The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types


I have good friends that are infp. They're hard to pin down, that's quite a 180 for the typical overly extroverted leo but sense your moon is in scorpio I understand how this is possible. Give me date of birth I have this book that shows specific insight about people's traits.
Im INFP and Counterphobic 6 in the enneagram personality theory.
I knew personality theories before i became interested in astrology.
I relate my ASC Piscis and a water predominance with my Introverted Feeling function and also my intuition which is very strong.
Perception and Intuition are my strongest functions.
Im introverted but not exceptionally.
And im borderline Feeler/Thinker.

Now, if i take the enneagram theory that's another story, because the enneagram takes more personality stuff than just cognitive functions of the jungian tipology
And it would be off topic, but if someone is interested in the enneagram just send me a PM.


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I have good friends that are infp. They're hard to pin down, that's quite a 180 for the typical overly extroverted leo but sense your moon is in scorpio I understand how this is possible. Give me date of birth I have this book that shows specific insight about people's traits.
ok..August 2nd 1979


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I usually score either INFP or INFJ.Depends really.
I think I can find traits of my personality in both of these descriptions.

Maybe I lean towards more the description of INFJ than the other,although INFP seems occur as a result in those kinds of tests.I really dunno if these describe me in others' eyes,or it's just the idea I have for myself.I would only call myself as a real type(one of the two) if I could live my life helping those in need.If not then I don't think these suit me.
As for associating those types to the chart I'd say...The introversion comes mostly from The Scorpionic moon.While the INFJ type is related to Neptune in the 1st house and the INFP type to the Moon in the Mid-Heaven.
INFJ does speak of sacrifices and it is true at some extend,I am very likely to sacrifice some things if it's for the sake of a worthwile person.And people,mostly parents and family to describe me as having my head a bit above the clouds.I have noticed that I am sort of romantic and enjoy movies or stories involving fantasy and romance.I don't think I'm that much of a daydreamer,I can take action when needed to but there are a few beliefs I prefer to stand by even if it's not easy.
INFP mentions counseling and helping people.It's not rare to catch me giving advices to people,usually friends and wouldn't mind taking the role of a guide if I was a good and responsible one.This also related to the North Node in Sagittarius,which seeks to acquire knowledge and wisdom to share with others.
Those two can also be related to Capricorn on some extend,as Capricorn usually tries to do the right thing which is tradiationally to help others.Not always in a personal way though.

Personally I'd associate those types with Pisces and Aquarius.Mostly the Moon than the Sun or any other placement,and perhaps the 11th house( I may be wrong) since the 11th associates with people at general.

I'm not sure if I'll live up to those descriptions but they make me assume that the person who is like that is very selfless and concerned about the world at large and devoting their lives at that cause.And for that I have to say that only a few people are special as that and are prime example of those types.
I don't think I'm particularly that selfless and impressive,but for those who are I think they need encouragement to keep going cause they're doing something very good for the world.
Here is my contribution to your discussion of these topic areas: astrology, myers-briggs, types, myersbriggs, personality, personality types?

May I begin by identifying myself within the group.

As my username on indicates,
I am an Aries, a Water Rat and an ENTP.
I did these tests two years ago, they said that I'm INTP. But personally, I think I'm INXP. (not sure about thinking/feeling function. )

(I)ntrovert. - Scorpio Sun, Mars and Pluto, Pisces Rising, Saturn in the 11th house, Capricorn is on the 11th house cusp. Although I have mercury in Sagittarius conjunct MC, Moon in Aries in the first house, I still consider myself an introvert anyway.

i(N)tuition - Mercury in Sagittarius (H9) square Jupiter in Virgo (H6) (tend to see the big picture, abstract thinker. ), stellium in Scorpio (Sun in the 9th house, Mars is on the 9th cusp and Pluto in the 8th house.) and Scorpio in on the 9th cusp, Aquarius is on the 12th cusp, Pisces Rising with Neptune near the 11th house cusp (unaware of the reality, head-in-the-cloud person.)

