The Five Lots of Fate, Success, Your Fortune Chart

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I thought it very interesting and worthwhile to point out to the community and write an educational blurb on the Five Pillars of Fate, or the five Arabic lots.

This will help those who are interested in surmising their chances of ultimate success and to figure out their natal talents easily, so they can determine the best way to approach success. This is all via the part of fortune, as a starting point, or the key.

Specifically, we turn the chart to make the lot of fortune the ascendant as the astrologers of old did, creating the ‘fortune ascendant’, projecting a new chart that could be seen as the native’s potential for ultimate success. Some ancient astrologers thought this new chart more important than its counterpart.

I have been reading papers and researching this. The paper, “Finding Fame in the Chart of Hitler” by Antoine Garth, piqued my initial interest.

I will be using my natal chart as an example throughout this post. I will also give you examples on how to interpret the meanings of significations, as an idea how to interpret your own chart. Later on I am going to use the lots to describe the celebrity Tina Turner’s chart because she is a very interesting case for when the lot rulers are weak.

Part I – The Lots

I’ll go on to explain the five different lots, so you see the usefulness.

The Lot of Fortune
The key. This is the native’s potential for prosperity, the character of the native, and another characterization of the native’s physical body. It is the medium through which the other lots operate, as it is the ‘physical body’, thus the vehicle through which the native executes their ambitions. It can also be considered a gateway.

Strong – The native is blessed with the vitality to achieve fortune, as well as auspicious character. They also have potential for great prosperity. If the other lots are fortunate, then we have a good medium through which privileged promise can operate. They may be ambitious.
Weak – The physical form may hinder attainment in some fashion, and/or the character of the native is not conducive towards success. They may not have a great promise of prosperity. If other lots promise great things, the native himself may be too weak to realize such gains. They may not even care for great success.

The Lot of Exaltation
This is a place where we can see some of the native’s talent, in the fortune ascendant chart. It is also the level to which we rise. This sign and its ruler and all other significations pertaining to it are how we can be recognized at our best or elevated in social status and prominence. Therefore, it is probably the most important to consider, second to the part of fortune.
Strong – The native has potential to rise very high, be known by many and be prestigious. They will have many talents to develop towards success.
Weak – The native may not have the promise of being elevated very high, or being extremely well known, and prestigious.

The Lot of Spirit
Antoine Garth said:
Spirit is the animating and directive force behind existence. If the Lot of Fortune, by virtue of its correspondence with the ascendant, can be used to represent the body, then the Lot of Spirit would represent the directive and animating force inhabiting that body. … The Lot of Spirit and its ruler represents the passion… with which the native acts upon the world.
So this is the motivating force behind the key. Picture it as the hand that turns the key; the degree by which the native pursues success.
Strong – The native will have great vitality of spirit, and passion with which to pursue goals. There is a great drive.
Weak – The native may not be very passionate towards the things they want, or passion is wavering.

The Lot of Basis
Antoine Garth said:
The Lot of Basis represents the native’s ability to produce and/or sustain the apportionment of fortune allotted to [them]. It is also the main motivational foundation of the Lot of Spirit, and thus is the basis on which the native chooses his/her path of action … Spirit and basis must always be used in conjunction.
This is how we sustain the fortune, for example, the lot of basis ruler weak could be ‘fleeting fortune’. It is also the foundation of the Lot of Spirit, ‘how’ the hand turns the key.
Strong – They are gifted at producing fortune as well as sustaining it. They harness their passion in a matter which is beneficial to them. Their methods of attainment are to their advantage.
Weak – The native might have problems sustaining fortune as well as producing it. They don’t use their energies to their advantage. Their methods of attainment are flawed.

The Lot of Acquisition
Antoine Garth said:
… Represents financial and material acquisition. It indicates what we gain through our actions and measure of it. Planets in this place can indicate the nature of the substance acquired. Thus, an exalted Venus in the place could indicate fine jewels, a world class art collection … Saturn in Capricorn could represent vast land holdings …
This then is the nature of the fortune, as well as its greatness. How we can expect fortune to manifest.
Strong - They may accumulate great wealth and things.
Weak – They may not accumulate great wealth or things.
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Part 2 -- Converting your Chart

Part II – Converting your chart
So now we can start examining the natal, after what we understand we’re looking for!
First and foremost, you’ll need to convert your natal chart from the placidus house system for example, to the whole sign house system. Not equal house system, whole sign, where every house is designated to each sign, no matter what degree the house cusp would fall at using placidus or any other house system type. For example, my chart usually looks like this:


We see the first house cusp is at 29° Libra. Now, I convert the chart to whole sign house system, and I get this chart:


A completely different chart! One reason it’s completely different is the late Libran ascendant. Libra has been shifted to occupy the entire first house.

