The Most Influencial Fixed Stars

Summery Joy

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I am sure this has been asked a million times before, but here we go again anyway.

I finally undersand what fixed stars are, but there are so many of them that it's difficult to decide which is important and which is not. I'm specifically asking for opinions here. What are the most influential, say, 5 fixed stars in the Zodiac and where are they? I know that Algol is somewhere in Taurus and that it's highly malefic. What else?


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The most important: Spica, Algol, Regulus, Antares, Fomalhaut, Sirius, Vega, Alcyone, Rigel, Vindemiatrix (these are the ones that I use most).
Also it is important to mention here Serpentis (18.00-18.59 Scorpio), even if it's not a fixed star.