I will pass this function because I'm not sure about it. :)

(P)ercieving. In my case, it is (P)rocrastination. :lol: - Venus in Libra. (flexible for the sake of harmony in any relationship.) My Pisces rising again. I can't follow the plan even I do it myself, I'm stimulated by an approaching deadline.

Personally, I find that enneagram theory suits me better than MBTI for various reasons. Due to my enneagram type, I'm type 5 with 4 wing and my tritype is 5-4-9.


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What has not been described here is the meaning of the two parts of the four pairs.

In other words, what do we mean by "sensing" and "intuitive", by judging and perceiving?

Until terms are reasonably well defined, it seems a bit iffy to assign astrological indicators.

I forget what type I'm supposed to be...a rare bird of some sort....

But....I have 4 planets Rx, 7 planets Fixed, an Introvert
And 5 planets in Air, a thinking type.......

The point being that these things like preponderances, rather than specific aspects, may give us a good clue as to a person's typing.


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I feel like a broken record every time I see these threads come up.

I have been studying MBTI for many years now, and related jungian personality theory. Specefically Jungian cognitive functions.

I have not seen any major indicator of ones personality type in charts. No distinct patterns can be drawn. You can take someones personality type, their chart, and explain how it manifests and fits. However, generalizations do not work.

Most of the information available on the internet to read about MBTI is not the best either. One of the major issues with it, is it assumes the cognitive functions manifest as distinct behaviors. It doesn't work that way. It is a theory of how someone thinks, and not much else. To extrapolate behavior from thinking is not going to be consistent enough to base that on. The best way to determine someones type is by viewing body language cues (which is subconscious) and interviewing the individual.


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I suspect that the correlation between the horoscope and MB is strong.

I think the failure is in the reading of the chart, coupled with sparse understanding of the MB types.

I haven't researched the subject, but have looked at a few charts with that in mind....

If astrology "works"
and if MB "works"

Lately I have been looking at questions like "Is this man a psychopath?", or "Is this man accident prone?"....

The chart clearly shows these things IF WE LOOK FOR DESCRIPTION OF SYMPTOMS RATHER THAN LABELS. There are few if any specific positions or aspect patterns associated with this or that psychological type or behavior (a recognizable and defined complex, syndrome or set of behaviors/traits)....but the symptoms can be seen in the chart. Our problem, or mine, is lack of knowledge of the symptoms of what a psychiatric label implies. There is no aspect that declares This person is a psychopath, but the symptoms that the label psychopath implies are clear and easy to find in a chart; if we find the symptoms, we can diagnose for the condition.

If I find that a chart contains indicators of the behaviors and traits that are used to describe accident prone in the psychiatric literature, then I can apply the label “accident prone” with confidence and expect the full range of behaviors and consequences associated with the term. But just because a person has an accident that affects his life course does not make him “accident prone” in the sense implied by that term in the psychiatric literature.

I will try to illustrate. I did an online chart -- just one of those casual "read my chart" things -- for a man from India one night. He was in his 40s or 50s. I told him two things. First, that he tended to meet life in terms of extreme force and violence. Second, I suggested he should be self-employed. He then asked, "What do I do for a living?"....and I said "I haven't the faintest idea." He then told me he was a colonel in the Indian Army, the commander of combat infantry division in Kashmir.

Consider that. I saw the necessary elements descriptive of a military officer in a zone of conflict (symptoms). But I didn't put them together in my mind. I used the wrong terminology in regard to "self-employment"; it should have been "ultimate authority" or "self-directing," and that misled my thinking.... My mind did not synthesize the symptoms and locate the label “military officer.” It was a failure in synthesis on my part, and not a failure of the chart.

And that sort of thing is what happens when we don't have a good grasp of symptoms. It's there, in the chart, but we fail to recognize it.

The MB types are labels for more or less specific patterns of behavior and orientation. I'm quite sure the horoscope and the label will match closely if we understand these "labels" as descriptors of symptoms. In horoscopes where a marked preponderance of planets occupy Cardinal signs we are apt to find an extroverted personality; weight on Earth signs is likely to indicate a person who relies on and perceives through the senses, sensation.

