The double zodiaque theory: does it work?



I have come across articles about it and i am curious about its supposed accuracy.

Both tropical and sideral zodiacs are used to draw the person s natal chart, hence the "double zodiaque" name.
Its supposed to give a more precise idea of one s life blockages and potential.

Has anyone heard of it? Tried it? What do you think it?


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I'm not sure I'm a more sidereal Capricorn, but I have a lot of sidereal Aquarius energy, I'm still a tropical birthdate is Feb 15, 1980. My Moon is in sidereal Capricorn which can explain the cold, smart, futurist and depressed personality traits of a Capricorn. And the sidereal chart puts my ascendant in Gemini, a talkative personality vs. with the keep to ones-self tropical Cancer.