for your your analysis. I do not see the aura, but I feel like I know some things. I rather feel than I see. Does it seem to me that something has happened in my childhood, what has disconnected me from this or could I not perceive it?about 2-3 years ago I'm starting to live it. I attract people, men and women when I go somewhere, everyone looks and smiles at me, strangers ... my friends already noticed it.People go to me,I quite attract strange people, children, I sometimes talk to animals :), but I never knew if it is so or I just feel like it, if I'm not a little crazy :)
I do not know ..I'm not very used to it because it was not so before, I think that when I get things started to realize. I've always been hypersensitive, yes. Do you think that if I know it, I can do it more?
more to develop it?

Thank you.

hi hanni
you have the pluto/Saturn midpoint opposed to priapus which could signify an abusive father. Saturn is tri octile(135 degrees) to chiron.this also reflects an abusive and maliciously critical father.
this could be why you have suppressed your acknowledgement of you abilities to now. I say til now because you have always given off these energies , but now you are "accepting" your powers which you blocked in childhood.
you definitely will have greater powers now that you have acknowledged to yourself that you have a "other worldly" energy running through you.
read books that come to you about aura and astral projection, as you will feel these abilities in you as you read the words.
I also see that Uranus is conjunct your nadir, conjunct kaali and opposed to Lucifer.
this indicates you can influence otherts during astral dreams.with lucfer,it may be that as a child you did have prophetic dreams but your family or social peers made you feel this was "evil" and hence you blocked your astral abilities also.
kaali with Uranus might be problematic as it can show your sexual nature is tied to you astral insights. this suggests that you have "scared" some potential suitors off because of your uncanny ability to know what was in their minds and hearts.


: met someone else & seriously considering changing everything for them?

hi selenite

bluntly.....cease and desist......
this composite will only bring emotional despondency in the long run.
okay ,I get the intense sexual/emotional connection with the T-square of pluto square to the venus/sun opposition. but the problem here is that Pluto rarely is interested in a deeper emotional intimacy after sex. pluto is more inclined to roll over and pull the covers around him. Invariably, after the assumed emotional intimacy does not form after repeated sexual encounters, the sexual urge declines or ceases all together in the partner who is expecting love. for the other,this is just selfish therapeutic sex and nothing more.
the Saturn/moon square implies that there is a block or distance when emotional intmcy is desired. this tends to bring despondency and doubts.
the Uranus/Neptune square the node is the real deal breaker. for one thing this gives a excruciating psychic connection. it brings dream sand fantastic goals together.
but it is more than likely that these promises and dreams will never come to fruition. The problem is that the Saturn/moon aspect is pone to despondency and the Uranus node is prone to electrical attraction.....but the product is a up and down relationship. nothing can be built on a relationship that is always placing you at emotional extremes.
pluto's central position shows there will be no compromises and hence a "normal" relationship can not develop.
I realize that these precautions will not be taken by you because mars conjunct to Lilith and opposed to Jupiter and trine to the sun and the node and sextile to venus.
this gives an incredible feeling that commitment and marriage are in the cards with him.
but the Saturn/pluto midpoint is opposed to mars and conjunct to Jupiter which really p-laces a damper on the possibility of commitment...once again because there is too much selfishness and at times distant and cold isolation...even inn the middle of seemingly consolidating activities.
in addition mars is square to chiron which is a marker of a quirky personality. often this shows someone who leads an egdy life or who likes to always be on the extremes.
in addition the midpoint is opposed to the sun/Uranus midpoint which usually is a sign of instability.\
to me this looks like no matter how much you accommodate him, at one point he is going to cast dispersion on you as reasons why the relationship will not work out.
again with mars sextile to venus and the midpoint opposed to Uranus and square the node, the sexual/emotional attraction is totally electrical and off the intensity scale..... but these heights will only serve to make your emotional fall Uranus affairs no matter how intense are not stable and once he is satiated of sex, he will call it off.
of course I don't expect you to heed my warnings because the transiting nodal axis is moving thru the mars/venus opposition to Uranus/Neptune and square the node, right now. so you are in the throes of heavenly passion and unable to see the darkness underlying his selfishness.
but if you change everything about yourself
for him, the you are placing your long term emotional stability at risk. just hold your horses until you start to see the broken dreams and promises begin to arise.

well, it wouldn't really be FOR him, it would be for me. i'm pretty sure i'm the selfish one here.
i think maybe this is a wake up call for me to be on my own for a little bit. it's really the freedom and no strings attached that appeals to me the most about it.
also, i think we're gonna work on a music project together. idk. i'm not changin myself for anyone

(i now realize my title implies otherwise lol)

everything you said makes sense, i feel all of it.
[FONT=Arial, Sans, Verdana]edit: i guess the title should have been, 'because of him,' not for him. i wouldn't really be looking for a relationship in the conventional sense, and never marriage[/FONT]

wow I didn't expect you to say any of that. to me it's the most healthy and functioning relationship i've ever been in, but obviously there are some issues.
i often develop crushes on people; that's just who i am. but i usually keep contact to a minimum with those people. i don't know how i let myself do this with this other guy. i think the yods point to that uncontrollable feeling.
honestly i thought we were really compatible because of our chart mirroring, we both have grand trines with the same planets in the same houses (sun/merc in 5th, mars in 1st, moon in 9th -- well his is basically in the 9th). we both have NN in the 4th. and lots of other things...
plus i'm always attracted to earthy types, my draconic is actually the same placements as my boyfriend's and his is almost the same as mine.

[FONT=Arial, Sans, Verdana]honestly everything was 1000% fine before i did this. i guess i'm just a flighty b*tch

as I posted,
"again with mars sextile to venus and the midpoint opposed to Uranus and square the node, the sexual/emotional attraction is totally electrical and off the intensity scale..... but these heights will only serve to make your emotional fall Uranus affairs no matter how intense are not stable and once he is satiated of sex, he will call it off.
of course I don't expect you to heed my warnings because the transiting nodal axis is moving thru the mars/venus opposition to Uranus/Neptune and square the node, right now. so you are in the throes of heavenly passion and unable to see the darkness underlying his selfishness."

I really can't emphasize enough how magical the nodal energy makes emotional/physical/sexual attraction.
it is as if you and he live in a reality separate from everyone else. Uranus bring astral dreams together and Neptune brings feelings of transcendent is as if life swirls around the two of you.usually your friends can even see or feel the special forces that have drawn you together.
so I am not trying to negate the magic you feel but I am responding to your saying,
"met someone else & seriously considering changing everything for them?
this electric/etheric connection will continue thru February and I can see the impulse for commitment or marriage to become stronger later this month from the 11th to 20th as the south node conjuncts the Jupiter/sun midpoint.
but when the south node transits the composite Neptune from march 13th to 17th,the dreams and promises you have made to each other may start to fray.
you posted: "met someone else & seriously considering changing everything for them? "
just don't make any irrevocable changes til march is over.
another suggestion....take this relationship as a amazing experience that it is, but don't concern yourself with duration or how to extend this "forever".
a last question... why do you have to change everything about your life? is he under this same condition ? best fortune and love
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