The 4TH U.S. Front-Libya


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Late Friday(March,19,2010) the U.N Security Council, headed by U.S. President Barack Obama had officially authorized a "no-fly zone", and hence a coaltion led by US Air Forces includes: Great Britain, France, and Italy.

This is the Fourth Middle Eastern front since September 11th, 2001 for the American Armed Forces(Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya). Let's review the chart.

Mars really isn't in the right place for a war, Pisces. It's a water sign, so the flames so to speak are doused off.

He's also not recieving any aspects, so we can't say Mars is too strong in this chart.

There are three cardinal T-Squares, so it's here we can assume the universal energies are released for the conflict.

Mercury-Jupiter(both in Aries)-Moon-Pluto. The other is Sun-Uranus(Aries)-Moon-Pluto.
And the last one is Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto.

The Saturn-Moon 12th house influence in Libra is interesting. What exactly here is secret? U.S. and Coalition forces were said to be wanting to engage in a No-Fly zone as early as last week. As usual with the 12th house, something we don't know might occur?

It's particularly fitting that Neptune-Chiron will be conjunct in 5th house Pisces. As the main reason for the international community responding is the attacks on Libyan civilians.

If we were to take Saturn to refer to the regime, Saturn is recieving the lights of Venus, which might refer to surprisingly how he still has an army and a government at his command. Furthering that theory is Venus's placement in the fourth, and her sextiling
the Seventh House Mercury.

I don't think the dictator regime will go down quite as easily as the International Community thinks. I think this conflict will take longer than they expect and probably dragged out.

As a Cancer Sun, the US Ruler is the Moon, currently her beams are shadowed in the twelvth.

More experienced astrologers can tackle this chart but I just wanted to get it out of the way


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Well, the MC here is with 1 degree of the Jully 11, 2010 TotalSolar Eclipse Point (which was @ 19Cancer24), and is longitudinally conjunct the same star as that Elipse Point was (1st magnitude Castor) To me this shows the TSE ruling this chart from the top of the heaven; the July 11 2010 TSE (through its falling in the constellation of Gemini and its connection with starry Gemini through the TSE's conjunction with Castor) connected with the declination-band of the earth over which the constellation Gemini spreads (28 North to about 34 Noth), which band covers North Africa (among aother areas, such as Sendai, Japan)
Furthermore, the Jaunary 4th, 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse (falling in the sign of Capricorn and activitating the July 11 TSE by the Sun being in sign-opposition to the July 11, 2010 TSE) covered (by its shadown) areas from Western Europe, THROUGH ALL OF NORTH AFRICA, and extending to western China (and over Japan)
So for me it is starting to make predictive sense, using the Solar Eclipses as guides.
(See my post today regarding more about my take on the July 11, 2010 TSE in the thread entitled "Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Uranus in Aries trigger?")


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Today I had this vision of Obama's personal life not being good, I had this very strong feeling like he is unhappy and it may be related to his wife. He has a moon in libra - he is sensitive but resistant to facing the problem head on which can come across as shallow, but moon libra really do not like facing the dirty work . . and possibly has a really hard time making safety related decisions when stressed (moon libras get too idealistic/immediate). My sister has a moon in libra, when she is stressed - she never shows it, however you can tell because her logic is rushed and doesn't make a lot of sense, spinning really elaborate visions that fall apart in a minute. I'm going to look at his natal chart more thoroughly and why he made such a bad decision for our country. I think our own president may be depressed. . . and he has given up on either himself or our country in some way. . Its possible that going to war was something he is doing to prove himself although I didn't think he was a megalomaniac. . . but he might have become one somehow . . .briefly. . .

In fact I think a large portion of the world is very depressed right now due to all the shocking events happening, and our habit now is to retreat inward due to Mars in Pisces. . .We are giving up on confronting the problems outright and as a result decisions are being made for us and not with good timing, just look at how the nuclear disaster turned out in Japan. . . . and also, I am convinced that GWB is a depressive his whole life, that was how so many bad things happened because he was totally unmotivated to stand up and be a real leader.

Ok I just looked at his chart and I have to say I was absolutely amazed. . . transit Juno is conjunct his venus . .. showing he really needs strong support from his partner right now. .. but the transit juno is opposition his natal juno! Perhaps he really didn't want her help the way he needed! Add to that, transit venus is opposing his sun and transiting uranus is directly opposing his natal venus!
Tran. Saturn in the 8th house in libra. . .
I didn't realize his venus was in virgo - that's a tough one to have in the first place - but having it in the 7th means his partner really is someone he needs and loves and with natal juno in Aries, someone strong too.

I really get a strong feeling that for Obama he may regret this decision and perhaps the status of his partnership was a major factor - especially with uranus opposition venus a shock perhaps occured!Perhaps michelle goaded him on? Or he didn't talk to her like he should have resulting in an upset in his emotional balance leading to a rushed decision!
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BTW here's a link to Obama's exact natal chart with transits . . .really really interesting . . .
From what I'm reading he made this decision on a dime - and that to me is a very moon in libra thing to do under stress. . .

Like . ..huh? What happened to the guy we elected? I should have realized with venus in the 7th - its truly a family we elected. JUST LOOK at all that transit activity with his venus and all his planets in the 7th! His love life really supports him ts like a nail in the fabric of the chart's energy. . .

Forgive me if there is already a discussion of Obama's natal chart somewhere in this group, but I absolutely have to look at the man who made the decision as he was at the center of the event. . .

Moon in libra- - ideals over reality. . .not wanting to slow down. . . not wanting to create conflict. . . wanting conflict to end without taking any direct action so he leaves hard decisions to others . . . rushing things. . . wanting to please everyone. . . not wanting to upset those he works/ relates with. . . wanting harmony... disliking confrontation. . .disliking appearing like an outsider... (which makes perfect sense and matches his chiron in the first as well, he struggles to show that he is as American as everyone else)
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