The Murky Depths of the 8th House


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No offense taken! I totally agree that my Mars is somewhat "challenged"...:wink:

Hahaha, excuse my lack of tact! :pinched: :innocent: I suppose your Mars just stood out to me in that it's in the last degree of Gemini, Rx, as well as Out of Bounds! No offense meant! :cool: :biggrin:


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Hi astralrabbit,

So, looking back at the question is "does the solution lie within my natal chart?"... Bina and greybeard both discussed Jupiter's role, and I believe that is where I am to focus my search for some direction in regards to this question.

thanks again for your contribution, astralrabbit, your observations are much appreciated :smile:

Hey Pallas thank you for responding back to my reply.

How can one capitalize the positive aspects of any given planet in the horoscope so that it is being utilize in a positive expression? It seems that Astrology can answer why, but can Astrologers answer the how portion, effectively ,with out creating more inner turmoil? That is where the art of astrology lies I think. I can take my car to a mechanic when its broken. I know it is broken, but can the mechanic fix it, and do so with out breaking other parts on the vehicle? :whistling: