The Key of Mysteries


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All of these are extremely interesting, the similarities of names and purposes. I am happy that I don’t have to pick one theology. I prefer reading them all with my eyes. And yours, and all those that are adding with information and support of the subject.

Thanks to you all.

Cosmos and Solstice bless you all! 😊


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Also, thank you for your open minds, and making this so enjoyable for me.

I started to use names, but, I don’t want to miss anyone! 😄


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JupiterAsc, you been here all the way through, and I am not done yet, special thank you, especially cause, I got moody with you. You didn’t deserve it. You are cool, in my books.

Okay, I will go back to the key again. Sorry for my diversion!


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It is hypocrisy that the Catholic Church burned people for having different beliefs in the Inquistition, when all the time they were following ancient Egyptian beliefs
In Rome on 21st July 1542 the Inquisition started, link below:-

A few years later on 21st July 1550, the Jesuits gained acceptance.

I'm only showing the Inquisition astronomy graph as the Jesuit graph would show the same, the powerful deliberate alignment, Sirius rising with the Sun!