The Astrology of What's Going on Now


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The news headlines are full of the strife in the middle east and now middle America. What the heck is going on?

First, understand it is a process that will pass.

It will reach a climactic point, create a new socio-economic set-point and settle down. We can really only understand any of this if we can see a direction things are moving in.

A Crisis of Empowerment

The world is reaching an empowerment crisis that is heading towards a peak starting in early 2019. We are now in the window of opportunity to reset the standard to live up to a higher ideal. Currently the strongest astrological dynamic in play is Uranus (16°04′ Aries) square Pluto (11°12′ Capricorn). This Uranus square Pluto aspect peaks later this year and early next year.

Uranus in Aries is a dissonant vibration in which collective benefit and personal liberties seem at odds and irreconcilable. Pluto in Capricorn is a dissonant vibration in which power is confused with control of others and paternalism fights to keep its footing.

This means the proverbial scathological matter is hitting the fan. We will see the ugliness before it gets better. That’s the way it has to work.

These dissonant vibrations urge integration and reconciliation.

Brief History of Uranus-Pluto Aspects

Uranus and Pluto were previously at a square aspect 1932-33 in the depression era following the 1929 stock market crash. In the USA it brought about a change in the balance of federal power to the states and individual citizens.

Uranus was conjunct Pluto (1967-69) in the period of the Summer of Love and the peak of the counter-culture backlash at the political protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention. This was a backlash against the war machine for its war in Vietnam.

Now Is The Time for Setting Our Intention

Now is the time to see and understand spiritually and make the necessary adjustments in our own lives to avoid the harder crunch later. In doing this we are also co-creating an outcome for humanity that will put the world onto a better future track.

Setting our intention means not only holding a visual image of a better world, but living guided by a personal ideal. It means also verbalizing what is consistent with this vision and ideal. For many of us it may mean literally turning off the boob tube and pushing away the news headlines to leave room for visualizing what we hold as our target.

Pluto’s Timing of Power Resets - you won't read this anywhere else.

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Since I retired, I stopped listening to the national and international news unless the gas prices rise dramatically.

I've noticed that when I do check every 6 months its pretty much the same as the previous 6 months. Since I was never able to impact national or international event in any way that I could tell, but I could impact things positively in my own sphere of influence, I do that instead. And I don;t have to feel bad about things I have no way of impacting or making better in any way that really means anything.

I do use Minor and Tertiary progressions quite successfully to define the NOW of individual persons. I'm sure I could do so in a mundane way, but I can for the life of me figure out what use it would be except to make me feel even more helpless than I already am, and thus effectively reduce my positive effect in the environment that I live in now.


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Today is the new moon at 10:12. It is used as a mundane chart. Set for Washington, DC it is in the 12th house. The Sun and Moon rule the 11th and 10th houses of government in mundane astrology. So think of lots of secret things going on in the national government this lunar month. There is also a Mars/Saturn conjunction today at 14:00 (all eastern daylight time). So from this expect upheaval, financial difficulties and even wars. Mars and Saturn do not get along at all. Yes, some people say they cannot do anything about it so why study mundane astrology. This is the theory of helplessness, but astrology empowers.

As for today there was the most powerful earthquake in 25 years in the Bay Area of California. I just heard it on the news as I write. I used to live in CA and at the new moon tried to make sure everything was secure in my apartment so as not to fall on me.
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Brief History of Uranus-Pluto Aspects

Uranus and Pluto were previously at a square aspect 1932-33 in the depression era following the 1929 stock market crash. In the USA it brought about a change in the balance of federal power to the states and individual citizens.

Assuming Uranus and Pluto have any impact at all, why would you dismiss the fact that the two squares are different?

In the first place, the Great Depression started with the 1925 Recession, followed by the 1928 Recession (January 1928-June 1929) and neither Uranus nor Pluto were the causal factors.

The causal factor was the tax increase and the tariff on imports that collapsed most of the economy.

Secondly, a square from the 10th position is not the same as a square from the 4th position. The 10th position is "over-coming" and it destroys.

Also, 35 States had social-security like programs. Those 35 programs were nationalized into one giant Social Security program that is failing and proving to cost more than can be afforded.

I'd hardly call that a "balance of federal power." If anything, the federal government usurped power from the States and the people.

I don't know what you think is going to happen, but astrologically, what ever happens won't be what you think it is.

That doesn't even cover the issue of which US natal chart is operative and the Places where this Uranus/Pluto square happens.

For most charts, that would be the 2nd/5th Place, which is hardly earth-shattering.