The First Jupiter Return - age 12


Does anyone have thoughts to share about their first Jupiter return as a kid? I think this is a fascinating time in a kid's life - when they cross over being the 'little kid' and are on the way to being a teenager and adult.

It's a time of big leaps or big falls that could be positive or not positive - but for a 12 year old kid - could be super wonderful or super bummer. But, generally, I think, it's a life-opening time for kids because it's their first real step out into the grown-up world.

My first return, in my 6th house in Cap, saw me from being a health problem'ed kid with a lot of doctor/hospital trips, a chronic illness and a generally depressed outlook. During the retro and direct of Jup Capricorn in '73, I started playing chess, scrabble and joined sports teams and extra curricular activities in school. I haven't figured out the complete transit to natal during that time, but it had to have something to do with my 4th house - where Neptune had deceived me for the first 12 years of my life.

Anyone who was ever a kid of 12 or who has/had one, will hopefully ring in.
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My 1st Jupiter return felt like a rebirth. My parents divorced about that time and I felt free and mentally & spiritually expansive.

My 2nd Jupiter return was a lottery win which also felt like a solution to an existing struggle.

I'm a Sagittarius ascendant, so Jupiter is my chart ruler, hence more personal than to most. The movement of my Jupiter into various signs typically gives each year a new theme. Jup in Libra year expanded my relationships circle.