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I think its interesting that this is the 2nd guy you've posted on these forums who has Moon in Taurus in the 22-23rd degree. The first was the Sag guy.

Alright, let's take a look at these. Since this is the 2nd guy you're interested in whose Moon applies to your Sun, I'm just going to assume you're fairly outgoing and pro-active right now in your love quest. It's an indication that you're tending to instigate the romantic moments. Nothing wrong with that, your wide Jupiter Conj. Sun probably makes it easy for you to be yourself, but if there's some part of you that wants the man to initiate something, then you might want to chill a bit and just wait and see who's scoping you out.

I'd prefer this guy to have some connection to your Moon. Emotionally he doesn't seem to initiate your best moments together. It's all you. Lack of connection to your Moon (security) indicates that it isn't likely he'll make you feel secure or safe in the relationship. His Mars has no connection to your Venus, but instead yours applies to his. So, he's more liable to let you risk physicality first. Nor does he seem as sexually confident as you, but his physical compatibility to you is a bit better than the earlier Sag man.

You'd probably end up feeling fairly disconnected with this guy in any kind of live-in or home setting. Cancers are a bit of an exception to the rule stating that Suns indicate public personas and Moons indicate intimate ones. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, after all, and for the Sun to be in Cancer indicates that the domestic life and its emotional relationships are to some degree a pro-active project for that person. In essense, they're going to want to be in their Sun persona at home.

So, in private settings he's going to want to stay in Cancer. But, you're looking for a man that will let you slip into your Aries Moon. Water to Fire, and it just doesn't work. Whether its upbringing or just plain genetic wiring, men don't typically like living in their Moon signs all the time, and its that Taurus compatible Moon where you'd try to keep this guy energetically speaking...unintentionally, of course. Howver, it does lead to suppression and then to sudden unexpected outbursts on his side of the relationship. Then, you're left with several "wtf was that" moments. At least its not a Square aspect because you'd probably end up arguing quite a lot. Instead, the interactions probably just really frustrate you sometimes, as events to endure and ignore. And again this mostly happens during intimate interactions rather than activity-based ones.

Putting him aside, you have a somewhat common dilemma to deal with in your love life. You probably have read somewhere by now that the Sun and Mars are indicators of what kind of man a woman is attracted to. You have Sun in Taurus (a feminine Earth sign) and then Mars in Aquarius (a masculine Air sign). Sun indicates the male side of identity and Mars the male side of physicality. The problem is that Air and Earth are antagonistic to each other, and the internal conflict tends to manifest in outer relationships.

So, here's how it might've played out for you. This following is just an example, not an attempted interpretation of your life.

Mars awakens first. Maybe in your teens you developed your first powerful crush, and it was to some Aquarian type who was an oddbird out of the crowd. Someone mysterious with a strong identity and outspoken personality. He somehow stood out from everyone else. He was really good at rationalizing pretty much anything he wanted from you, and you enjoyed being convinced. Such a guy would activate your Venus Trine Mars, so he was pretty exciting or at least made the butterflies flutter in your stomach.

And then you grew older, and then your Earth Sun awakened. Maybe around 18-21, you began growing tired of these Martian Air guys. You stopped seeing a future in them. After all, they don't seem stable or practical. Their heads always seemed in the clouds of some far off possibility. You grew frustrated that he couldn't just let things rest, but had to deconstruct or explore every issue of contention till you felt sick. Their incessant talking was starting to irritate you. You just don't relate to him anymore (Sun rules identity), so you decide to break up with him. And his reaction might've been untypically bad.

So now, you find yourself attracted to a completely different kind of guy, to the shock of your friends. You want a nice guy now, so you started dating a new Earthy guy. He's somewhat typical, intimate, stable, sensual, gentle, someone who likes giving you small tokens of his affection, someone with a far more mild sense of humor than the biting remarks of Air Mars...and you're tempted to think to yourself "ah-ha, this was what I really wanted. I connect with these Earth Sun guys on a deeper level than those dumb superificial Air Mars guys.' And it would be true, since Identity is a deeper connection than that of physical bodies. So, you swear off the air Mars guys forever.

But, then...

After a while, you might inexplicably grow dissatisfied in your relationship with the Earth guy. He's kind of boring. Contemplating your future with him, it seems that nothing else truly exciting will ever happen in your life again. Or if something amazing does happen its due to your efforts, not his. And you just don't want that life. His tokens and gestures are nice, but are now expected and they just don't excite you. Against your will you once again start looking back to the exciting Airy Mars bad boys. Frustrated, you end up breaking it off with Earth guy, maybe in a little bit of despair and confusion, berating yourself for not knowing what you want and breaking hearts as a result.

There's no confusion though, you just want both things (Earth/Air) in a man simultaneously. To be honest, I've seen the above interaction play out several times for women with tight Sun Square Mars. Usually though it takes them till about age 24-25 to go through the entire cycle and start again. You're a bit younger. There's really nothing cyclical about Sun Square Mars that can't be solved by awareness. But, it is definitely an aspect of "those who don't understand history, are doomed to repeat it." Just watch your own internal movements because the men you attract are a reflection of whether you happen to be expressing mostly Sun or Mars at any given time. What you want to do is somehow express both in your personality, so that the men finding affinity are a reflection of both Air/Earth principles.

Think of Squares as On/Off switches. When the Sun is on, it forcefully suppresses Mars. When Mars is on, it forcefully suppresses the Sun. Hence, there's a tendency to attact either/or type of guy. So long as you're expressiong either all Earth or all Air, even the perfectly tuned Air/Earth combo guy might have a hard time finding his way to you.

Squares are aspects of power and age. A person with them generally instinctively learns to fuse the actions of Squared planets together over long periods of time, faster if they're consciously aware...even though doing so might be uncomfortable, erratic and somewhat stressful. It grows easier with practice and patience. As such, they are aspects of increasing career success as a person grows older, the battle with the outer world being a constructive outlet for the aspect's energies and frustrations. And in fact pursuing the career arduously may bring your Sun/Mars close enough in action to attract to you a more fine-tined man to your needs.

Apologies for the length. These are just musings, not to be taken too seriously.
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His Jupiter is on your N node and your Moon is on his N node. This has karmic written all over it. Also, your N node is in the 7th and his in Aries. This axis tends to blow hot and cold in relationships. Maybe you're looking for something deep and fulfilling and wondering if this person is the one. Well, you'll never know till you jump in.

Good luck on your journey,

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