I wonder how many of us here have read Jung’s Personality Types and understand that what he means by extroversion/introversion is not congruent with the way most of us think about those terms. Jung’s use of the terms refers primarily to two diametrically opposed world views which are incompatible, in fundamental conflict. The terms do not refer to an outgoing personality as opposed to a hermit, which is the popular understanding.

In terms of Jungian psychology the Water signs correspond very closely with Feeling, Air with Thinking, Fire with Intuition and Earth with Sensation. If a preponderance of one of these Elements is present in a chart, we can diagnose for the corresponding Jungian types.

I have seen many discussions among astrologers hinging on the question, "Can you see homosexuality in the horoscope?" We all know what homosexuality is, although it takes on many forms of expression, so "label" is not a big problem. And what I see in these discussions is that about half of the astrologers say, "No, you can't." But I say you can not only see homosexuality, but the basic sexuality -- of whatever sort -- of any and every person in their chart. It is there to see, if that's what you want to look at. You can see if a person is born to wealth and privilege, or if mother was cruel or distant or cold; you can see the how and why of relationship problems.......It's all there.

These things are seen through seeing the chart as a whole. To say that planet “A” in square to planet “G”, if in Common signs, indicates flat feet (in any horoscope where the aspect is found) simply does not work. Nothing in a chart -- or, more importantly, in a person -- operates in isolation. The chart and the person are organic wholes.
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Lets see if IM doing this right....


Introverted - 9 planets in feminine signs opposed to masculine signs
Intuitive - 5 planets in Water...12th house Moon 4th house Neptune
Feeling - Moon trine Neptune, sextile Pluto Sun trine Pluto, oppose Neptune
Judging - 3 planets in Cancer in the 10th...Virgo Rising, Moon. Mercury trine Saturn. Venus in Taurus.

Whats the difference between Intuitive and Feeling? Would the two have similarities in the astrology chart?

engram personality type 7.... Isn't that kind of an oxymoron?

I'm a double 7 in numerology.
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Here is the problem, once again.

We are trying to match a horoscope to undefined terms.

Introvert and extrovert do not carry the same meaning in Jungian terms as in what most people understand them to be, so how can you match the chart to MB?

In the above post (and this is no criticism of the person posting) we don't know the difference between "intuition" and "feeling" (the way the terms are used in MB, what they signify)....

Before you can match anything to something else you must know what you are matching, what you are looking for, what you are saying by doing the matching.

Until you define, you are blind.

So --- whoever originated this thread, or whoever shares a deep interest in the topic
Should take the trouble to define all 8 terms that form the basis of the personality typings

I have been talking about the same principle lately, related to other psychological topics.....I have used the word "symptoms"
The horoscope shows "diagnostic symptoms".
If we define "Introvert", for example, then we look for the descriptors of an introvert in the chart (the "symtoms") --- according to the usage of the word, its deep meaning, by Jung. Just what is it that differentiates the introvert from the extrovert, the judgmental type from the perceptive?...Before we can compare astrology to Myers-Briggs we have to UNDERSTAND what the terms mean.

I don't know much at all about MB. Probably 7 or 8 years ago I did the online testing. I did it twice at separated times, and each time took two different tests. My reason for this was to try to get a uniform result, and I did. So -- I decided that the testing (typing) is accurate.

I then gathered all I could find online describing the type. I think I ended up with six or eight pages describing many aspects of my personality/life.

I could see that a trained psychologist would be able to take the "readout" far deeper than I could, with my limited understanding and resources. What I was able to see did not compare in depth to the horoscope, but as far as they both went the match was excellent. The reason for the greater depth of the horoscope I just described above: my own lack of knowledge and understandin of Myers-Briggs and modern psychology in general.

I am quite convinced that the two systems give very similar results.

But you MUST UNDERSTAND THE TERMS YOU ARE TRANSLATING ASTROLOGY INTO, or you can't make a "scientific" comparison.
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No offense taken that's why I asked. Thanks for telling me Greybeard. I don't know what I was talking about. Was just trying to have fun and not take everything so serious.

For all I know all systems are wrong.

