The Natal Chart of Islam


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When the section reach the twenty-seventh degree of Pisces, which is when Venus be at its peak, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn take place in the sign of Scorpio, which is the indicator of the Arabs, the Arab dynasty will arise and there will be a prophet among them. Their strength and exaltation will remain as long as there be degrees of exaltation of Venus, that is eleven degrees approximately of the sign of Pisces. Their duration will be 610 years. Abu Masar (Arab astrologer) in his Kitab al-Qiranat.

Then Venus, which is the planet of the Arabs, will begin to ascend, until it reach its exaltation. And they will attain power, because the Ascendant of the conjunction is Libra, whose dominant is Venus, which will be in exaltation at the moment of conjunction. This indicates that they will reign for 1060 years. Hurmuzdafrid (Persian magi)

The Islamic community will last what the longest conjunction last, that is 960 years, until the conjunction again take place under the sign of Scorpio, just as it did at the beginning of Islam. And when the position of the stars change its shape and be no longer what it had when the conjunction of Islam, the strength of it will diminish or new forms of thought will arise that will necessarily cause differences of view. Teófilo (Byzantine astrologer)

Quoted by Abd el-Rahman Ibn-Jaldoun (1332-1406) in chapter 52 of his muqadima (introduction) to Universal History "which deals with the vicissitudes of dynasties and nations, and includes a discussion on predictions and a review on what is known as divination."