This is how the ancient Greek astrologers would have casted my natal chart, and interpreted. The whole sign house system is a very elegant and exact method. It’s worth noting that you might want to consider re-evaluating your natal, if like in my case, it gets changed significantly from its placidus counterpart.

Now that it’s whole sign, we want to turn the chart. Why? To create the fortune ascendant.

In my new whole sign chart, the part of fortune occupies the tenth house. So we will be turning the chart so that house ten is now house one. Thus the chart will now look like this:


Now we have the fortune chart! The one that ancient astrologers (and even some today) would use to determine one’s potential for success, as well as their “destiny”.


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Part 3 -- Interpreting Fortune, Spirit, And Basis

Part 3 – Interpreting Fortune, Spirit, Basis

I think it’s better to use someone who’s lived their life longer than me for reference, so I’m going to be using the chart of Tina Turner for the rest of the article (natal chart and fortune chart included in attachments).

Turner was born in Nutbush, Tennessee on November 26, 1939 at 10:10 pm. Sun in Sagittarius, moon in Gemini, and Leo rising. She is a world famous singer, known as “The Queen of Rock & Roll”. She is known for her powerful and unique vocals, legs, and a large head of blonde hair. Her husband Ike Turner was largely responsible in helping her succeed in the early years, and was also a very abusive husband. She experienced a lull in her career for some time, as well as debt sorrows. After adopting the Buddhist faith she found spiritual strength and in the end, she made a huge comeback in the mid-to-late 80’s and the 90’s.

By the way, I think it is interesting to note what natal house we turned the part of fortune to, because then we know what house is a prominent theme to the native’s future fortune, should there be any.

I. Judging Strength of Lot Rulers
For judging the lots and the part of fortune rulers, I’ve noticed that using Lilly’s point system doesn’t work, maybe because it was developed for horary mostly.

Consider this:

• Planet in sect or not in the normal natal chart.
• Planet in joy, or house of its joy in fortune chart.
• Dignity or debilitation by sign.
• Dignity or Debility by House placement (in radical chart, as well).
• Accidental dignity or debility.
• Oriental or occidental to the sun. Oriental, meaning rising before the sun is an added bonus.
• Oppositions to a malefic which can signal trouble, delay, or loss.
• Being in same sign or in conjunction with a malefic, or benefic.
• Being in the dignities of a malefic or benefic
• Whether the planet has lordship over the planetary hour, or day.
• If the lot ruler opposes its own lot sign.
• If the lot ruler is rising or ascending in the radical chart, or if it is declining (falling below the horizon)
Most important: Whether it is culminating (ten signs away from) from the ascendant, or lot of fortune, which is a very large added bonus, and in itself tells that the native will be notable by the fashion and nature of the ruler.

II. Part of Fortune – The Key
The pars fortunae lands at 14°11’ Aquarius. There are no planets in Aquarius to consider.

The Aquarian fortune ascendant describes one that is unique, and very likable. The ruler Saturn in itself indicates somewhat potential of wealth and success, as well as losing it. It is not fortune that comes easy, either, should fortune be described. Saturn could also be success that comes in the latter years.
Saturn sits in Aries. In the natal, Saturn is out of sect as it is a nocturnal chart, meaning the negative properties of Saturn are emphasized, though it has rejoice being over the horizon, and in orb of its natural house, the tenth.

Saturn is cadent in respect to the lot of fortune, though in orb to the fourth house cusp, which gives angularity, and more power. Saturn is not extremely weak nor extremely strong, and as it lies within orb of the culmination point from the ascendant we can say that this person will be notable. They will have potential for wealth; however Saturn is in fall which will indicate an inevitable fall at some point.

