The 4th December 2021 Solar eclipse effects on me


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The 4th December 2021 Solar eclipse is going to aspect my two interrelated complexes

Saturn/Aries trine ASC/Leo opp Moon/Libra

Saturn/Aries square Mercury & Sun/Cancer opp Moon/Libra

Secondly the transit rising Pisces-Virgo axis, important like when I got message for the first time from my would be wife.

What can be the effect ?

My personality and emotions positively aspect-ed from Vth house new beginnings but Saturn is high.

mind/nerves, vitality and emotions are also bogged by high Saturn natively.

Does anyone see a good and new being for my health/physical, mind and emotions?

Thank you,
Adel J

My horoscope with solar eclipse chart on the outside and only solar eclipse chart of my place.


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