The Era of New beginnings


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Dear more-experienced chartreaders

I just lost my job right before Christmas.. and the position where I am now.. is in the position where Ideas come from out of nowhere when communicating with others.

but still I feel kinda out of control.. like I don't know where I'm heading, my goal etc etc, alp I can't ignore the fact that I'm almost broke..

So please, could anyone tell me what's next by reading the chart and the planetary transits ?

Will 2013 provide me with a new job and fortune ?
Am I doing something wrong ?? because my mars is in the first house, my sun is there to, venus is trined with jupiter, and jupiter is sextiled with jupiter ?? thesse are powerful and "happy" planets right ? also these are longterm transits..

You can find everything you need in attachment, I be looking forward to the info I need right now and
many many many thanks in advance.


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why dont you put you chart with progresions and transits, probably more ppl will try to help you
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Alright, in attachment there is the full chart with progressions

Hope to find some answers here ..

You think it's possible ?


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