Maybe you could write your views on what connections cause what? You seem educated in the subject... Enlighten the blind!

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
Dalai Lama XIV


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Darn my Mercury square Saturn....

Both systems work very well.

I am ignorant of Myers-Briggs, other than what I learned by doing the testing on myself. What I learned was basically "This is an effective way to describe a personality and its consequences. For anyone interested, it is worth pursuing."

I am not the one to do this work.

And.....I find astrology quite adequate. It goes very deep, and has the advantage of having the capacity to time critical events.
Myers-Briggs has the advantage, for the layman, of simplicity (on the surface).
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I find the Myers-Briggs Personality Types very spot on, most of the qualities of my type fit perfectly for me. But if only I could know what astrological aspects match them. Well, I'll try to guess...
I'm an INFJ. Introverted - definetely. And pobably Saturn retrograde at the end of the 11th house but I consider it a 12th house Saturn. It's in Aries. But the introvertion is not the only thing that can be the result of this placing, Saturn is a major part of my character and will probably play a bigger role in the future.
The iNtuitive part can be my Moon conjunct Neptune and Uranus(I don't know if the conjunction to MC has anything to do with intuitiveness).
Feeling - not sure how astrology shows this. I have a lack of water element and according to most of the information I've read about this in Internet, I'm unemotional. Which is completely untrue. I have constant tides of emotions inside that can overwhelm me entirely at times and it has always been a wonder to me how this is not the most important thing in my chart(my age is said to be 'problematic' but there is a big difference between the biology of your body and a personal quality. I can easily set a definite borderline between the two) . Maybe the fault is not in astrology itself, but rather in me being unabe to properly interpret my chart, so I hope one day I will see things more clearly. My Moon in Capricorn is certainly not expressive.
Judging - Earthy influence and probably a lot of aspects show it, but I can't recognise them. Libra Sun, Virgo Venus, planets in Capricorn, maybe some Saturnian aspects...

The Myers-Briggs method, just like astrology, is a very good tool for deep psychological research. I'm always fascinated by the creative side of self-examination and this forum is one of the places where I think INFJs are not so rare :sideways:.

My Enneagram type is Sx4(always one point difference between 4 and Types 3 or 8. Probably 4w3 but one test result described me as 'omni' - "...people who don't have a stand out mean type. As they are balanced in all nine behaviors, the 1-9 type descriptions don't generally apply to them.") - the aspects to my Uranus in Aquarius in 10th house(conjunct Amor), Mars in Leo square Pluto and Pluto(opposite Ascendant) in the 7th(along with Nessus, Eros, Cupido, Ixion and Pallas Athene of which Pallas, Nessus, Ixion and Eros conjunct Pluto and Psyche squares it) and Scorpio Descendant.
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Very interesting. I also have Saturn in Aries in 12th and mine in conjunct my Sun. Venus and Mercury are also in 12th so I believe that may explain the I of my INTP. Like you, I'm weak in Water planets however, I would not describe myself as feeling. Your post has sparked my interested again but it is complicated. I do think that if an accomplished astrologer could add INTP to their interpretations it would help with readings. In the interpretations I've had from professionals, they seem to get wrapped up the Aries stellium and Moon in Sag and miss how strongly introverted I am. Or perhaps a very good astrologer doesn't need this information.


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I have consistently tested as an INTJ no matter when I have taken the test.

Introversion (I) - Saturn on the ascendant. Nuff said.
Intuition (N) - Moon on the IC.
Thinking (T) - Mercury should show this. It's closest aspect is a square to Mars, it's in a trine with Saturn and in a mutual reception relationship with my Virgo Sun, which I'm thinking also indicates T.
Judging (J) - Virgo Sun and I suspect that Saturn on the ascendant also has something to do with this.



I've taken the test several times but have seen that over the years I've moved closer to the center on T and P which seems to be a good thing.


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I = pisces rising; sun/merc in the 12th; many planets in 12th/first, saturn opp chiron sq. asc
N = aqua merc in 12th
F = moon sq. neptune, moon in aries, pisces asc/12th house energy
P = strong pisces / aries energy