The Depp/Heard wedding chart


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Many of us have probably been following the defamation case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.
As part of the testimony evidence, the program for their wedding was published, and we can fairly accurately pinpoint the time and place of the wedding, enough for an election chart.
The vitriol and violence that marked their relationship has been laid out for the world to see, but can we see it reflected in the wedding chart?
The horoscope of their wedding in theory is a mirror of their intimate relationship as a couple, and should give a clue as to the dynamics between them, what kept them together and what went wrong.
Is that true?
The wedding was held on Depp's private island in the Caribbean, a few miles off the coast of Nassau.
The published program for the wedding events gives a window from 5pm to 6:30pm for the preparation and ceremony.
I've done the chart for a midway time, using 5:45 PM as the ceremony time.
This puts Depp's Leo ascendent near the chart ascendent.
The chart also includes several asteroids relating to weddings, including Briede (asteroid 19029), Groom (5129), Boda (1487), and amazingly the asteroids Johnny and Amber!

The ceremony was at sunset so the sun is on the 7th cusp, in Aquarius, and opposing Jupiter retrograde on the ascendent.
The very important moon in this type of chart is in libra, the sign of marriage and it approaches a sextile to Saturn co-ruler of the 7th house.
Moon also trines retrograde mercury, ruler of the money 2nd house, and the 11th of friends and hopes and wishes.
The two asteroids of Johnny and Amber, are both in 5 degrees, exactly semi-sextile, showing a close bind between them, which we could expect from two persons who are uniting for life.
Asteroid Johnny is exactly opposing Groom.
Mercury in the 6th house could refer to the many work commitments the couple has, being two active public figures.
Unfortunately, deceptive illusive Neptune is also in the 7th, and it is exactly conjunct both Briede and Boda!
As an interesting side note, at the moment that Meghan Markle said "I do" Neptune was exactly conjunct the 7th cusp! Hmmm. Not a good position.
Asteroid Groom is in the 4th of home and family, and sits between Saturn and asteroid Toro!
In a marriage chart Venus is very important, and here it is on the cusp of the 8th and exactly conjunct Chiron! It is also exactly square asteroid Lysistrata (897) that speaks of using sex for power and manipulation.
Exactly on North Node we have asteroid Adrasteia (239), drug and alcohol abuse, as well as situations of abuse that we have difficulty leaving.
Also conjunct North Node is asteroid Medusa (149) teasing and punishing.
On South Node we find Uranus of divorce and separation, but also co-ruler of the 7th house. So was this a karmic coupling?
So was this marriage destined to abuse and divorce?


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