The 9th house (modern interpretation)


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I have the Sun conjunction/Combust Mercury in the ninth/Taurus Bi Novile(9th harmonic) Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 11th/Cancer and have always considered this the main reason i am drawn to astrology in a spiritual/religious sense.
Despite being strongly Taurean i love long distance travel,Ive always felt a love for foreign peoples and places and their different ways,their religions their cultures,Ive always found it offensive to go to a foreign country and not to adopt the ways of the people rather than impose my ways on them.
For me there is nothing more interesting to discuss with others than spiritual matters,I dont rate science as much as supposedly many with 9th house placements do,I suspect it has something to do with my Saturn being in the 3rd.
I have been involved in higher education many times in my life,I really enjoy working with other groups of people in higher education,The Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 11th bi noviling back to the 9th Sun con Mercury probably at root of this.
When i have had significant transits to this bi novile from Uranus and Jupiter especially in the past i have had ideas come to me that have nothing to do with my rational thought,Ideas that arrive immediately fully formed and thought out without my personal mentation being involved at all.I attribute Uranus and its 11th position to be the major factor behind this,but i suspect that the 9th connection is also involved.
For me with the Sun and The Moon in the Ninth,God or whatever you prefer to call the overall organising principal of the universe is neither male or female.It is everything so it logically includes affirming and denying energies.
For me there is nothing more interesting than what the ninth has to offer,But then i would say that,lol.:)