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former empires were worldwide :)
Before the great flood, was global too.
The Babylonians,
the Medes & Persians,

the Greek Empire,
Roman Empire
far more advanced and world-wide in nature.





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Were these buildings here before
and are just being entered into the mainstream narrative?
They are nothing like how we build today

& stand the test of time with ease


There was no income tax in this country until 1913.
Where did all the money come from?
Fighting off starvation, Savage Indians, disease, freezing temperatures,
and without rail service, electricity or power tools
a handful of covered wagon pioneers in the Great Plains :)
managed to build A 5 gold Dome masterpiece
with travertine marble
and seven different kinds of wood from around the world :)

in Des Moines, Iowa
but without a bathroom or any type of heating system




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If one of themes of the Piscean age is religion. Then one of the themes of the Age of Aquarius is technology?
Yes, but Age of Aquarius have MANY themes. Themes of Age of Aquarius: Technology, Revolutionarism, Progressivism, Anarchism, Communism, Leftism, Liberty, Humanitarianism, Humanism, etc


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Time. What is it?
This is such an odd question to ask.
But to never inquire into the nature of time is even more strange. :)
We are all subject to time and its process of birth, life, decay, and death.
This linear process makes us believe that the nature of time is just linear
and something we don’t need to explore.

But is it linear
or something completely different
and a lot greater than we have first considered?

Time is something we never consider
just like fish don’t consider the water in which they live.

Hi Jup,
the 72 years
that most follow with fixed stars,

is completely wrong, and only applies to

stars that sit on the ecliptic like Regulus.

As most know with Precession a star moves one degree
every 72 years, so how can you have the same Heliacal
rising star for 5,385 years?
Actually you can up to 9,300 BC.

Look below on Starlight between 20 July 3805 BC
and 20 July 1581 AD and Sirius was the heliacal rising star in Rome,
it only stopped then because the next year the Gregorian Calendar was established.



But in one of the longest enduring cultures in the world, they didn’t just consider time,
but they also mapped its birth and relationship to the nature of consciousness itself.

In this documentary, you will learn about the Yugas,
one of the most unique perspectives of time known to humanity.

Be prepared to have your worldview and perspective of time turned upside down.

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The one thing about this that sticks out is its lack of attention paid to actually what the current trends are in reality. We are going to be in the Age of Aquarius sooner than this post claims. The themes of Aquarius and Leo are already becoming far more important and the old ways of Pisces and Virgo are dying. Technology is the factor of this part of the transition, and very soon (because of disclosure and open contact/trade), our entire planet will be changed in an irrevocable way: The governments of the world will disclose what they know/have on the extraterrestrial question. This will inevitably lead to open contact between these other civilizations and our own, enmasse.


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Incredibly obvious that ancient stonework is logistically impossible
some of it entirely impossible even today.

A note on the stone box hollowed out with four 8" core drillings. These holes overlap.
The first hole would drive straight but the subsequent holes would tend to bend

towards previous holes as the core drill seeks the path of least resistance.
Even if no cores are broken out until the drilling is complete

this tendency would be impossible to fight with handheld tools.

You would need a giant industrial strength drill press. :)

One of thousands of difficulties that modern craftsmen would face in replicating these feats.
Such as the polish achieved on many artifacts and architecture.
Even in the densest stone there are tiny voids that make a glass like finish impossible
. Today we use a very finely ground epoxy that must be color matched to the stone to fill these voids.

There is no epoxy in ancient polish
and if there had been it would have likely disappeared long ago.
Somehow they managed to increase the surface density of the stone in the polishing process.
We can't imagine how :)

Evidence For Super Advanced Ancient Technology :)



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Too long the origins of early Christianity and its development in late Roman antiquity
has focused on ancient texts to the neglect of important material evidence,

particularly the abundant numismatic evidence of the period
and its relationship to astrological beliefs.

The view arose that one’s fortune or destiny was determined by the position of the stars at birth
by a knowledge of the stars, or astrology - Greek aster, “”

one could learn about his or her fate.
The study of astrology was extremely widespread in the Hellenistic world,
affecting almost every religion or religious philosophy