In Aries, the native will find fortune through an aggressive character, creativity and originality. With Saturn in the radical ninth, spirituality will aid to some way in her fortune, and she can find fortune abroad in foreign countries. Additionally, Saturn rules the marriage partner in the radical chart, which can mean he will have some hand in her fortune, even in her fall. We can also see the connection to self-undoing and the marriage partner, as Saturn rules the twelfth in the fortune chart.

Saturn natally ruling the sixth means the native will be hard working, or that hard and excessive work will be needed to effect gains.

Saturn near the point of culmination from the ascendant means that these are all things she will be notable for, and indeed Ms. Tina Turner is known for all of Saturn’s nature. Saturn in the third of the fortune chart confirms the native being known in television and media.

III. The hand that turns the key – the Lot of Spirit (Asc + Moon – Sun)

The Lot of Spirit falls at 20°38’ Aquarius.
Again, the ruler is Saturn. Since we already evaluated Saturn, the process is much simpler. As the Lot of Spirit now too is within orb of the culmination point, this increases the chances of the native’s notability and fame.
Saturn will give seriousness, carefulness, and even some fearfulness in the drive of the native; its strength offers ambition, lasting vitality and passion with which to pursue goals.

IV. How they turn the key – Lot of Basis (Asc + Spirit – Fortuna)

The Lot of Basis is at 23°52’ Leo.

The lot of Basis is also the basis—or foundation of the native in life. The sun is a natural ruler of fame. With the sun of the normal natal in the fifth house and ruling the ascendant, the native is a natural performer and also has the body of one, as well as desire to shine. The sun is out of sect, but auspiciously, the sun rules the planetary day, and it is in its natural house.
In the fortune chart the sun sits in the place of acquisition i.e.; the fortune eleventh house. Lot rulers in other lot signs are added windfall.
We can say it is the basis of the native to attract support and good fortune, especially from friends and benefactors, or those in the industry which they work. As Leo rules the seventh in the fortune chart, the native receives good fortune from the marriage partner. These are also ways the native will be able to sustain and produce fortune.
The sun will also be how the native goes about things in life. A sun in Sagittarius will make the native bold, dramatic, and do things big and glamorously. Their route of action will be through friends and supporters, and through the arts, especially dancing and music; through foreign countries abroad, philosophy, and/or religion.

The sun also bears its influence on the tenth house (where it joys), and can be partly considered culminating from the lot of fortune.



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Part 4 -- The Exaltation

Part 4 – The Exaltation

Here’s how we find the exaltation in the chart manually:

A) If you were born with the sun above the horizon (i.e.: diurnal chart, day birth)
Note what sign the sun is in. In my chart, it is in Libra.

Next, count the signs from the sun’s position to the position of Aries (the sun’s exaltation sign) in astrological order. So, now we are counting the signs counter-clockwise from Aries to Libra. Include Aries in the count. We get the number seven.

Now, we progress the ascendant seven signs to find the exaltation of the native. In my case, as the ascendant is in Libra, we get the same sign of Aries. Thus my exaltation in the chart is Aries, tenth from the part of fortune.

If the sun happened to be in Pisces, you can do two steps, but backwards. Go two signs backwards from the ascendant as well. If the ascendant were in Virgo, then the exaltation would be Leo.

A) If you were born with the sun under the horizon (i.e. : nocturnal chart, night birth)

Note what sign the moon is. Say it is in Cancer, for example.

Count the signs from Taurus (moon’s exaltation) to Cancer. Including your starting point in the count, you will get the number three (Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer).

Now, progress the ascendant three signs. If the ascendant happened to be Cancer as well, your sign of exaltation would be Virgo.

In Tina’s chart, the moon is in Gemini. We take two steps forwards from Taurus counter-clockwise and the same two steps forwards from the Ascendant, which makes her exaltation Virgo, and its ruler mercury.

If the moon happened to be in Aries, we can take two steps, but backwards, and then two steps backwards from the ascendant.

Back to the learning chart:

Again, the exaltation is areas of life the native can rise.

The exaltation is by which the native is successful, and their strengths. It states to what level the native can expect to rise. If the other lots indicated fame, this is how and for what the native is known. The exaltation culminating from the lot of fortune, or being lord of the hour or day is one of the obvious ways a native can be seen to be famous in his or her lifetime to some extent.
The Lord of Exaltation is Mercury.

Mercury is in sect (as it always is), in the sign of a benefic with a benefic. It is succeedent, and in the house of good fortune. It rules the second and the eleventh, the native may be known for her fortune. It is conjunct the Lot of Basis, the native’s basic position in life. This then can be a sign that the native will be famous throughout most of their life.

The Lord of Exaltation again indicates talents, and mercury rules the tongue and intelligence, as well as high-energy. Natally, Mercury is in the fifth house, and rules the second; this can indicate talent for singing in the performing arts, and conjunct the sun, lively and energetic performances.
Mercury can manifest as the native known for vocals and/or lyrics. In Sagittarius, the voice is big, and conjunct the Sun, the voice is commanding and masculine in some manner.

Mercury in Sagittarius in the fortune eleventh can be talent gaining the support of supporters (fans) abroad, and supporters in general.

The lord of Exaltation conjunct the joying sun indicates royalty, and it is no wonder Tina Turner is referred to as “The Queen of Rock and Roll”.

Now we have two other lots in the lot of acquisition, another signification the native will do well in life.

Mercury rules the planetary hour. When the lord of exaltation marks the hour or planetary day, this is another indication the native has great chance of being notable and distinguished; famous.

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Part 5 – Wealth and its Magnitude and Nature; the Acquisition

Part 5 – Wealth and its Magnitude and Nature; the Acquisition

The Eleventh house is in Pisces, thus the lot of Acquisition is ruled by Jupiter. The acquisition ruled by Jupiter alone implies the native can accumulate great wealth, but we have to consider its strength.

It is out of sect, though rejoicing as it is above the horizon, which mitigates to a point this debility. It is succeedent, and Jupiter is at home in Pisces; it is fairly strong.

In the fortune chart it is strong in the second, which alone means the native will have great wealth in life, especially as it rules the eleventh, as well.

Jupiter in Pisces can indicate a great spiritual wealth; Jupiter lying in close orb in the natal to the ninth house. Jupiter’s position in the eighth “House of Wealth” means the native will garner wealth from the marriage partner. The malefic mars however, its position in the eighth can indicate sudden debts, and in the second, sudden financial or material losses; or even loss of self-value.

There are three planets in the sign of Acquisition. Sun, Mercury, and Venus.
The sun, ruling the fortune seventh again means the native acquires things through men in her life or the marriage partner. Ruling the fortune fifth, she will acquire things through fifth house related matters such as music, and dancing. It can also signify a luxurious lifestyle.

Mercury, the exaltation ruler can signify the native’s fame helping towards what they acquire. As the fortune eighth, again through the marriage partner’s finances, it also rules the fortune fifth which again is through music, and dancing or other creative projects.

Venus. A benefic in the acquisition is always some sort of gift, it is succeedent, and in sect. Venus rules the third and tenth houses natally, the fortune ninth, and fourth.

Venus as the third can be acquiring things through appearances on the television, radio, and the general media, or touring in domestic travel. As the tenth ruler, the native gains in reputation and honor, accomplishments and success.

Ruling the fourth this can signify houses or properties of land, and in Sagittarius, properties and houses abroad, large great estates. Interestingly enough, Turner does have about 2-3 houses in Europe.



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Part 6 – Conclusion

Part 6 – Conclusion

By this chart alone it seems there is great veracity in the fortune chart, the turned significations of it still confirm the natal, but give perhaps a clearer characterization of it and what most people want to quickly know about their natal.

To read Tina Turner’s biography and look for more possible confirmations of the method in this article, the link is here:

By the way, most of the information of how to execute the method comes from "The Anthology", a very, very old writing.

If one knows the power and significations of the lot rulers in their natal chart, it is advantageous as they know what to expect in life to some extent, how to prepare for it and clearly exploit talents, as well as what to look out for. Yet at the same time it seems like the native will carry out whatever the chart says even if they are ignorant of it.

It of course was easier to interpret the lots in Tina Turner’s charts because she has lived most of her life, and the events happened with which to judge.

In a way, Tina had an easy chart, where fortune wasn’t strongly prevented, and we should see what the fortune chart says of someone not as privileged in life.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the article and I hope to do more of these on different celebrities and post the delineations here!
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Re: Part 6 – Conclusion

1/16/2008 1.1 Version -- Corrected Part 4, where Sun is now only noted regarding day or night time birth, not the moon.

Possibly corrections to come! :)
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