The cheesiest question for horary


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Yup, you guessed it!
The cheesiest question of "Will i ever meet my soulmate?" :D
Well the question was rather "WHEN will i meet my soulmate" but
it's all the same anyways as i'm sensing a big NO from this chart, even though i don't understand horary that much.
Will I? :D


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Sun(S1) square Saturn (S2) means that even though the aspect is challenging, there is still a relationship? So i'll meet someone, but they won't be my soul mate? :D


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Hello Arto (m/f?) :)
you likely won't meet him. :sad:
Sad to say...
But you will meet special friends, of course... :innocent:

Aww... that *****...
I've always thought that my natal Jupiter conjunct descendant is a lucky sign that i might meet her : (
maybe its because my ASC is conjunct sirius and thats directly opposite Jupiter, which i guess doesn't mean well for Jupiter's energy...
I still hope i do.
Maybe if i change something in my life and try again...
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