The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Mike H.

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Cool thread!

I've taken this test a number of times over the years and it always lists me as an INTJ personality type.

INTJ is supposed to be the most rare of the M/B personality types, but I noticed when a similar thread was posted on another website there were a number of INTJ's and they were all Air signs. :unsure:

Sun Gemini 26.43
Ascendant Sagittarius 18.54
Moon Leo 1.25 II Capricorn 27.25
Mercury Gemini5.32 III Pisces11.32
Venus Taurus11.00 IV Aries16.57
Mars Sagittarius 4.25 R V
Taurus 12.13
Jupiter Virgo 27.05 VI Gemini1.44
Saturn Taurus 5.38 VII Gemini 18.54
Uranus Virgo 29.55 VIII Cancer 27.25
Neptune Scorpio 26.34 R IX Virgo 11.32
Pluto Virgo 22.30 Midheaven Libra16.57
Lilith Cancer10.43 XI Scorpio12.13
Asc node Pisces25.41 XII Sagittarius1.44
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Hi all,

this is my first participation in this thread, and what I have to say on personalities may throw you off a bit. :eek: I love the four personalities as taught by Florence Littauer as per her book Personality Plus

The typical 4 temperaments the way Hippocrates described them hundreds of years ago, see here and here :

Sanguine - fun loving, talk too much
Choleric - leading, domineering
Melancholy - analytical, critical
Phlegmatic - peaceful, lazy

It is interesting that there are 4 types of elements to which astro signs belong and each can be connected with the tarot and four seasons in such some way:

Fire.........actions, energy......Wands.......Summer
Air...........mental, thoughts....Swords......Spring

I'd be interesting to see how each element can be connected to the 4 personalities:

Fire......Sanguine......a lot of energy, exhuberant
Earth....Choleric........good providers and hard workers
Water...Phlegmatic.....peacemakers and caretakers
Air.......Melancholy.....a lot of mental activity and intelligence

But I don't yet understand how that correlates to Myers-Briggs... yet.

I don't know. Maybe some of my ideas are not waterproof.
but the 4 dynamic that runs all over the place does get you thinking... doesn't it? :bandit:
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Then there is the 3 X 4 = 12 dynamic

There is 12 Zodiac signs.

There is also 3 qualities with 4 signs under each:


Then there is the 4 elements with 3 signs under each:


Then there is also the 12 'planets' (according to Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology page 28)

North node
South node

Interesting stuff! I was thinking maybe we can add the number of fire, earth, air and water signs we have and incorporate their energy into the Myer-Briggs somehow... What do you think? Do-able?


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Hi all,

The typical 4 temperaments the way Hippocrates described them hundreds of years ago, see here and here :

Sanguine - fun loving, talk too much
Choleric - leading, domineering
Melancholy - analytical, critical
Phlegmatic - peaceful, lazy

I wouldnt say these are too far off.

I mean, geez. Melancholy = analytical, critical. That HAS to be Virgo, no doubt about it, so that is Earth.

Hmm, the Phlegmatic = peaceful and lazy. I hate to say it but that sounds sort of Pisces-ish. So, water.

Choleric = leading and domineering. I will say this is Fire because leading and domineering sound very Aries and Leo.

Sanguine = fun loving, talk too much. This would than have to be air but I don't think it exactly fits all the air signs. Except Gemini which is ruled by Mercury which can be a talky sign.

It is very interesting. Great post!

I don't know if many people know this (the long term astro students probably do) but astrology was the "early version" of psychology. So it makes perfect sense that this would match up. :)

I have a Bachelors in Psych and this is the most interesting part of astrology for me. In fact, that is why I am interested in it! Astrology, psychology and personality. It all goes together for me. In fact, some psychologists will do a persons chart to gain more insight into them esp. those patients who won't talk. It can help guide them to ask the right questions.


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I found this interesting link on the Myers-Briggs Personalities and Astrology. I thought I'd better share it:

Interesting. I know I am definately I (Introverted) and F(Feeling) but I get different results on the other two depending on the test version I take (and what kind of mood I am in).

I can get S or N or J or P. So I am either an ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ or INFP. And all those descriptions for each I relate to in some way. I wish I fit into just one type. I think I tend to vary more on the the 4th letter more than the second. With all that Neptune, I am probably an N more than a S. :)


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I'm an INFJ, with Enneagram type 6w5.



I have a Moon-Mars-Neptune conjugation in Capricorn that drives my N and F.


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psych major - I am ENTP for myself, the inventor type.

extrovert E - sag sun, moon gemini, jupiter in aries, mars in libra, (although quite balanced introvert (sun is in 4th house) virgo rise (ruler merc in 4th in cap) - fire and air signs stronger.

T thought - is definite over feeling. Gemini moon, virgo rising trine merc.
other gemini and aquarius. venus in 3rd, uranus in 11th.

P perception - mercury trine rising, air signs moon mars saturn neptune
(sol sign is gemini and sol moon aquarius also (60th harmonic) which I consider very important part of chart - venus in scorpio and pluto in 12th house adds intuitive spiritual perception aspects - venus in 3rd. (I believe scorpio is related to sensation S type, but in 3rd is not so sense oriented.

N - is ? Neptune on cusp of 3rd, Mercury cusp 5 perhaps. (cusp of houses are important for personal excellence areas)


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I am an ISTJ.
Very expressed introvert
Distinctively expressed sensing personality
Distinctively expressed thinking personality
Very expressed judging personality

I am new to astrology, so I won't know how this would relate to my chart. However

sun - cancer
moon - capricorn
asc - scorpio
mercury - leo
venus & mars Gemini
Jupitar in Taurus


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I am a confirmed ENTJ!! Libra moon, Pisces mercury, Aries Venus, Mars Sagittarius etc

I am a rare mercury in Pisces who thinks rationally and logically, I despise floating around in dream land


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This is an interesting thread. I am an ENFP, which is both surprising and not surprising. Surprising because of my 4 planet stellium in Scorpio, and not surprising because I have substantial air in my chart and a Leo Ascendant.

But I would say ENFP fits me very well. I have two friends who have very different charts (from each other and from me) who are also ENFPs.


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ISFJ - The Nurturer

0deg Pis Sn
27deg Tau Mn
14deg Scorp Asc

Merc aqua
Ven ari
Mar aqua
Jup ari
Sat aqua

Fit me pretty well from what I read.


I took the test at least 3 or 4 times in the past two years.

I am an INTJ. Only about 2% of the population are INTJs or something, but I don't feel like I'm a mastermind/strategist at all.. That's why I periodically retake the test to see if the results would differ.

I'm new to astrology. I'll attach my chart incase you are somehow able to relate my personality type to my chart. o__o


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Jenuine, it looks like you, Inline, and I are part of a small but mighty band of geniuses.

So far as your chart goes, Leo rising might suggest an extrovert, but with both your moon and Saturn opposing your 12th house sun, it looks like you've been under siege from authority figures such as teachers and supervisors--possibly starting with your parents. It might be fun to let the Big Cat out occasionally, however. People with the sun in the 12th, 4th, and 8th do tend to be more private (introverted) people.


I'm actually very happy that I'm part of such a special personality type.

Inline, I totally understand how you feel about education. Luckily (or maybe not), I go to a somewhat mediocre university, so I could slide by with minimal effort and still be within top 10% of my class.

There have not been many opportunities for the strategist in me to come out and play. Hopefully, it will surface up later when I start working on my career or something. :)

I'm not a genius, but I don't think I am born to be ordinary (or at least, I don't want to be). :joyful: